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“Si, achoo!”

A cold breeze came in through the window of the horse carriage, making Xu Yi who was caught off guard unable to stop himself from giving a violent sneeze.

Chairman Cruise sitting opposite of him was hit with this sneeze and immediately revealed a bitter look.

“I say, Xu Yi, no matter what you are still a high grade magician, right How can you not even handle this small cold breeze”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile as he gave chairman Cruise a handkerchief. He gave a shrug because he was a bit numb from sitting in the horse carriage before helplessly saying, “Theres no other way, Im not a Great Magician, it is impossible for me to interact with the elemental energy around me like a Great Magician. Of course I would feel cold like a normal person.”

“Wearing this little when you cant handle the cold, arent you asking for it” Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yis light clothing and couldnt help shaking his head.

Xu Yi replied with a shrug, “Since coming back from the Stantine Duchy, I forgot that it was colder here. Other than that…..I want to do an experiment.”

“What experiment”

Xu Yi shook his head and didnt reply.

He couldnt tell people about this experiment, especially chairman Cruise who didnt understand magic.

The experiment he was talking about was just interacting with the elemental energy around him like he had just said.

According to what the elves said, this should be called a complete sensation of magic elemental energy.

But after hearing elder Lisanya Shadow Song explain this, Xu Yi called it frequency interaction.

Because this so-called sensation from Xu Yis understanding was just using the magicians magic power to induce the surrounding magic elemental energy. It created resonance between the two to create a frequency.

Like this, one could affect the magic elemental energy that their magic power had contact with, controlling them with their magic and interacting with it. So according to the science from earth, it should be called frequency tuning.

According to the common knowledge of magicians on the Sines Continent, being able to accomplish this proved that a magician was already at the Great Magician level.

Xu Yi still wasnt able to accomplish this, so that meant he wasnt a Great Magician yet.

Of course, he was also in too much of a rush.

When he was at the Moon Shadow Tribe, elder Lisanya Night Song had claimed that there was a method to raise Xu Yis magic level. That method seemed very simple, but it was the Moon Goddess Baptism that shocked Agnes, Delil, and Stasia when they heard it.

The so-called Moon Goddess Baptism was actually just making Xu Yi take a cold bath in the sacred moonlight of the Moon Shadow Tribe for an hour.

Although when Xu Yi had soaked in the moonlight, he could feel that his sensation of the surrounding magic elemental energy had greatly increased, his magic power didnt increase that much.

After soaking for an hour, Xu Yis magic power level didnt soar as he imagined, rather it didnt change by much.

But Xu Yi didnt care. He came this time to cooperate with the Moon Shadow Tribe and he didnt hope for any repayment. So even if the effects of the Moon Goddess Baptism that Elder Lisanya Shadow Song and the other elves treated as important were like this, it wasnt something important to him.

But since elder Lisanya Shadow Song treated this matter seriously and claimed that Xu Yis physique was special, that the effects of the Moon Goddess Baptism was very good, that Xu Yis magic power would increase after undergoing the Moon Goddess Baptism, being far higher compared to before.

Xu Yi didnt think that elder Lisanya Shadow Song would be fooling him. He accepted this situation and focused on the changes with his body since the day after.

After some time, Xu Yi found that elder Lisanya Shadow Song as an elf really didnt have a habit of lying to him.

He could sense the surrounding magic more sharply and when he meditated, his magic power increased much faster.

Compared to before, when using the same spells, he now consumed much less magic power and released the magic much faster.

To put it simply, although his strength didnt instantly increase, he had gained a large increase speed and space for increase.

Before Great Magician Camilla said that Xu Yi could become a Great Magician by the age of forty if he focused on studying magic.

But now Xu Yi judged that if he was willing to focus on studying magic, he could reach this five years ahead of schedule!

Becoming a Great Magician by the age of thirty five!

This was rarely seen in the history of the Sines Continent!

However, Xu Yi didnt care that much. Compared to his own magic power rising, the more important thing to him would always be creating a magic industry system.

Because he had to rush back to Banta City before the New Years, Xu Yis inspection of the Stantine Duchy only lasted a month and it went very smoothly.

During this time, Xu Yi mainly determined business deals with head Wein and then met with Duke Stantine, confirming the progress of the three mines. He also signed a contract with Duke Stantine, allowing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build a road from the Black Rice Wasteland to the Stantine Duchys capital.

With gold coins paving the way, the requests that Xu Yi had were all satisfied. For example, he wanted to deploy guards to protect the mines, to prevent accidents from happening. Duke Stantine and his ministers didnt object to this at all, allowing each mine to have no more than two hundred guards each.

Of course, Xu Yi had to pay Duke Stantine five hundred thousand gold coins a year as a “increasing the security of the Stantine Duchy” fee.

Adding in the “small gifts” he gave Duke Stantine and the ministers under him, on this trip to the Stantine Duchy, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had close to a million gold coins that werent recorded on the records invested.

Chairman Cruise who knew the situation kept talking to Xu Yi about it on the way, not understanding why he insisted on investing in a place like the Stantine Duchy.

Instead of throwing money into a country without a future filled with greedy nobles and lazy people, it was better to invest in a more promising place.

For example, after the production base of the four companies started being built on the Black Rice Wasteland and after true contact with the beastmen, chairman Cruise found that that place had more of a future than the Stantine Duchy.

Because those beastmen were not as savage as he had thought they were, they actually had the same intelligence as humans once you got past the difference in appearance.

The fox clan and cat clan beastmen had flexible limbs like humans, so they could easily complete complex labour.

Compared to the ten gold coins a month salary for human workers in Banta City, after employing these beastmen, just giving them several gold coins a month was enough to satisfy them.

As for benefits The beastmen never dreamed of them.

Every time he thought of this, chairman Cruise gave a deep sigh and complained to Xu Yi.

“Actually the monthly wages of Banta City workers were the same as the beastmen before, we didnt need to pay them overtime or give them any other benefits. It was all because of the appearance of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, suddenly changing the appetites of the Banta City people. For a worker now, if you dont give them at least ten gold coins a month, they wont come back.

Xu Yis response to this was very simple.

“Could it be that our Banta City companies arent earning more money compared to before”

Chairman Cruise couldnt refute this since this was fact.

Although the labour cost in Banta City had increased, because of this, it increased the standard of living in Banta City. There were large demands for all kinds of products in Banta City, so this made the businesses of the companies in Banta City much better.

In short, all the companies were earning much more compared to before.

But the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was the best example of this.

The current Amrit Chamber of Commerce wasnt like the previous company that was limited to construction products in Banta City, now they employed over twenty thousand people and had construction projects all over the Lampuri Kingdom. They even had projects in the Black Rice Wasteland, the Stantine Duchy, the Rudson Kingdom, turning into a transnational company that Xu Yi had described.

And with the popularity of roads in the Lampuri Kingdom, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces fame kept spreading with the roads, with many people understanding the strength the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had in construction.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce didnt just send construction teams for building roads, they were also building other structures.

For example, there were many City Lords across the Lampuri Kingdom who learned of Banta Citys Vanilla Orchid Suburb. After inspecting the environment and the construction quality, they invited the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to build the same suburb in their cities, making it easy to plan their cities and they even directly sold them.

With this, Xu Yis claim of creating a new type of profit for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce finally came true.

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