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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 61 - Middle class

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No matter what answer Count Stagg wanted, Xu Yi didnt give him any answers.

This is the response that Xu Yi should give. Even if he wanted to support her highness Seveni, he definitely couldnt express any distrust or denial of his highness Eric because first, that was disrespectful.

Not to mention that even if Count Stagg wanted to have a honest conversation with Xu Yi, Xu Yi didnt believe that he would reveal his true feelings as someone from the Stagg Family and the conservative faction.

In the end, the two were on different sides. What decided their actions didnt come from their own thoughts.

Especially someone like Count Stagg who represented the Stagg Family. Perhaps every word he said and every question he asked represented the will of the Stagg Family.

So Xu Yi didnt answer this question, he just gave a vague attitude. He had never met his highness Eric before, so he doesnt understand him at all, so he cant say anything about favouring him or not.

Regarding Xu Yis answer, Count Stagg was very disappointed, but he felt a bit relaxed. He didnt keep asking and just asked Xu Yi about the Frestech Chamber of Commerces next plans before ending the conversation.

When leaving the City Lord Manor, Xu Yi felt that he had missed something.

But carefully thinking about it, he found that it was impossible for him to miss anything from Count Stagg. So he just thought about it before Xu Yi gave up this question.

After leaving the City Lord Manor, Xu Yi headed to the Fersen Carriage Company. He went and found chairman Pompeii who by habit was tasting teas in his office.

Chairman Pompeii was very happy after seeing Xu Yi. He wanted to invite Xu Yi to taste some tea with him, but after Xu Yi said something, an agility that didnt match his body made him jump up.

“What The Magic Car has been developed” Chairman Pompeii looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes as his face was covered in shock and joy, “Really Where is it Quickly take me to have a look!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and hooked his finger, as chairman Pompeii followed him with a smile.

However, Xu Yi didnt immediately bring chairman Pompeii to the magic machine development center in the Falling Rain Valley. Rather he brought him to the Clear Water Blue Sky Neighbourhood that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was developing by the Sandy River.

This bank had been transformed and the environment had become quite clean. Also in this small neighbourhood by the river bank, it was filled with villas with new concept magic rooms that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce designed.

Because they were built with the new magic room concept, these houses were filled with household magic machines and enjoyed a stockpile of Magic Crystals. The people who lived here would all experience a different kind of life.

For normal people, this concept was not only very new, it was also very practical.

So even if the Amrit Chamber of Commerce were selling these villas for a price of eight thousand gold coins, they had sold a hundred of them in less than two months, which was half of the neighbourhood.

It was because of this that chairman Cruise was filled with even more admiration for Xu Yi.

At first he thought that because the cost of these new concept magic houses were too high, so the price would be high and not many people would be able to afford them.

The truly rich people wouldnt want small villas like this, so the sales wouldnt be good.

However, when determining the price, Xu Yi had chairman Cruise raise the price from five thousand up to eight thousand.

When they began selling it, the situation had surpassed chairman Cruises expectations.

Just by selling these hundred villas, it allowed the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to gain over two hundred thousand after subtracting the costs.

If the entire neighbourhood was sold, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would be able to earn a large profit of over five hundred thousand gold coins!

In this situation, although chairman Cruise heard Xu Yis analysis, he was still very confused.

Because to him, the people of Banta City were very poor, they couldnt afford this kind of home. As for the very rich people, they would buy their own manors.

This kind of housing in the middle was something that no one should care about.

But Xu Yi told him that there was something called “middle class” in Banta City right now. Those people arent considered very right, but they werent considered poor either.

These houses that were different from normal homes, but were less expensive that manors, would suit the needs of these people.

Facts had proven Xu Yis analysis.

Chairman Cruise had a wide social circle in Banta City, but the ones who bought these new concept magic homes were all normal citizens that he didnt have any impressions of.

If he had to mention one that he knew, it would be the Ireland Chamber of Commerces vice chairman Kovac.

Seeing Kovac who was just a peasant of Ireland Village two years ago suddenly take out ten sheets of thousand gold coin banknotes and request to buy a villa, chairman Cruises mouth fell down in shock.

When did a peasant that he didnt even care about become able to pull out ten thousand gold coins at once

When chairman Cruise passed his thoughts to Xu Yi, he was brutally ridiculed by Xu Yi.

The Ireland Chamber of Commerce had developed fast in the past two years and was the leader of the component industry in Banta City. In the last half a year, they even began producing magic machines.

For example, the Ireland Chamber of Commerces Magic Kettle that came out this year, because it had good quality and was cheap, they even stole quite a bit of the market in Banta City from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The current Ireland Chamber of Commerces monthly profits by Xu Yis estimates was at least over twenty thousand gold coins.

As the Ireland Chamber of Commerces vice chairman and the largest shareholder other than Freeman, Kovac being able to take out ten thousand gold coin at once wasnt anything surprising.

Chairman Cruise kept expressing his shock while asking Xu Yi why he raised a tiger.

Since he knew the Ireland Chamber of Commerce had decent potential, why didnt he stop them ahead of time from actually stealing the market from them

Xu Yi smiled without saying a thing, not explaining anything.

Of course he wouldnt tell chairman Cruise that he had done this on purpose.

Otherwise he could have killed the Ireland Chamber of Commerce while it was still developing.

But this was indeed raising a tiger, so Xu Yi couldnt refute chairman Cruise.

“Hei, chairman Xu, tell me…..do you think I should run a public transport line here” Chairman Pompeiis voice pulled Xu Yi back from his memories, “Look, the environment is good here, so there will be people coming here to play. Although this isnt considered far from Banta City, it still takes half an hour to walk here so it isnt considered close. If theres a transport line that runs here, there should be many people who ride it.”

Xu Yi looked at chairman Pompeii in disdain, cant you have a bit of prospect

“Although opening a line here, it would mostly benefit the residents here, so you shouldnt think of making money off this.” Xu Yi shook his head and said, “Although this place is far by walking, chairman Pompeii, you shouldnt forget that there are bicycles now. It would only take ten minutes to ride here by bicycle.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention the bicycle, chairman Pompeii looked at Xu Yi with an aggrieved look as he said, “I say, chairman Xu, can you not mention that damn bicycle Because of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce developing the bicycle, people arent taking our carriages now. There are even people who ride bicycles from our Banta City to Karma City or Saltan City. I really dont understand, its sixty to seventy kilometers, but theyre actually willing to ride a bicycle instead of a horse carriage!”

“Of course, the bicycle doesnt require money.” With a laugh from behind them, chairman Cruise who had been contacted walked over, “Then again, the bicycle isnt slower than the horse carriage, so why would they spend money”

“Humph, at least its more comfortable.” Chairman Pompeii glared at chairman Cruise before turning to Xu Yi with a wide smile, “But when chairman Cruise develops the Magic Cars, I think that every will choose to ride in our Magic Cars. Dont you think, chairman Xu”

Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi and said with a laugh, “I heard chairman Xu mention this last year, but I never thought that it would take up to now to develop. I really want to see how amazing this thing is, causing me to agonizingly wait for over a year for it.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile. He called the two of them to board chairman Pompeiis luxurious horse carriage and quickly sped off towards the Falling Rain Valley.

When the horse carriage started, Xu Yi pulled out a map of the Lampuri Kingdom and placed it in front of the two. He looked at the two doubtful people and said with a serious look, “This time I called you here to participate in the first official test drive of the Magic Car. Other than showing you the merits and performance of the Magic Car, theres an important cooperation proposition for the two of you. If we can reach a deal, this will probably bring a large profit to your companies that will surpass your imaginations.”

Chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii looked at each other, being able to see the lights in each others eyes. Then they nodded to Xu Yi, “Speak.”

Seeing the expectant looks the two had, Xu Yi revealed a smile and pointed at a road between Banta City and Anvilmar City. He said with a serious look, “The Fersen Carriage Company has cooperated with us like this before, but it isnt something that has a system yet. If I summarize it, it is the transport of commodities across regions, which will be called logistics.”

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