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Seeing the Magic Airship Model flying around above him, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling a bit emotional.

This world really was different from earth.

The existence of magic made many things easier to develop compared to the industrial system on earth, moreover, there were many advantages that the machines from earth didnt have.

Take the Magic Car, although it took a long time to develop the engine, because of the power of magic, the Magic Cars greatest advantage was that it used Magic Crystals, instead of burning gasoline. So there wasnt pollution that was produced, so there was no need to care about exhaust.

At the same time, the Magic Car had a high efficiency when it came to consuming energy. As long as the Magic Crystals were refined, they could be completely consumed. Because there was no need to worry about impurities, the consumption of the Magic Engine was small and the lifespan was longer.

Of course, there were still flaws. Compared to cars from earth, the Magic Car relying on the Wind Magic Engine wasnt strong enough. Even if the speed of the Magic Cars could compare to the cars from earth, they were more like electric cars rather than gas powered cars.

But the Magic Engine was still being developed and Xu Yi believed that as long as the output of the Magic Engine was increased, they could slowly increase the speed of the Magic Cars.

This was just the advantage of the current Magic Car. If one was to talk about the Magic Airship Model in front of him, compared to the planes from earth, there were even greater advantages.

The first problem for flying vehicles on earth was first solving the problem of flight.

In order to break free of the shackles of gravity, the people in the history of earth worked hard to study flying items. They thought of every method they could to reach their goal.

As for the planes and helicopters of the modern earth, to break free of the fetters of the ground, they first had to guarantee a strong propulsion.

On the Sines Continent, because of the existence of magic, the hardest part which should be getting off the ground became strangely easy. Only a single Magic Array was required to easily enter the air.

Then adding in the Magic Array Resonance that Akali developed, they could easily control it from a distance.

Although right now the Magic Airship Model that Evita developed was on the same level as the model airplanes on earth, this represented a feasible direction of research.

The Magic Airship Models Wind Controlling Array didnt have much magic from Evita and after flying around a few times in the air, it returned to Evita.

Xu Yi looked at the Magic Airship Model in Evitas hand and found that this model was very simple. It was just a simple model made of plastic that Evita had put a Wind Controlling Array on, there was nothing else to it.

“Evita, are you confident in developing a Magic Airship that can bring people into the air” Xu Yi asked after thinking about it.

“Of course.” Evita revealed a confident smile, “Otherwise how could I have made this model”

“Alright, I authorize the magic research facility to begin this Magic Airship research project and you will be the project leader. I authorize you to have second grade authority on my authority as the chairman, you can use any resources you want from the company.”

“Second grade authority” Evita looked at Xu Yi in pleasant surprise, “Thats great! Chairman, I never thought that this thing would be this important to you.”

“Of course.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “It isnt hard to fly in the sky for us magicians, but for the millions of normal people, that is something that they dream about. The Magic Airship has such a great significance, how could it not be important to me”

Evita took the Magic Airship Model from Xu Yis hand with a smile and carefully put it back on the lab bench, as she let out a long sigh.

“I was worried that my research wasnt important, but now that the chairman has affirmed this, I can be assured.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Didnt I tell you many times, any research related to magic machines, you have to boldly attempt it and I will support you. Not to mention that there is a lot of promise in the research of Magic Airships, so what are you worried about”

“Im worried about spending money.” Evita perhaps was too happy, so she stuck her tongue out to Xu Yi and gave a naughty smile, “In the first half of the year, our magic research facility has already received five hundred thousand gold coins in fungs, but we didnt achieve much. It makes me feel like were wasting money. Last time Kennard told me that we have to use the research funds properly, we shouldnt use them for research that wont help the development of our company.”

“Oh Kennard told you this” Xu Yi was a bit surprised as he slightly knit his brows, “That fellow, I told him countless times about the importance of research and he said these words to you. What is he doing as the CEO”

Seeing Xu Yis face sink, Evita was scared and quickly waved her hands, “No, no, no, Kennard said that our magic research facility has been spending on research funds on things we dont need. I was planning on checking on this and eliminating unnecessary projects. No matter what, we cant waste the funds the company gives us.”

“Your idea is good, but Evita, you have to listen to me on this.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “No matter what research it is, as long as it is related to the development of the magic machine industry, its worth it no matter how much money is spent. If Kennard looks for you about this again, you can just tell him what I said. When it comes to investments in the magic machine development center and the magic research facility, not just five hundred thousand, even one million isnt much.”

Seeing Xu Yis determined look, Evita opened her mouth, but she couldnt say anything and could only nod in agreement.

Xu Yi relaxed his expression and said with a smile, “Alright, it isnt good to let you negotiate with Kennard, so Ill go tell him. Evita, your thoughts are correct, you are the magic research facilitys chief and you should have some understanding of the projects here. As for which projects are useful or not, I trust your judgement.”

“But there are many times when I cant even tell…..” Evita muttered.

“Then its very simple, when you arent certain, let me make the decision.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Evita, theres something I always wanted to tell you. Since you are the magic research facilitys chief, then you have to act like one. Your personality is too gentle, so when you arent strict enough dealing with the researchers under you, that is not a good thing.”

Evita looked at Xu Yi and with her intelligence, she could naturally understand what he meant.

Xu Yi explained the matter of the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce to her and Evitas expression changed when she heard this.

“Chairman, you are doubting our magic research facilitys researchers”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Im not suspecting them now because if there was a researcher that wanted to betray the company, the things leaked wouldnt be some technology that isnt related to the core technology. I wanted to tell you this so you can secretly keep an eye out. I want you to see if there are any researchers that accidentally revealed anything to other companies.”

Evita softly bit her lip and had a look of guilt, “Chairman, it was my fault, I didnt manage the magic research facility properly.”

“This isnt related to you.” Xu Yi waved his hand and said, “Moreover, right now, there arent any losses. I just hope that you will sharpen up and manage the researchers under you…..Eh…..Just take it as a reminder and tell them the importance of maintaining secrecy. After all, they have signed the confidentiality clause with the company, so neither the company nor them want to see any trouble occur.”

Evita gave a strong nod, “Yes, I will.”

“Of course, dont disclose this matter, just pretend that its a kind reminder.” Xu Yi added.

“Un, I know what to do.”

Xu Yi smiled and didnt say anything else.

Although Evita was young, she had a steady personality and did things well, so Xu Yi believed that she could handle this.

And in the end, the magic research facility wasnt that big, so it was quite easy to handle.

This matter was just a small test from Xu Yi to Evita.

“Right, chairman, didnt you say that you had something to talk to me about Other than this, is there anything else” Evita asked.

“Oh, because I was hit by your Magic Airship, I almost forgot.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Evita looked at the Magic Airship Model on the table. She thought of how worried she was when Xu Yi was hit and then she remembered the awkward matter, causing her face to turn red.

“The other matter is related to the Magic Crystal refinement.” Xu Yi continued, “Since your research on this is practically finished, then the next step is to officially integrate it. According to the plan, I plan on building a Magic Crystal refinement factory in three months. While the factory is being prepared, you and the magic machine development center will be cooperating on developing equipment for refining Magic Crystals.”

“Un, that shouldnt be a problem. I discussed this with Camby and the others before and they said that there were no problems.” Evita said with a nod.”

“Alright then, Ill wait for your good news.”

After talking about these matters, Xu Yi saw the blush on Evitas face and thought that it wasnt right for him to tease Evita like before. After thinking about it, he stood up and left.

Evita was silent as she watched Xu Yi leave.

Only Evitas expression was very complicated as she watched him leave, as she revealed a complicated look that was between hope and disappointment.

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