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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 47 - Trade

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Since being appointed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces representative in Anvilmar City two years ago, being responsible for most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces business in Anvilmar City, Alexs life had completely changed.

Before this, although he was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces assistant factory manager, receiving a wage of twenty gold coins a month that greatly changed his life, Banta City was a small place and the experiences there were limited.

After he came to Anvilmar City, because he was mainly responsible for being in contact with Victor, Cell, and Urgot in the beginning, coordinating with them to transport the Frestech Chamber of Commerces goods from Banta City, he became quite close with them.

Because he was close to Victors group, Alex had experienced the lively scene of Anvilmar City being led by these three local bullies. It was a novel experience that couldnt compare to Banta City.

For example, the luxurious feast of the Amy Restaurant, the surprise parties at the Royal Villas, the lively scene in the Awp Casino, or the pleasant touch of the young girls in the small building beside the Awp Casino……

But all of this took money. Although Victors group had paid in the beginning, not letting Alex take out a single copper coin, Alex couldnt keep letting them treat him and had to return the favour.

As it kept going, Alexs wage of twenty five gold coins a month by being the Frestech Chamber of Commerces representative was far from being enough to use.

So Alex was a bit worried recently because after using a rough estimate last month, he found that he owed over two thousand gold coins to Victors group!

With his monthly wage, even if he didnt eat anything, it would take him seven years to repay everything.

But to have him give up this luxurious life and return to the same poor life as before, Alex wouldnt accept it.

Although if he honestly told his uncle Heinz this matter, Heinz would definitely repay this for him.

Since Heinz was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces vice chairman and had 20% shares in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He earned hundreds of thousands of gold coins each year, so two thousand gold coins was nothing in his eyes.

But Alex didnt dare tell him.

What would happen if he told Heinz that he owed two thousand gold coins because he was playing around in Anvilmar City all day

Even if Heinz didnt break his legs, he would pull him out of Anvilmar City and would never let him go out ever again.

However, if he didnt ask Heinz for help, what could Alex do

When people were forced, they could be forced to do anything. After considering this problem for several days, Alex finally found a solution to this problem.

It was the time for the certification exam and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces researchers came to Anvilmar City. During this time, Alex was in charge of taking care of them on the chairmans orders. Because he took good care of them, he became very close with the researchers and hung out with them regularly.

With his identity as vice chairman Heinzs nephew, they didnt have any vigilance towards him.

During a lively banquet, Alex easily obtained the things he needed.

And today was the time to use these things.

When Great Magician Camilla saw Alex, he was currently walking into an alley by the Magicians Guild. After thinking about it, he didnt need to greet Alex, so he entered his horse carriage and left the Magicians Guild.

Alex wandered around the alley and after going in circles several times, he went into a small door that was on the side of the alley. He went through the back garden and came to a small room, seeing a middle aged man who was already waiting for him.

“Did you bring the thing” It clearly wasnt the first time the middle aged man was meeting Alex. After seeing him, he didnt greet him and asked this question.

Alex leaned over and nodded at the man with a smile. He dug around in his chest and took out a small notebook to hand over.

The middle aged man seriously looked over the book and stopped to think from time to time. After he finished reading the book that was less than ten pages and was written by Alex, he knit his brows to think before asking Alex, “Only this little”

Alex laughed, “This….isnt little, but…..”

Seeing the expression on Alexs face, the middle aged man gave a cold snort. He took the book on the side and after opening it, he took a gold note that he slapped on the table.

Alex immediately revealed a smile as he saw this and seeing the number “two thousand” on it, as well as the Chimera Chamber of Commerces sign, his smile became even brighter. He took a thicker notebook from his chest and respectfully gave it to the middle aged man.

The middle aged man didnt look it over carefully and just flipped through it before putting away the two notebooks. Then he said to Alex, “Alright, the deal ends here. Dont let others know about this matter, you should know what to do, right”

“Yes, yes.” Alex kept nodding his head.

“Of course, if you have more of this thing, we can still make a deal in the future. As for the price…..Itll depend on the value of the things you bring.” The middle aged man said.

“No, no, no, just this once, theres no next time.” Alex desperately shook his head, “Dont talk about next time. If my uncle were to learn of this, he would definitely break my legs! Even chairman Xu wouldnt forgive me, so theres definitely no next time, goodbye!”

After throwing down these words, Alex was afraid that the middle aged man would make him stay, so he quickly opened the door and left the little yard.

The middle aged man watched as Alex disappeared through the door before his lips curled into a cold smile of disdain.

“Hei, a cat thats had the fish, how could he control himself Kid, you really are too innocent.”

The middle aged man looked at the two notebooks that Alex had handed over before taking out another notebook and transcribing everything over. After thinking about it, he left this small room and the courtyard, heading to the Magicians Guild not far away.

He was clearly a frequent guest, as no one stopped him when he entered and he went right to the presidents private office.

After talking to Great Magician Camilla, president Eren who had been working looked up. When he saw the middle aged man come in, he raised a brow.

“Did you get it”

The middle aged man replied before closing the door and looking at president Eren.

President Eren understood and said with a smile, “Relax, this office has always been protected by a sound cancelling Magic Array that I personally set up, no one can hear anything from inside here.”

The middle aged man relaxed a bit. He sat down in front of president Eren and took out the transcribed notebook from earlier.

President Eren took the notebook and inspected the notebooks in a more serious manner compared to when the middle aged man received the notebook from Alex.

But compared to the middle aged man, president Eren looked through them much faster, finishing in less than ten minutes. He put it away without any courtesy and nodded at the middle aged man with a smile, “Not bad, this is indeed what we need. But Im very curious, where did you get these things”

The middle aged man revealed a faint smile, “President Eren, this isnt what you care about, right”

President Eren slightly knit his brows, but he didnt refute the middle aged man. After thinking about it, he said, “Thats fine, I like people who can stay quiet, its better for everyone.”

After saying this, president Eren took out three pieces of one thousand gold bills to put on the table while saying, “If you have similar things in the future, Ill take them all.”

The middle aged man didnt waste words, as he nodded and took the three gold bills. He gave a bow to president Eren as he stood up before turning to leave the office.

After the office door was closed, president Eren took out the notebook and after looking at it, he put it away again. He stood up to leave the office and the Magicians Guild, heading to his personal carriage and quickly driving out of Anvilmar City.

The horse carriage came out of Anvilmar City and went ten kilometers south, before heading two kilometers west and stopping.

There was a stretch of open land here, but it had turned into a construction site. There were many people working in the large rooms on this stretch of land.

Looking at its appearance, it seemed like the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories in the Falling Rain Valley.

Entering these factories that were close to being complete, there werent any magic production machines. There were just a few workers putting the finishing touches in.

Seeing president Eren come in, a man who was around thirty in magician robes came over.

“Sir president, why are you here” The young magician respectfully asked.

President Eren ignored him and looked around, but he found that Anke Eren who was supposed to be here wasnt here. He couldnt help deeply knitting his brows and giving a strong snort.

The young magician understood president Erens meaning and quickly said with a smile, “Anke is going to the city to investigate, hes not slacking off.”

“Alright, you dont need to cover for him. I know that kid better than you.” President Eren gave another cold snort, but he wasnt willing to talk about this anymore. He took out the notebook for the young magician, “Go and study these things. If you can understand them, itll save us quite a bit of time.”

The young magician looked over the notebook as his expression became more and more shocked.

“Sir president, this…..how did you get these things Arent these the Frestech Chamber of Commerces most important secrets”

President Eren looked at him and softly said, “This isnt something you should ask.”

The young magician was surprised, but he quickly nodded, “Yes, I understand.” Thinking for a bit, he hesitantly said, “But sir president, arent you planning on working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Is there a need for us to study these things”

“Naive! Do you think that Xu Yi would give his real technology to others Then again, could it be that we want to be led by the nose by him Just properly study this thing for me, its best if we can develop something that belongs to us. If we really want to earn money, we cant just rely on other people, do you understand” President Eren said in a sharp voice.

The young magician gave a strong nod, “Sir president is right, we have to properly study and not waste these things you worked hard to obtain.”

Seeing this nervous looking magician, president Eren gave a sigh. He looked south as he thought about the first time Xu Yi came to meet him, he wasnt afraid at all, he always seemed like he was full of confidence.

Perhaps it was because of this that he could develop all those new magic machines

The talented magicians under him couldnt compare to Xu Yi.

Thinking of this, president Eren suddenly felt jealous of Great Magician Camilla for the first time.

If he had a beautiful daughter like Still and not that brat Eren, wouldnt he be able to pull Xu Yi to his side

If it was like this, it would save him plenty of effort and time…..

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