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There was a soft sound from the door. Great Magician Camilla didnt even need to look up to know that it was his precious daughter, Still.

Other than her, there was no one else in the Magic Tower that dared to enter without knocking on the door first.

“Grandfather, Im back.” Stills youthful voice came from in front of Camilla.

Camilla looked up with a smile and lovingly looked at Still in front of him. His gaze couldnt help looking away from Stills face to her arms where there was a strange…..looking clump of iron

“What is this” Great Magician Camilla knit his brows.

“I just bought something fun, its called a Magic Fan. Take a look.” Still responded with a smile, as she put the thing in her embrace onto the table in front of Camilla. She then casually pressed something sticking out at the base.


With this sound, the three blades that Camilla thought were just ornaments slowly began to rotate. They became faster soon after and released gentle breezes.

“Inside this is…..Magic Arrays”

As a Three Star Great Magician recognized by the Magicians Guild, Camillas magical power far surpassed that of Rem and the others. When the Magic Fan was activated, he could sense the important magical fluctuations inside the Magic Fan.

“Thats right. Grandfather, dont you think that this thing is very interesting” Stills asked.

“It is a bit interesting.” Camilla reached out to touch the Magic Fans base and became familiar with the Magic Array inside based on the magical fluctuations. He then shook his head, “It is only a simple Revolving Wind Array, its not anything rare.” He looked at Still after saying this and said with a serious expression, “Still, you should study magic properly if you have free time, stop wasting time on these random things.”

Camilla pampered his granddaughter not just because she was beautiful and filial, the more important reason was that Still had a high talent for magic. Three years ago, she was admitted to the Lampuris highest magical school, the Lampuri Royal Magic Academy, which had a bit of fame on the entire Sines Continent. Moreover, she had passed the Magicians Guilds certification test last year, becoming an official magician recognized by the Magicians Guild.

To have this kind of accomplishment at the age of nineteen, even when placed on the entire Sines Continent, she could be considered a genius of magic.

It was because of this that Camilla pampered Still while also having strict requirements from her. He frequently reprimanded Still for liking small things like this.

“I know.” Still was already used to Camilla acting like this, so she wasnt afraid at all. She stuck out her tongue and quickly left.

She understood that if she remained, she would definitely be lectured by Camilla.

Seeing Still leave, Camilla helplessly shook his head.

He really didnt have a way to deal with this granddaughter of his.

Looking over the Magic Array again, shock suddenly appeared in Camillas heart.

“This is wrong!”

Camillas eyes turned to the Magic Fan on the desk Still forgot to bring away. He placed a hand on it and large amounts of magic slowly entered it.

The Magic Fans base bloomed with a light green glow and the steadily turning fan blades wildly increased their speed several times. The entire Magic Fan became unstable and began shaking.

After a while, strange sounds came from the Magic Fan. The fan blades couldnt take this kind of wild speed and directly flew off, hitting the iron net in front of it.

With the high speed of the blades, they were naturally shattered to a pulp. Even the protective iron net in front of it was twisted.

Camilla took back his hand and his face was covered in confusion.

The reason why he suddenly wanted to investigate the Magic Fan was because he suddenly thought of something. The Revolving Wind Array was only a low grade Wind Magic Array, so the wind it created was also low grade magic.

If it was directly released, perhaps it would be much stronger than the wind released by the Magic Fan, but it wouldnt be as steady. It would be as wild and unstable like other Wind Magic.

But this Magic Fan had been going for over ten minutes now and the blades kept turning. The wind it released had been incomparably stable the entire time, not changing at all.

“How was this made” Camilla thought about it a bit and found that with even with his strength was a Great Magician, he couldnt understand some things.

Looking over the twisted Magic Fan, Camilla waved his hand without any hesitation. The Magic Fan was split open down the middle and the inside parts of the Magic Fang was revealed.

Camilla honestly looked at the Magic Array inside it, not missing a single part.

But after looking through the Magic Array, he was stunned to find that there were many parts that he couldnt understand!

Perhaps he could perfectly duplicate the Magic Array, but as for why the Magic Array was like this and why it would make the fan blades that stable, he actually couldnt understand it at all!

Serious questions appeared in Camillas mind.

“Just who made this Magic Array”


Heinz saw the sparse stream of people walking outside the store before looking back at the Magic Fan that kept turning and blowing wind on his table. He couldnt help knitting his brows.

Yesterday, the little magician called Xu Yi gave him three of these strange Magic Fans to let him sell them, which he wanted to reject at first.

He couldnt guarantee that he would be able to see these strange things.

But based on the fact that Xu Yi normally bought things from his store, he agreed in the end.

It was a good thing that Xu Yi didnt force him to sell it. He just wanted one Magic Fan to be placed like this and he didnt need to care about anything else.

It had to be said, with this Magic Fan blowing cool air the entire time, Heinzs shop wasnt as stuffy as before, making it much more comfortable.

“If I really cant sell it, I should just buy it. Anyway, Xu Yi said that a small Magic Crystal was enough for it to run for three whole days.”

While Heinz was secretly making his plans, a tall figure appeared in the store.

“Hey, dear Carl, why are you here so early today” Heinz immediately came forward to greet him, this person was a frequent customer in his store.

That man that was called Carl had a head of disheveled and thick brown hair, as well as a messy beard. He was quite tall and had a straightforward appearance. He waved his hand when he heard these words and loudly said, “Alright, Heinz, stop wasting words. Quickly give me a cup of cool ale, Im about to burn to death!”

Heinz laughed and filled a cup of cool ale before walking over.

Carl drank it in several large gulps and let out a long breath. Suddenly he made a yi sound.

“I say, Heinz, why is your store cooler than outside Strange Where is this wind coming from There isnt any wind outside Dont tell me that someone as stingy as you was willing to have a Magic Array installed in your store”

“I cant use it even if I install it.” Heinz pointed at the Magic Fan working hard beside him, “Here, its this Magic Fan blowing out wind.”

“Magic Fan” Carl curiously looked over the Magic Fan and felt the cool wind being blown out of it. He suddenly slapped the table and pointed at Heinz as he roared out, “Good Heinz, youre actually not telling me about something as good as this! Speak, how much is this Youre not telling me youre not selling it, right”

Heinzs eyes instantly lit up and deliberately stretched out his voice, “This…..This thing is not cheap.”

“What You think I dont have money” Carls eyes instantly narrowed, “Speak! As long as its not too expensive, Ill buy it! Let me tell you, if this weather becomes any hotter, Im even planning on setting up a large scale Frost Array!”

Heinz laughed. Although Carl seemed rough, he was actually quite smart and was willing to suffer. He had a small business and although he wasnt considered rich in Banta City, he definitely had more money than normal people. If he planned on installing a large scale Frost Array, it was indeed not a problem.

“Of course it doesnt cost as much as a large scale Frost Array. The price…..” Heinz hesitated a bit before stretching out two fingers towards Carl.

“Two gold coins” Seeing Heinz nod, Carl took out four gold coins from his pocket without saying a thing and slapped it on the table, “Its this cheap, give me two!”

Seeing the four gold coins on the table, Heinz was stunned, “Youre certain you want two”

Carl looked back at him, “What You dont even have two here I cant just buy one, right If that brat back home doesnt have one, hell cause enough trouble to cause my death!”

“Yes, yes, yes, of course we have them.” Heinz quickly took out the remaining two Magic Fans and gave them to Carl.

When he saw that Carl was about to leave with them, Heinz suddenly thought of something and called out to stop him.

“Wait, Carl, there is still something I need to tell you.” This Magic Fan needs Magic Crystals, otherwise it wont move at all.”

“Why didnt you say so earlier” Carl knit his brows. He was not a magician, but he knew that as long as something was related to magic, it would require large amounts of Magic Crystals, “Does this thing take a lot of Magic Crystals If you need to spend a hundred crystals each month like a large scale Frost Array, I might as well just install a large scale Frost Array.”

“Of course not, of course not……” Heinz quickly waved his hand, “This thing doesnt take that many Magic Crystals. Here, this little Magic Crystal is enough for it to run for three days.”

Carl looked at the little Magic Stone that wasnt even the size of a thumb in Heinzs hand and his mood instantly became better. He broke out in laughter, “Just this little bit, it simply doesnt cost money at all.”

After saying this, he waved his hand at Heinz and walked out with the two Magic Fans.

Heinz turned around to look at the four sparkling gold coins on the table and was stunned for a while.

Two were sold just like this Moreover, it was sold for four gold coins just like that

What did that brat Xu Yi say before He said that he could keep 10% as a commission That meant that just by selling two Magic Fans, wouldnt he be getting forty silver coins as a commission

It had to be known, his stores daily net profit was only around a single gold coin…...

Gaining forty silver coins just by selling two fans. If he were to sell twenty or two hundred…...

While Heinz was fantasizing about this, another person came in.

“Hey, Heinz, I bumped into Carl just now. Ive heard that you have something called the Magic Fan for sale here, how is it Take it and let me see. If its easy to use, Ill take two.”

“Ah” Heinz was stunned. When he was about to answer that he only had one left, another person came through the door and said the same thing as the other person, he also wanted to buy the Magic Fan.

Heinz was stunned and pleasantly surprised to see more and more people coming in. His heart began to beat faster and faster.

Could it be he was about to become rich-

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