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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 52 - One Ev

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“Youre worried that Still will misunderstand” Evita pursed her lips and couldnt help laughing, “Chairman, arent you…..worried too much”

“How could it be too much Great Magician Camilla just warned me, can I not worry” Xu Yi snappily said, “If Still had the same idea as Great Magician Camilla, wouldnt it be terrible”

Evita looked at Still and she gradually revealed a sigh.

“Chairman, I really am envious of Still. She has an outstanding husband like you who is devoted to her, she really is blessed.”

“Is this not normal” Xu Yi asked back in a confused voice, “If you dont devote yourself to your wife, what kind of man are you”

“No, chairman, your idea is rarely seen not just in the Lampuri Kingdom, its rarely seen on the entire Sines Continent.” Evita said with a shake of her head.

“Could it be that all the men on the Sines Continent are unfaithful” Xu Yi asked back.

Evita said with a sigh, “For men, being unfaithful doesnt exist because for the people of the Sines Continent, a man is only complete if he has at least three girls by his side.”

“You want to say that Im not a complete man” Xu Yi glared at her, “Could it be that you girls all want your husbands to look for other girls”

“From the perspective of us girls, of course not.” Evita shook her head, “But this is the truth that everyone recognizes on the continent, one that cant be changed at all. For example, although the chairman has a good relationship with Still and is devoted to her, no matter who it is, including yourself, cannot guarantee that this wont change in the future. You might have a relationship with another girl, right”

Xu Yi honestly thought about it before giving a nod with a bitter smile, “Youre right, as a strict engineer, I cant deny the possibility of this matter.”

“It isnt just possible, it should be certain.” Evita said with a faint smile, “Chairman, with your outstanding ability, your great wealth, and the fact youre a young noble, I think that there isnt a girl who doesnt like you. Actually as long as youre willing, you can pick any girl in Banta City. Only you are exceptionally conservative and havent done this yet.”

Xu Yi thought about the girls who openly seduced him at the banquets and he couldnt help revealing another bitter smile.

Thats right, if his mind wasnt firm enough, perhaps he might have had this idea and had already fallen.

“Chairman, since youre worried about Still, then Ill tell you a small secret.” Evita suddenly seemed like she had decided something and said this through gritted teeth.

“Oh What secret” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

“Actually Still secretly told our circle of friends about this a few days ago. She expressed that she could accept you having a few lovers because she knows that you are outstanding, so she cant stop you from having lovers. Not to mention that she would be blamed by everyone if she did this, so she doesnt mind this matter at all. You dont need to worry.”

Xu Yi looked at Evita in shock, “Are you kidding How could Still accept my having lovers Although she is a magnanimous girl, she couldnt justify this no matter what.”

“No, Im not lying to you. Still did say this and I can guarantee that these are her true thoughts. She said that as long as you dont publicize these lovers, she wouldnt interfere.”

Seeing Evitas serious expression, Xu Yis heart couldnt help skipping a beat.

If what Evita said was true, didnt that mean that he had special permission to find a lover outside

But thinking about it, Xu Yi shook his head.

First not mentioning Great Magician Camilla, even he wouldnt be able to forgive himself.

Xu Yi was a very traditional person and before meeting Still, he never felt anything special for girls.

So for him, instead of wasting time on girls, it was better to spend more time on research or something else more meaningful.

Not to mention that he felt that he didnt spend enough time with Still, so he left work for the company to other people.

If he used this hard earned time to spend with another girl, that was putting the horse before the carriage.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi shook his head and got rid of all his random thoughts. He looked at Evita and turned to another place in the lab. He looked around before asking, “Lets not talk about this, lets talk about work. How is it Has there been any progress lately”

A trace of disappointment appeared in Evitas eyes before she quickly calmed down. She gave a nod and took a piece of paper from the lab table before saying to Xu Yi, “Chairman, look, this is the Magic Crystal Refining Array that I finished last week. After testing it for a few days, Ive confirmed that after Magic Crystals have been refined by this array, all the parameters will become normalized.”

“Oh Thats great.” Xu Yi seriously looked over this piece of paper and ran some calculations in his mind before giving a nod of praise, “Based on this blueprint, it is indeed quite good. But Evita, are you certain that everything will be the same when refining different quality of Magic Crystals”

“Yes.” Evita took a notebook from the table and flipped to a page for Xu Yi, “This is the data that Ive recorded from refining Magic Crystals over the past few days. Look, before refining them, I chose Magic Crystals of the same size with the same quality. The Magic Crystals produced at all the same, with a percentage error of less than 1%.”

“This is already quite precise, but how did you obtain this data” Xu Yi looked over the notebook and was suddenly surprised, “One Ev What unit of measurement is this”

Evitas face turned a bit red, “This…..was a name I casually came up with……”

“Casually” Xu Yi shook his head, “Data cant be come up with casually. Come, tell me, what does one Ev represent”

Evitas face turned even redder as she lowered her head and replied in a low voice, “One Ev…..Its the magic power in the Magic Crystal that can maintain the Flame Array for an hour……”

“Oh, this unit of measurement isnt bad. Then…..” Xu Yi took a fist sized Magic Crystal from the desk and asked, “How many Evs does this Magic Crystal have”

Evita looked over it and said while shaking her head, “That is a Magic Crystal that hasnt been refined yet, so theres no way to get an accurate number.”

“Oh, then find a Magic Crystal that has already been refined for me.”

“Alright.” Evita took a rectangular Magic Crystal that was only the size of Xu Yis thumb from the lab bench, “This Magic Crystal was refined from a Magic Crystal of the same quality and size as the one you just mentioned. According to my estimates, it should be around a hundred Evs.”

“This small piece was refined from that large Magic Crystal” Xu Yi couldnt help gasping as he said, “It seems like Evitas Magic Array is quite strong. This is no longer refining, it is fine tuning!”

Xu Yi took the small Magic Crystal from Evitas hand and carefully looked it over. He found that although the Magic Crystal was small, it was actually quite clear and dense. It was no wonder that this small Magic Crystal could compare to the large Magic Crystal that hadnt been refined yet.

“But this small piece is a hundred Evs, it seems like one Ev is too small. In the stronger Magic Crystals, wouldnt they contain several tens of thousands of Evs” Xu Yi said.

“This is nothing, it can be changed. For example, this piece can become one Ev…..” After saying this, Evita lowered her head again.

Xu Yi laughed and patted Evitas shoulder, “Alright, Evita, theres nothing embarrassing about this. This was invented by you, so of course you can name it. Calling it one Ev isnt anything, if it was me, I wouldnt hesitate to call it one Xu. Eh….Alright, one Xu doesnt sound good, it cant compare to one Ev. Un, thats decided, Evs will be used as the unit of measure for Magic Power. One Ev will be the magic power needed to maintain the Flame Array for a hundred hours, what do you think”

Evitas face was completely red and she didnt dare refute it, she could only give a soft sound of agreement.

Xu Yi laughed and played with the Magic Crystal in his hand. He looked at Evita with a serious look and asked, “Now do you understand why I wanted to conduct research into standardizing Magic Crystals”

Hearing this question, Evita was no longer shy. She looked up to think before saying with a nod, “I understand. Its because its the same as the magic machines our company produces, we have to standardize it first before mass producing it. Moreover, by standardizing magic power, itll be much easier when conducting research into magic machine production.”

“The significance of standardizing isnt just this. The most important thing is that with a standard, we can integrate all magic machines into this standard and create a magic power line. We can even connect all magic machines in Banta City to this magic power line, which makes it much easier to use. I can definitely say that this thing has an era creating significance. So Evita, you have to continue studying this topic.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Evita gave a strong nod, “I will.”

“Alright, I believe in your abilities.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “But before that, I hope that you can write a book with me.”

“Write a book” Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Right, this book will be called «Standardizing Magic».”

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