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The Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt held a press conference in a long time.

Whether it was a product release or a news conference, the people of Banta City were used to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announcing new magic machines or big pieces of news. Now that it had been close to four months since the last press conference announcing the bicycles, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce hadnt made any moves and people couldnt get used to it.

So when the «Banta Times» announced three days ahead of time that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be holding a press conference on the twenty fourth of July, it immediately attracted the attention of everyone in Banta City.

Not only because it was the first press conference in several months, it was also because the press conference was held in a different place compared to before.

First, this press conference was only a press conference, it wasnt to announce a new product and it was just a news conference to announce something.

Second, the press conference was being held at night and not at noon like before.

The final thing that people paid attention to was that this press conference was actually being held at the old position of Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower.

Seeing this news, almost everyone reacted immediately.

Three months ago, Great Magician Camilla personally demolished his Magic Tower. He had surrounded the site with a fence and covered it up, not letting anyone see what was inside.

Finally there was a sign placed on the ruins that had remained to this point that had written “The Frestech Chamber of Commerces new concept modern magic building will be arriving in three months, please look forward to it.”

Calculating the time, it had indeed been three months.

When the people of Banta City passed by Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower and saw this sign, but were unable to see the situation inside, they were all very curious about this “new concept modern magic building”.

Now that they saw the news in the «Banta Times» and they knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was holding a press conference, they immediately knew that this announcement was related to this “new concept modern magic building”.

If nothing unexpected happened, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should announce this “new concept modern magic building” at this press conference.

So curiosity in the hearts of the Banta City people had reached a peak. As soon as evening came, countless Banta City people rushed to the old site of Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower.

The last time that people rushed into the night to gather in one place like this was when the city square project was finished. Seeing this situation again, everyone couldnt help linking the two together.

Last time the city square had opened the eyes of the Banta City people. They believed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt disappoint this time and this “new concept modern magic building” would definitely be a novel experience for everyone.

But different from the new square opening last time, although it was night time, Banta City wasnt completely covered in darkness. Because of the street lamps, only half of Banta City was covered in darkness. People didnt have to carry magic lamps when heading out like last time.

Everyone came out with expectant feelings, quickly gathering in the empty space in front of the old site of Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower. They easily filled the few streets around here and it was a repeat of the scene when the city square was opened.

But this time the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt make people wait as long.

It was because it was summer, so the sun set rather late. When it became eight like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced in the «Banta Times», it wasnt that long past the sun setting.

Even if the dim night arrived, the surrounding street lamps gradually lit up. Everyone saw these bright street lamps and they fondly remembered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce again.

At this time, the curtain covering Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower was suddenly pulled away. When everyone couldnt see clearly what was under the curtains, there was a bright orange light that appeared.

This light was bright, but not dazzling. Everyone used these lights to see the situation around them.

What appeared in front of everyone was a normal looking two storied building.

Everyone was surprised. They never thought that after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made them wait three months and after holding everyones curiosity, what appeared in front of them was just this normal looking two storied building

What was good about this

While everyone was confused, a familiar figure walked out of the orange lights.

After seeing this persons figure, the crowd was filled with a stir.

“Chairman Xu!”

“God! Its actually chairman Xu!”

“It cant be Could it be that chairman Xu is hosting this press conference”

“This…..This is too unbelievable! Its actually chairman Xu!”

“Chairman Xu, long time no see!”


Seeing Xu Yi standing in the orange light, the people who saw his face right away began to cheer and call out to Xu Yi.

Since announcing that Kennard would be the general manager for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi hadnt appeared in public after that.

Although the «Banta Times» would report some news on him, without actually seeing him, the people of Banta City always felt that something was missing.

Especially after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left Banta City, Xu Yi hadnt come back to Banta City for close to two months now.

This made everything think, did Xu Yi give up on Banta City Did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce give up on Banta City

The people of Banta City were aware of the changes Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had brought Banta City. They were clear that if it wasnt for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would have been impossible for such a large change to happen in Banta City in just two short years, greatly changing everyones lives.

So although no one had stated it, in their hearts, the people of Banta City placed Xu Yi even higher than Count Sean and Great Magician Camilla.

Now that Xu Yi had appeared in front of everyone after several months, everyones hearts were filled with fondness and joy.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce held a press conference in Banta City and Xu Yi had appeared, it meant that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt give up on Banta City! Banta City still had hope!

Seeing the excited looks on everyones faces under the street lamps, Xu Yi waved his hand at everyone with a smile, which created another wave of cheers.

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling happy. He might have already become a star in the hearts of Banta Citys people.

After clearing his throat, Xu Yi raised his right hand to have everyone calm down. Then he used voice amplifying magic to say, “Good evening everyone, welcome to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce press conference. After not holding our press conference for a long time, does everyone miss it”

The crowd broke out in laughter immediately.

“Thats right, its been too long!”

“Right, chairman Xu, if you didnt hold another press conference, we would have already forgotten your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Dont speak nonsense. There are Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic machines all over our homes, how could we forget.”

“Ha, ha, we fondly remember your Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement. Chairman Xu, what new things are you introducing to us all this time”

“Right, what new things are there, quickly tell us. I was just talking to others about what kind of new magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would introduce next.”

“Un, were very curious. Chairman Xu, quickly tell us.”

“Quickly, we cant wait any longer!”


Hearing the unified cries from the crowd, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He raised his hand to have everyone quiet down and turned to the two storied building behind him, “Its a real pity that for this press conference, Im not introducing a new product to everyone, rather its a new living concept.”

Seeing the doubt on everyones face, Xu Yi didnt wait for anyone to ask before pointing at the two storied building and saying, “I think that everyone already knows that we hung a sign here and it wrote that this is the new concept modern magic building. Then I will tell everyone right now that this so-called new concept is a new living concept. The so-called new living concept is to make everyone forget their past life styles and from this day forth, youll live a new life based on the power of magic. First, please look at this Magic Lamp…..”

Xu Yi pointed at the two Magic Lamps at the entrance of the building letting out orange light and raised a finger to press down beside them while everyone was watching.

The Magic Lamp suddenly went out which created shocked gasps.

Everyone realized that this was the long distance Magic Lamp controlling technology. The «Banta Times» had reported that this was because of the long range magic transfer technology that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had developed.

What used this technology right now in Banta City were the lamps on the streets and the lamps in the city square.

Now it was clear that these orange Magic Lamps also used this technology.

Xu Yi pressed again and the orange Magic Lamps lit up again, once again illuminating the empty space in front of the small building.

“Everyone look, this light switch is placed by the door. Like this, you can press it when youre walking to the door and light up the space in front of the door, so you dont have to enter in darkness.” Xu Yis voice sounded again, “Also, you dont need to worry about turning it off. On the other side of the door, there is also another switch. As long as you press that switch, you can control this Magic Lamp and guarantee that youll turn off the light after entering the door. This also guarantees that you can turn on the light before heading outside, lighting up the path outside.”

Hearing Xu Yis explanation, everyone couldnt help secretly nodding.

Although this design seemed very simple, it was a very well thought out idea. It completely considered peoples needs when going out the door. It could be considered the same as the household magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made before, it considered everything and made people comfortable when using them.

“Although this door lamp is very simple, it represents the new life concept that I talked about today, which is convenience, comfort, and speed.” Xu Yi had a faint smile as he kept explaining, “Moreover, this door lamp is just the beginning. In this room that doesnt seem to have any unusual magic, there are other concepts hidden within, so I ask everyone to follow along with my explanation…..”

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