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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 36

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A first class company sets the standard

Heinz looked at the fatty looking around the workshop and became curious.

“Hey, Xu Yi, what is this fellow doing Why are you letting him wander around the workshop Wouldnt we lose all our secrets like this” Seeing the fatty even wanting to try out the Magic Thread Rolling Machine, Heinz finally couldnt help asking Xu Yi.

“Secret” Xu Yi looked at Heinz pretending to be surprised, “What secrets”

“Nonsense, of course it is production line of the Magic Fans, that is the secret of our company!” Heinz anxiously said, “If these things were disclosed to others, wouldnt people be able to make the same generation Variable Speed Magic Fans as us soon!”

“Heinz, youre too worried.” Xu Yi patted Heinzs shoulder and signaled to him to calm down. He pointed at the slaves who were currently busy in the workshop making Magic Fans, “Look, there are so many people in the workshop, do you think there is still any secret”

“How could that be the same, those are our employees!” Heinz narrowed his eyes, “Then again, they are the slaves from Viscount Leslie. Even if they have ten times their courage, they still wouldnt dare reveal these inside matters.”

“The problem is that these things will be revealed eventually, isnt that right” Xu Yi gave a shrug and said with a relaxed look, “Then again, I never planned on keeping these things secret because they arent important at all.”

“How are they not important!” Heinz couldnt help waving his hands, “Even if they cant be kept secret in the end, they have to be kept secret for a while. We can earn more profit because we had a bit more opportunity than other people, isnt that important”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, as he thought that it was too much effort explaining to a petty fellow like Heinz, he simply would not understand. He went over to chairman Farsak who was preparing to operate the Magic Thread Rolling Machine.

“Hey, chairman Farsak, operating this machine is quite dangerous. I advise you not to attempt it so easily.”

Chairman Farsak looked over and gave Xu Yi a laugh, “Relax, I already observed from the side for quite some time now, there is no problem.”

Seeing how excited he was, Xu Yi couldnt put a damper on it. He watched from the side and if anything went wrong, he could pull him away.

Although chairman Farsak seemed quite chubby, he was actually quite nimble. After just watching from the side for a while, he became quite good at operating the Magic Thread Rolling Machine. Very soon, he finished making a screw bolt.

After seeing the incomparably fine thread on the finished screw bolt, chairman Farsak couldnt help sighing in praise.

“Great! This is truly great! Chairman Xu, although this is a small thing, if a blacksmith were to make this, it would take him an entire day just to make this thing! But with this machine, it was made in less than a minute! This is simply incredible!”

Xu Yi laughed. You have never experienced the might of the high tech machines on earth, otherwise your chin would have fallen off in shock already.

“Chairman Farsak, after you have finished observing our workshop, what do you think” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Hearing this question, chairman Farsak fell silent for some time. After turning his head to look around the workshop for a while, he finally said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, I have to say, your workshop has truly broadened my horizons. I thought that building a Magic Fan was a very complicated matter, but after seeing your workshop, Ive found that making a Magic Fan is actually this simple. They are just some employees without any special skills and they can assemble the Magic Fans with such ease. To be honest, I never thought that a small workshop like yours would have such a high efficiency. Let me guess, your workshop should be able to make around three hundred Magic Fans each day, right”

Xu Yi gave him a thumbs up, “Chairman Farsak truly has sharp eyes. Thats right, this workshop can produce three hundred Magic Fans each day. Of course, that is for the second generation Variable Speed Magic Fan. As for the first generation Magic Fan, because of problems with its design, the output is not as high.”

Xu Yi didnt tell him that the workshops opening hours were strictly kept to eight hours each day. If they were to work overtime, it wasnt a problem for them to make five hundred Magic Fans each day.

Only Xu Yi had a high requirement for quality, so Xu Yi strictly controlled productions. He didnt force them to do empty work to meet numbers.

Chairman Farsak looked at the machines being used at full speed by the slaves and said in a thoughtful voice, “Chairman Xu, if I was to speak the truth, the core of your workshop should be these machines, right”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Chairman Farsak, your eyes are truly sharp. How about it What do you feel about these machines”

“Feel” Chairman Farsak suddenly revealed a bitter smile, “Chairman Xu, before coming here, I was very confident in reaching a cooperation with you. I even thought that you would obediently agree because there were only benefits and no downside for you. But after seeing these machines, Ive found that our positions have suddenly changed. Ill admit, you have completely taken the initiative now. To be honest, I dont like this feeling at all.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Chairman Farsak, you are just too modest. Since we have agreed to cooperate, there is no up or down side, there is no initiative. Cooperation is everyone achieving their goal and letting both sides win, dont you think so”

“Both sides win” Chairman Farsaks little eyes pushed in by his fat lit up, “This idea sounds very novel, but its actually very reasonable. Thats right, the perfect result of a cooperation is both sides benefitting. But chairman Xu, what kind of cooperation do you think we should have to achieve this effect”

Xu Yi smiled as he pointed at the machines, “Chairman Farsak, are you interested in buying a few of these machines to take back”

Chairman Farsak was stunned, “Chairman Xu, you…..Youre meaning is that…...Youre actually willing to sell these machines to me”

“Why wouldnt I be willing” Xu Yi spread his hands, “If I didnt want to sell these machines to you, why would I have brought you here”

“But these machines…..” Chairman Farsak thought about it and changed the topic, “Alright, since chairman Xu is willing to sell, then of course Im willing to buy. But chairman Xu, just with these machines, that doesnt mean we have a cooperation between us, right”

“Of course, its not just machines, its also manpower. I believe you wont have a way of finding workers capable of operating these machines in Saltan City. So, not only will I sell you these machines, I will also help you train your workers and help set up your workshop until it runs as smoothly as this workshop. What do you think about this”

Chairman Farsak narrowed his eyes and carefully looked over Xu Yi for a while before suddenly saying, “Chairman Xu, you wouldnt be joking right”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Would I kid with you at this time”

Chairman Farsak nodded and after thinking about it for a while, he slowly said, “Chairman Xu, I have to say, this condition is very enticing, I even suspected that you might be tricking me for an instant. Giving this kind of rich condition, Im afraid the request you have isnt low. So why dont you let me hear it.”

“My request…...It isnt considered high, but it isnt considered low either, it all depends on what chairman Farsak thinks.” Xu Yi replied.

“Oh There is such a strange request Chairman Xu, please speak.”

“My request is……”


After two days, chairman Farsak finished his discussions with Xu Yi and boarded a horse carriage that was leaving Banta City.

Seeing the horse carriage disappear over the flat horizon, Heinz said with knit brows, “Xu Yi, is this really good Although we can earn ten gold coins from each Magic Fan he produces, were completely giving up Saltan City like this. If we really let this continue, wouldnt we be suffering a large loss Not to mention that we are releasing all the technology we currently have on the Magic Fan, wouldnt there be many other factories that produces the same Magic Fans as us in the future When the time comes, our space for development will be greatly affected.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said while shaking his head, “No, Heinz, you should look a bit further. The Magic Fan is not something hard to imitate, it cant be kept hidden for too long. We need to be in a dominant position and need to keep inventing or changing our product, that is the foundation of our continued studies. As long as we maintain our advantage in terms of technology, then we will always be at an advantage. I can tell you one thing right now, you have to remember it.”

Heinz looked at Xu Yi with rapt attention. He knew that every time Xu Yi spoke in this tone, it was very important.

“A third rate company makes the product, just like chairman Farsak. Even if he establishes factories, in the end he would be a third rate company who at most produces Magic Fans, he will not have much influence.”

“A second rate company will establish a brand. I have already explained the concept of a brand to you before, but I think you dont understand it completely even now. You and I have worked together for a long time and you still havent understood the concept. On the entire Sines Continent, there wouldnt be many people who would understand the meaning of a brand. Perhaps they will know about it, but they will not understand the details of it. But this point is something our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already accomplished. The Frestech Brand is a very trusted brand at least around Banta City, as long as we dont do anything that will ruin the brand, then this brand will continue existing.”

“The last one is the most important, a first rate company sets the standard. This is the goal we are currently working hard to achieve, only this is a very difficult goal and we need to spend a long time before we reach this goal. But once we achieve it, it could be said that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce can stand on the Sines Continent without collapsing. Chairman Farsak thinks that he bought those magic machines very cheap, but from what I can see, he has already fallen into my standard. Even if chairman Farsaks current company is stronger than ours, they will be thrown far behind us in the end.”

Heinz looked at Xu Yi, not understanding why he would have such strong confidence.

Based on scale, the first class Farsak Chamber of Commerce in Saltan City was several times bigger than their small Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Not to mention surpassing it, it was hard to even reach it.

Although Heinz didnt understand what Xu Yi just said, Heinz still understood that it was very powerful. At least it meant that Xu Yi currently had a long term goal in his heart, that meant he wouldnt act as randomly.

Seeing Xu Yis confident look, Heinzs heart skipped a beat.

“Perhaps that fellow really will make the Frestech Chamber of Commerce one of the best companies on the Sines Continent.”-

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