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“One thousand for the Sarank Chamber of Commerce, one thousand for the Armani Chamber of Commerce, and for the Falcao Chamber of Commerce…..three thousand” Kennard looked at the orders Xu Yi gave him and raised his brows in surprise, “According to the pricing, shouldnt we give a discount Shouldnt we give them some benefits This is too strange, sir chairman, dont they care about the price”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Its because they arent qualified to make a counter offer. Then again, how could we take the initiative to give a discount or benefits right now”

“Thats right.” Kennard laughed, “This Magic Car can only be produced by our company, theres no need to care about the thoughts of the buyers. But speaking of discounts and benefits……Sir chairman, there are many other companies that are launching discounts for their household magic machines now that summer is here, do you think we need to do the same”

“You are the CEO of our company, what do you think” Xu Yi asked back.

“At first, I did consider whether we should give a discount or not and steal back the markets of the other companies. But after seeing this Magic Car, I gave up this idea.” Kennard replied.

“Oh Why Let me hear it.”

“Its because the Magic Car is much better than the horse carriage when it comes to transporting ability and speed, as well as being much more secure. With the roads, we can easily transport goods to the other parts of the kingdom, so even if we lose markets in Banta City and the surrounding cities, we can open markets in other places. With the high quality and good performance of our Frestech Brand magic machines, we can easily open these markets.”

“This idea is very correct.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “I discussed logistics with chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii before, currently the goal is to promote goods circulation in the Lampuri Kingdom, allowing the goods of each city to be easily transported to the other cities. The era is different now, we cant limit our vision to just Banta City and the surrounding cities, we should be looking further out.”

“Un, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will become a company that can affect the entire Lampuri Kingdom, theres no prospect in just staying in Banta City. So sir chairman, I approve of the long term plan that you have very much.” Kennard paused before saying, “But there is a problem right now.”

“What problem”

Kennard stood up and moved to the super large Lampuri Kingdom map on the wall of his office, pointing at small dots of various colours in the map with a serious expression.

“Sir chairman, look. These dots on the map show the distribution of the magic machines of other companies in our Lampuri Kingdom that Ive graphed based on my relationship with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi stood up and looked over the map. He gave a nod of praise, “Not bad, its much more compared to last year. It seems like the magic machine industry is finally rising in our Lampuri Kingdom, Im very happy.”

Kennard gave a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, the problem is because you are very happy…..”

“Oh What do you mean by that”

Kennard shook his head and pointed at the map as he said, “According to the stats, the company that produces magic machines, most of them have obtained a part of their technology from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce before producing magic machines. I had people collect samples and found that there is a large difference in quality between most of their magic machines and our Frestech Brand magic machines.”

“Wheres the problem there Didnt you say that we would be able to easily open up the new markets with the quality and high performance of our Frestech Brand magic machines” Xu Yi asked in a confused voice.

“Its indeed like this, but……” Kennard looked at Xu Yi with a bit of a helpless look, “Sir chairman, I understand very clearly that you wish for the magic machine industry to develop on the entire Sines Continent and the growth of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is second. Thats right, with the high quality and performance of our Frestech Brand magic machines, no matter where we go, we can easily defeat all those lower grade magic machines. But like this, we would suppress these developing magic machine companies, wouldnt that be going against what you want”

Xu Yi looked at Kennard in surprise, never expecting that the highly skilled CEO who had a strong mind and insight who he trusted very much would actually be thinking about this.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi waved his hand and said, “Although I do want the magic machine industry to develop, this doesnt conflict with developing our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If some smaller companies that produce magic machines cant resist the impact of our Frestech Brand magic machines, it is a pity, but they werent suited for the business.”

Kennard hesitated a bit before asking, “But…..dont they represent the flame of hope that you mentioned before”

“Remember this, machines are cold and industry is brutal. For something like the machine industry, we cant be careless and have low quality. If they dont have the skills to survive, then we dont need to feel pity for them.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “If you feel it is a pity, you can think about the other magic machine companies of our Banta City. Compared to the companies of other places, the companies in Banta City can survive and develop while being in direct competition with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Since our Banta City companies can do this, why cant they”

“This…..” Kennard thought for a bit before giving a nod, “I understand what you mean. Sir chairman, after our Frestech Chamber of Commerce enters other cities, well be treated normally.”

“Its like this.” Xu Yi looked at the map before saying with a smile, “I also want to remind you not to be too arrogant. There are many times that the quality of a product will correspond with the sales, there are many other factors.”

Kennard laughed, “Be assured, sir chairman, I have a deep understanding of this from the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.”

After saying this, Kennard suddenly moved back to the dest. He looked over his desk before taking a thick document and handing one page from it over to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi took this paper and looked over the title, seeing that it had the words “sample testing results report” written in large font.

“What is this”

“Didnt I just say that I had people bring back magic machines produced by the other companies of the kingdom This is the sample testing report. Through this report, we can grasp the technological level and quality of the other companies, making it easier for me to come up with countermeasures.” Kennard explained.

Xu Yi gave a nod of praise, “Very good, Kennard, you really are an outstanding CEO.”

Xu Yi looked back at the one page that Kennard gave him and found that it was a product evaluation report for the “Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce”.

“Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yi knit his brows in thought, “Isnt this the company that we founded with the Magicians Guilds president under his sons name What about it Is there a problem”

Kennards expression became a bit strange, “Sir chairman, when we examined the magic machines produced by the other companies, we found that they had a decent grasp of the technology, so the quality and functions of their magic machines werent bad.”

“Un, this is very normal. Look at the Ireland Chamber of Commerces Ireland Brand Magic Fan that they launched in a week. Whether it is in quality or performance, it could match our brands Magic Fan.” Xu Yi gave a happy nod as he said, “This is a result that Im happy to see.”

“But……When appraising the Magic Fans produced by the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce, Camby and the others found a few problems……” Kennard said in a hesitant voice.

“A few…..problems” Xu Yi felt it was a bit strange. He looked down at the report and said in a confused voice, “There are differences in the stats compared to our companys magic machines, which is normal. Where is the problem”

“Camby and the others found that although the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerces magic machines cant compare to our Frestech Brand, still…..in their magic machines, there were many details that were the same as our companys magic machines.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “We had an agreement with president Eren, so the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce received special treatment. This isnt strange.”

“No, sir chairman, although we have provided some technical guidance to the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce under your instructions…..the parts Camby and the others found were never told to them. For example, the Magic Array linking technology for our new generation of Magic Fans, because we applied for a patent, we havent given it to the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce. But in the magic machines produced by the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce, we found this technology present.”

Seeing the hesitant look on Kennards face, Xu Yi was surprised for a bit before understanding.

“You mean that…..our technology was divulged”

Kennards expression became serious as he gave a slow nod, “Sir chairman, I believe…..that there is a traitor in our company.”

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