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“Camilla, do you think…..” President Eren hesitated a bit before saying, “Is there any chance of our Magicians Guild cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Great Magician Camilla looked at president Eren in surprise, “The guild wants to cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce What kind of cooperation”

President Eren slightly knit his brows. He could tell that from the wordsour Frestech Chamber of Commerce, for the current Great Magician Camilla, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was where he belonged, more than the Magicians Guild.

But president Eren wasnt happy to see this. For him, all the magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom should put the Magicians Guild as first in their hearts.

But he wasnt qualified to say anything. Not mentioning that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was Great Magician Camillas grandson in law, Great Magician Camilla was the highest special grade researcher in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility. Its said that he receives a minimum of ten thousand gold coins a year from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Just based on this, the Lampuri Kingdom and the Magicians Guild couldnt compare.

Thinking of this, president Eren gave a secret sigh before saying with a smile, “Look, doesnt your Frestech Chamber of Commerce need a large number of magicians to help with your research You also said just now that after focusing on studying Magic Arrays, a Great Magician like you has had inspiration about magic and that even raised your magic power. Then I think that if the Magicians Guild cooperates with you and the magicians under the guild were to study Magic Arrays, wouldnt it also increase their magic power”

Great Magician Camilla thought for a bit before nodding, “I feel that would be right. The magic power of the researchers are quickly increasing and there are more researchers that came to this years exam compared to last year.

“So that means that you think that coming up with a plan for our Magicians Guild and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to cooperate, allowing our guilds people to research magic machines would be feasible” President Eren quickly asked, “I think that Xu Yi should be very happy having this many magicians working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Un, that kid has always complained that there werent enough researchers and it greatly affected our research progress.” Great Magician Camilla gave a nod, “But I cant promise you this since he is the chairman. Ill discuss this with him when I head back.”

“Of course.” Hearing Great Magician Camillas response, president Eren was overjoyed, “Xu Yi has many different ideas that are all advanced, I believe that he can find a proper method for our guild to cooperate with his company. Camilla, Im counting on you for this.”

In his opinion, the reason why president Eren raised this cooperation plan was to get some benefits for the magicians under the Magicians Guild. This was something that he as the president should do.

Great Magician Camilla gave a nod and didnt say anything. As one of the five Great Magicians of the kingdom, naturally he was obligated to support this matter.

As for whether Xu Yi would agree or not, Great Magician Camilla didnt feel there would be a problem.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was lacking researchers and the magicians under the guild were all looking for work, so both sides had what each other needed and wouldnt hinder each other.

After chatting for a bit and deciding the basic cooperation plan, president Eren paused for a bit before rubbing his hands and asking Great Magician Camilla in an embarrassed manner, “Other than official business, there is a private matter that Im hoping you can help me with……”

Great Magician Camilla revealed a smile and asked in a surprised voice, “What private matter does the president have with me”

“Its related to the kid from my family.” President Erens expression was a bit awkward, “That kid Anke kept saying to me that the magic machines were selling well in Anvilmar City, he knew quite a few people who have earned a lot from this, so he was a bit moved. He also wants to learn this trade, but there was no way in for him, so do you think……”

Seeing president Erens expression, Great Magician Camilla immediately understood and said with a smile, “If youre thinking of letting him cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you can take out a plan and Ill give it to Xu Yi. As for whether Xu Yi will agree or not, I cant guarantee it. After all…..Ke, you also know that there has been some bad blood between him and Xu Yi……”

“That is all in the past.” President Eren waved his hand, “Anke said that he had already solved this with Xu Yi and I trust that Xu Yi is magnanimous enough to not care about this small matter. Alright, since youve agreed, Ill tell you that kids idea. He wants to set up a factory with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce outside Anvilmar City, that way he could make Frestech Brand magic machines and sell them in Anvilmar City. Wouldnt that save him on transport cost”

Great Magician Camilla looked at president Eren, thinking that this idea didnt come from Anke Eren, but rather president Eren himself.

If it was Anke Eren, how could that kid be bold enough to want to set up a factory with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention that it would take tens of thousands of gold coins to set up a factory, how could Anke Eren take all that out.

If it was before, perhaps Great Magician Camilla would have said that president Eren should think about the Magicians Guild and not care about his own personal gain. But after being influenced by Xu Yi, Great Magician Camilla had already changed his thoughts and began considering what benefits this could bring to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

It was different from the official cooperation with the Magicians Guild, if they cooperated with president Eren, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could secretly earn his support. This would be useful in giving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce influence in the magic circle in the future.

After considering this issue, Great Magician Camilla gave a nod, “Alright, I will tell Xu Yi. But just like I said just now, I cant guarantee whether he will agree or not.”

President Eren had a happy look as he quickly said, “No problem, no problem, its fine as long as you tell Xu Yi. I think that he will seriously consider it.”

After they settled this official and personal business, Great Magician Camilla saw that there was nothing else to discuss and stood up to leave.

After leaving the Magicians Guild, Great Magician Camilla looked at the bustling crowd and couldnt help shaking his head with a bitter smile and a sigh.

What that kid Xu Yi told him before was really correct.

Magicians were also people, they needed to live. Because they needed more money than normal people for research, people like Great Magician Camilla who only focused on studying magic werent right.

As expected, now that there were benefits, from president Eren down to the low grade magicians, everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom were moved.

There were more low grade magicians that came to the certification exam, it was just to increase their wages when working for magic machine companies.

President Eren proposed working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to seek benefits for the magicians under him.

As for the final private matter, it was clearly trying to gain benefits for himself.

Everything proved that Xu Yis perspective was correct.

Yes, magicians needed the support of money otherwise they might not even be able to live a proper life, not to mention studying magic.

Actually regarding this, Great Magician Camilla just had a bit of veiled criticism towards president Eren trying to earn benefits for himself, but he was very supportive of getting benefits for low grade magicians. He even made up his mind to convince Xu Yi to officially cooperate with the Magicians Guild.

Because before this, the higher ups of the Magicians Guild had always worried about the living conditions of lower grade magicians.

Unlike Great Magicians who received the support of the kingdom and other funds, the normal low grade magicians, especially the lowest grade magicians werent much different from normal people.

Because the low grade magicians didnt have powerful magic, whether it was the army or companies, they didnt have high demand for them. So the lowest grade magicians that made up the largest part of the magic circle were in the most difficult positions among magicians.

Normally speaking, these lowest grade magicians could only join adventurer groups or mercenary groups because they werent strong enough to join the army or different companies. They would risk their lives all day or they would be forced to give up magic and return to the life of a normal person.

Because there was no way to solve the problem of lower grade magicians, there were many low grade magicians forced to stop studying magic. Among there were many young magicians with decent talent.

The Magicians Guild had always wanted to solve this problem to promote the quality and quantity of magicians, but the Magicians Guild didnt have much income themselves, so they were limited. Although they wanted to earn money with things made of magic, there werent many things to make. Even if there was the occasional success, it couldnt provide much income.

For example, the Magic Lamp that Xu Yi received before, it was made by several Great Magicians working together. But because it cost too much, making the price quite high, there was no one who bought them and it had a poor ending.

So the emergence of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new magic machines, a market for them with future prospects made the low grade magicians realize that they finally had a chance. They could use their weak magic power to earn a decent wage.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that the appearance of magic machines gave all the low grade magicians a chance to survive, changing the entire magician circle in the Lampuri Kingdom.

If one went a bit further, as the magic machines kept being promoted, perhaps all the magicians on the continent might receive a large change from these magic machines.

Thinking of this, Great Magician Camilla thought about the Magic Fan that Still had brought him the first time.

At that time, how could he have imagined that that crude looking thing would have such a deep influence

“I never thought that Ive still underestimated that kid Xu Yi…..” Great Magician Camilla revealed a bitter smile as he gave a happy shake of his head.

When he entered the horse carriage outside the Magicians Guild, the corners of his eyes caught Alex.

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