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This over a hundred meter long motorcade headed across the Black Rice Wasteland. If one looked at it from above, it would look like an earthworm that was quickly moving across the land.

Xu Yi floated in the air and looked a wisp of green in the distance, as he revealed a faint smile.

The elves really were worthy of being the race of the forest, they had such a strong affinity with plants.

The Black Rice Wasteland was not suited for growing plants, but the elves of the Night Song Tribe used less than a year to create a patch of forest in the wilderness outside the Voller Tribe.

According to the report from the garrisoned elf warriors, the woods around the Voller Tribe had already surpassed thirty hectares and had even gone past the range of what the Voller Tribe could control.

In order to promote the forestation plan of the Black Rice Wasteland, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had reached an agreement with the four tribes around the Voller Tribe. In the end, they agreed to let the elves transform the plants around their tribes.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to pay a price of hiring no less than a hundred beastmen as workers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as workers, taking care of labour cards for these beastmen.

This plan made it seem like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very passive, accepting the demands of the beastmen to plant forests on the Black Rice Wasteland, but actually this was all part of Xu Yis plan.

He was very clear that if he wanted to calmly and steadily take root on the Black Rice Wasteland, it wasnt a sane choice to collide with these beastmen. The best method was to adopt an appeasement policy like with the Voller Tribe, integrating them into the Frestech Chamber of Commerces system.

Because there were over a hundred of them working in the non-ferrous mine and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces non-ferrous metal smelting factories, even if Xu Yi didnt say anything, the Voller Tribe would protect their hard earned work, meaning they would protect the mine and factory.

On the first time, Xu Yi had left a hundred elf warriors and two hundred dwarf warriors here, but after relieving the garrison last time, it became fifty elf warriors and one hundred dwarf warriors.

And now, as for the humans who had been recruited as guards, there were no more than a hundred of them.

Even like this, because of the attitude change of the Voller Tribe, the danger of this mine and the smelting factory had greatly dropped.

This was something that was effective with the other tribes.

After seeing the lives of the Voller Tribe changing after cooperating with the humans, the four closest beastmen tribes also had the thought of cooperating with humans.

At this time, the Armani Chamber of Commerces chairman Vincent came and gave them that chance.

Through the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Voller Tribe, the four beastmen tribes reached cooperation deals with these four human companies.

In a deeper place near the Voller Tribe, these four companies were building a small production base, building their own factories.

Compared to the household magic machine workshop that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce set up, the Armani Chamber of commerces textile mill needed more workers.

But because the request for each job was different, the Armani Chamber of Commerces factory recruited some of the smarter beastmen with more flexible hands.

For example, the fox and rabbit tribes that had a majority of females. The Armani Chamber of Commerce recruited them to their factory and now there were over five hundred of them.

The magic machine workshop that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce opened only recruited around two hundred beastmen workers. To satisfy the conditions of the beastmen tribes, he was forced to recruit another two hundred beastmen workers, but they were placed under the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. Those beastmen workers followed the technical staff of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to build the production base and to set up a cement factory.

Other than these three companies that had deep cooperation, although the Renekton Chamber of Commerce had dealt with beastmen before, they didnt have any experience in opening a factory. However, with the help of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had created a small medicinal herb processing factory.

Although it was smaller compared to the factories of the other three companies, because of the Renekton Chamber of Commerces fame among the beastmen and with how the beastmen are already used to trading with them, this factory was more popular than the other three factories.

This time the four companies brought a large amount of cargo here to prepare building the production base and striving to have it operational by the end of the year.

Xu Yi looked at the trees surrounding the Voller Tribe and he looked to the left, looking deeper into the Black Rice Wasteland.

Looking thirty kilometers further in, it was the production base of the four companies.

This position was in the middle of the Voller Tribe and the surrounding four beastmen tribes, so according to Xu Yis plan, they would slowly turn this base into a city until it became the first foothold of humans on the Black Rice Wasteland.

If everything went smoothly, Xu Yi was planning to gradually open the Black Rice Wasteland and integrate all the beastmen tribes into the Frestech Chamber of Commerces system. He wanted all the beastmen to work for human companies, completely cutting off the idea of beastmen attacking humans.

But to achieve this, he still needed to deal with some problems.

After looking into the distance, Xu Yi circulated his magic and fell from the air, landing right on a carriage in the middle of the motorcade.

Chairman Cruise lifted the curtain and sat on the roof of the carriage with Xu Yi as he asked, “How is it Did you see anything”

Xu Yi shook his head, “If it could be easily seen, the beastmen would be too weak.”

Chairman Cruise looked forward and tightly knit his brows, “I dont know if chairman Renersas information is correct. If its just the Beastmen Independence Regiment that comes, its not a problem. But if the other beastmen tribes want to cause trouble, it would be bad.”

“Whether my information is accurate or not, youre worried that we cant resist it” Chairman Renersa also lifted the curtain to sit on Xu Yis other side, “The beastmen have no iron weapons, not to mention any excellent weapons. Look at the equipment that our guards have, there is a clear difference. Not to mention that Ive brought five hundred guards from our company this time, theres no need to worry at all.”

Hearing chairman Renersa mention excellent equipment, chairman Cruise and Xu Yi looked at the guards on both sides of the motorcade. They were the guards of the companies with bright armours and sharp weapons.

Although these guards came from the four companies, they were all wearing the same armour. If one didnt look at the different badges on their chest, they would have thought they came from the same unit.

Other than that, although they had different kinds of weapons, they were similar if they were the same kind. If they had been carefully compared, people would have thought that they had been cast from a mold.

Of course, they had indeed been cast from a mold.

Because the equipment these guards were using all came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other three companies had bought them from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Renekton Chamber of Commerce had bought seven hundred sets, the Armani Chamber of Commerce had bought six hundred sets, and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had bought the most, a total of one thousand and two hundred sets.

This was also coordinating with the number of guards at each company.

The Amrith Chamber of Commerce now had over twenty thousand employees and they were sending them to different regions for construction projects, so only having a thousand guards was actually a bit too little.

Rather it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that surprised the other companies.

Last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt even have a guard team.

And now, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only had six hundred human guards in name, everyone knew that the two hundred elf warriors and the three hundred dwarf warriors belonging to the Falling Rain Valley guards were actually under Xu Yis command.

That meant that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had even more guards than the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Not to mention that half of them were powerful elf and dwarf warriors, so in terms of combat power, they could defeat over several thousand human warriors.

So in the joint operation between the four companies, it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards that were in charge. The guards of the other three companies only played a supporting role.

“Chairman Xu, since the elves are willing to do normal work for other companies, then shouldnt it be possible for them to be guards Why havent the elves officially joined your companys guards” Chairman Renersa looked at the elf and dwarf warriors at the back of the convoy with an envious gaze as he asked Xu Yi this.

“I said it before, the elves are very proud and theyre not willing to sell their lives to us humans. So I didnt force them to join the guards.” Xu Yi replied, “Rather its already good enough that they listen to my orders, what they are in name doesnt pose any problems.”

Chairman Renersa shook his head, “There is still a large difference. If the elves go back on their word now, you have no power to stop them.”

“Could it be that after they join the guards, I have the ability to stop them from leaving” Xu Yi asked back, “Having the elves help me depends on what benefits I can bring them, I do rather well in this aspect. As for what happens in the future, well just have to wait and see.”

Chairman Renersa knit his brows as his eyes fell onto the Frestech Chamber of Commerces human guards. He thought for a bit before pointing at the human guards and saying, “Actually those human guards arent bad. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has money and can provide them with equipment, so you can just recruit a few more human guards.”

Xu YI could only reveal a bitter smile at this.

Chairman Renersa thought those human guards were easy to get For these elites who retired from the Lampuri Kingdoms royal army, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had paid quite a large price.

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