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Logistics was extremely developed in the modern world, but on the Sines Continent, it was currently limited to human transportation and some goods transportation.

As for major transportation, in the Lampuri Kingdom, it was mainly companies transporting their companys goods and not other companies transporting goods for them.

On the surface, the Sines Continents companies didnt have this habit, but it was actually because it was limited.

First, the biggest problem was the road.

Before the Falling Rain Road, the Sines Continent didnt have any smooth roads suited for transportation. The cargo would be jolted on the road and there would be heavy losses like that, so the companies that made these products were not willing to give their important products to other companies to transport.

Because the key issue was that it was hard to transport items far on the Sines Continent. Because of limitations of the road and transport speed, it was likely to lose everything on the road.

For example, the various household magic machines that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made were famous in Banta City and the surrounding cities, but they hadnt spread across the Lampuri Kingdom in over two years. The biggest problem was their transportation problem.

Next was the transportation vehicle.

The main travel method on the Sines Continent was by horse, so the transportation vehicle used was the horse carriage.

First not mentioning the speed and the endurance of the horse carriage, just buying a horse required a lot of money and the cost of horse breeds made it even higher. So it wasnt easy to create a carriage motorcade to transport their products.

These conditions limited the development of logistics, impeding the circulation of products.

Xu Yi found chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii because chairman Cruise solved the road problem with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, and chairman Pompeii would represent the Fersen Carriage Company to solve the transportation vehicle problem.

“According to our current experiments, the Magic Cars main driving force is the Wind Magic Engine, which can reach the same power as six horses at most. At the same time, it can maintain high speed revolutions, traveling at a speed of over thirty five kilometers per hour……”

“Wait Thirty five kilometers per hour” Chairman Pompeii cut Xu Yi off in the middle of his description of the first generation Magic Car, “That means that this thing can run thirty five kilometers in an hour Its actually this fast”

Chairman Cruise on the side also had a look of disbelief, shaking his head as he said with a sigh, “I thought that chairman Cruise telling me before that the Magic Car could run forty kilometers an hour was just boasting, but I never thought it would be true.”

Xu Yi snappily looked at them. He thought that if youre this shocked by thirty five kilometers an hour, if you saw those F1 race cars from earth that could reach speeds of three hundred and fifty kilometers an hour, would your jaws drop in shock

Of course, the horse carriages on the Sines Continent could only maintain a speed of twenty kilometers an hour and that wouldnt last long, so it was no wonder they were shocked by the speed of the Magic Car.

“Right, chairman Xu, you just mentioned that this was when it was empty. How much would the speed be reduced if it was full of cargo Also how long would it last Is it faster or slower than a horse carriage” Chairman Pompeii thought for a bit before asking.

“Of course its faster than a horse carriage, otherwise why would I develop this” Xu Yi rolled his eyes and said, “Let me tell you, according to our experiments, the first generation Magic Car can transport less than a ton of products and can maintain a speed of thirty kilometers per hour, while also being able to go up a slope of no more than thirty degrees, so……”

Xu Yi turned to chairman Cruise and said, “In order to coordinate with the first generation Magic Car, Ill have to trouble your Amrit Chamber of Commerce to reduce the angle of the slope when paving down roads. If there is a need, the slope cant be more than thirty degrees.”

“This…..Im afraid is a bit hard.” Chairman Cruise was in a bind, “Although our Lampuri Kingdom is mainly flat ground, there are still some mountains. To pave a road on a mountain, it is impossible for there not to be a curve.”

“Un, for mountains and viaducts, Ill talk to you later, this is just a reminder for now. Anyway, your Amrit Chamber of Commerce is laying roads on flat ground, so it shouldnt create too much of an angle.” Xu Yi said, “Moreover, this is the limit of the first generation Magic Car. When the Magic Car is more developed, an angle wouldnt matter at all.”

“Mountain roads and viaducts” Chairman Cruises eyes lit up.

Based on Xu Yis words, these two things were important things for constructing roads. Chairman Cruise felt impatient, as he wished he could discuss this with Xu Yi now.

But right now chairman Pompeii was asking Xu Yi other questions first.

“Can the Magic Car only transport a ton of items at most” Chairman Pompeiis eyes lit up even brighter than chairman Cruises, “God! Our Fersen Carriage Companys dual horse carriage can only transport five hundred pounds of goods at most!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I said it before, if this Magic Car cant compare to the horse carriage, why would I spend all this time developing it”

“Right, right, right, I know that you wouldnt do anything this meaningless.” Chairman Pompeii kept nodding. After pausing, he had a flattering smile as he asked Xu Yi with a laugh, “This…..That…..Chairman Xu, can I ask what price your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is setting this Magic Car at”

“Well talk after you see the Magic Car. Without testing it first, I think that you wouldnt accept any price I give you.” Xu Yi replied.

Chairman Pompeii and chairman Cruise looked at each other before nodding. They thought that since Xu Yi was like this, the price of the Magic Car wouldnt be low.

But this wasnt strange. If this Magic Car was really as good as Xu Yi described, then it was normal for the price to be higher.

“During this time, we should discuss the matter of logistics.” Xu Yi brought the topic back to what he said earlier, “I think that you should be clear on the importance of transporting cargo, so I wont waste words with that. Right now we should talk about the concrete details of our cooperation. Come, take a look at the map……”

Xu Yi pointed at Banta City and then drew a line from Banta City, reaching all the way to Anvilmar City on the map.

“Look, currently the Amrit Chamber of Commerce has already finished a road between Banta City and Anvilmar City. What is even better is that this road is also being connected to other cities along the way. So right now if we head to Anvilmar City from our Banta City, well be on the road the entire way. Whether it is speed or comfort, its much better than before. Chairman Pompeii, you should know this better than me or chairman Cruise, right”

“Un.” Chairman Pompeii nodded, “Compared to before, right now there are more people willing to take the horse carriage to travel to Anvilmar City or the cities in between because it takes half the time, taking one day instead of three days. Moreover, from the reviews of our customers, right now its much more comfortable sitting in horse carriages.”

“See, this is the importance of solving the transportation problem. Then what about transporting goods” Xu Yi asked.

“As for goods……” Chairman Pompeii gave a helpless shrug, “The large companies have their own caravans, so they dont look for ours at all. As for smaller companies…..They dont have much cargo even if they are transporting goods, so it isnt cost effective to help them.”

“Then if your Fersen Carriage Company could transport it faster, would the big companies be willing to let you transport for them”

“Of course they would!” Chairman Pompeii replied without hesitation before becoming discouraged again, “But chairman Xu, even if the Magic Car is strong, the other companies would buy their own Magic Cars to form a caravan, so why would they come to us”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I came looking for you first, which is your Fersen Carriage Companys advantage. Could it be that having an advantage over others, you cant seize an opportunity”

Chairman Pompeiis eyes lit up, “Chairman Xu, tell me, how can we seize an opportunity What advantages would we have over others”

“There are many places to give you the advantage.” Xu Yi said, “For example, you could be a company that specializes in transport, so youll be better than other companies whether it is in terms of quantity or scale of Magic Cars because you can be more flexible with processing business.”

“Un, I understand. Whether it is a large or small amount of cargo, we can eat it all up. Is there anything else” Chairman Pompeii asked with an expectant look.

“For example, because you are buying a large amount of Magic Cars from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you have a better relationship with us and receive the support of our company for your Magic Cars. For example, training Magic Car drivers is one of them.”

“Drivers” Chairman Pompeii and chairman Cruise were stunned, “What is that”

“To put it simply, they are responsible for driving the Magic Car, which is no different from a horse carriage driver, but……”

Xu Yis expression suddenly became a bit strange.

“Because the Magic Cars are a bit more dangerous to drive, the drivers have to take a test before they are allowed to drive them. I have written a letter to her highness Seveni to ask her to propose something to the Royal Parliament. I want all drivers to have a certificate for driving a Magic Car from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which will be called a drivers license.”

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