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The Sandton industrial district has been a bit cold recently.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce received orders from the City Lords Manor, the remaining bit of workers and magic production machines in Sandton Manor had been moved out and the factory inside had been demolished. Sandton Manor was restored as a manor and it was like the entire Sandton industrial district lost their energy, becoming much more peaceful.

If it was before, the Sandton industrial district every morning would be filled with the sounds of magic production machines, creating noise that filled the entire Sandton industrial district.

But since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left, although there were still lingering sounds, people felt that it lacked any energy and these sounds sounded like they had no strength.

“Chairman, this is the finished product. Take a look.” A worker had handed a polished component to Freeman who was at the entrance of the factory, waking him up from his daze.

Looking over the component and then touching it a few times, Freeman immediately knit his brows and handed the component back to the worker.

“No, the surface isnt smooth enough. The connecting joint needs to be polished again. Also, you should measure the length, Im certain its too long.”

The worker took a Vernier Scale to measure it and he found that this component really was a millimeter too long. He looked at Freeman with a face covered in admiration, “Chairman, you really are a god! You can actually see how long it is just by touching and looking at it. But its less than a millimeter too long, isnt this nothing special”

Hearing this, Freemans body trembled as he knit his brows. He looked over the worker and suddenly gave a cold snort. He pointed at him and said, “Just based on this, youve lost your bonus this month.”

“Ah” The worker was surprised, “Chairman, it cant be Why did you deduct a months bonus just based on these words”

Seeing that the worker dared talk back, Freeman angrily said, “Humph! You actually dare say that itsless than a millimeter too long Dont you know that we are working in a very refined industry Not mentioning one millimeter, we cant even have a deviation of a tenth of a millimeter! Do you understand”

The worker wanted to say a few things, but he was pulled away by the workers by him.

One of them said in a low voice while dragging him away, “You idiot, cant you see the chairman is in a bad mood recently If you annoy him at this time, isnt that seeking death”

The worker wouldnt give up as he said, “So what if his mood isnt good Cant I give my opinion I just said a single thing and he wants to take away my bonus for this month Damn, he really annoys me! I wont work here anymore!”

“You wont work here anymore” Another worker said with a cold laugh, “I say, Rayleigh, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce has the highest wage and bonus in this industrial district and it has the least amount of overtime. Where would you go if not here Then again, you did make a mistake just now. Let me tell you, for our component factory, its good to be very precise. Do you know why our Ireland Chamber of Commerces business is the best Its because we make the best quality items! If you dont even understand that, you might as well not work here anymore.”

“Thats right, Rayleigh, your words were wrong just now. Do you know, the chairman is so strict with components because he was taught by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu like this. Chairman Xu is the person who our chairman admires the most, so if you dare look down on his words, it isnt strange for the chairman to scold you.”

“Humph, that Xu Yi isnt the king, why are his words absolute”

Rayleigh still wasnt convinced, but since he was being dragged away, he didnt keep acting stubborn. After the other whispered a few more things to him, he began to honestly do his work.

Freeman who was still standing at the entrance had clearly heard their conversation and only after seeing Rayleigh working properly did his cold gaze relax a bit. He leaned against the door again and looked over in the direction of Sandton Manor as he tightly knit his brows.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce moving from here, first not mentioning how it affected the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, it made Freeman as an individual very depressed.

Freeman had been a farmer from Ireland Village and he was so poor that he couldnt even feed his family.

Since winning the Frestech Chamber of Commerces eating competition and then meeting Xu Yi, his life had completely changed.

When he first obtained the Magic Harvester from Xu Yi, Freeman had made several dozen gold coins from a single short harvest season. This greatly improved the living conditions of his family.

Then after that, following Kovacs advice and setting up the Ireland Chamber of Commerce with villagers from the same village, Xu Yi had not just helped him very much, giving them not only the machines, but also manpower and technology. Even the first order after the company was established was given to them by Xu Yi.

It could be said that the Ireland Chamber of Commerce developing to this scale and becoming the leader of Banta Citys component processing industry, earning a profit of over ten thousand gold coins a year that Freeman never dreamed of was all because of Xu Yi.

So Freemans heart was always filled with gratitude and admiration towards Xu Yi.

For Freeman, Xu Yi was even on the same level as his parents.

However, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had left Sandton Manor. It made it feel like there was something missing from this lively atmosphere and this empty feeling was very uncomfortable.

Freeman wasnt an emotional person, but this strange feeling made him very agitated.

Leaning on the door and looking at Sandton Manor in the distance in silence, Freeman was in a daze for a while before suddenly spitting onto the ground.

“Damn Count Stagg, he had to go causing trouble for chairman Xu. Now that chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have been forced out, I want to see how hell stay on as the City Lord.”

Not mentioning scolding the Lord City Lord, the previous Freeman didnt even dare have any disrespect towards the Lord City Lord in his heart.

But now that Count Stagg was aiming at Xu Yi, this simple and honest person couldnt help exploding with anger and had been bold enough to scold him like this.

After cursing Count Stagg several times, Freeman suddenly looked at a horse carriage that was slowly passing in the distance.

Freeman recognized it as the Fersen Carriage Companys public transport carriage. He thought of something and went forward.

The Fersen Carriage Companys carriage stopped at the road in front of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Kovac jumped out.

Freeman immediately went over and pulled him aside as he asked in a low voice, “How is it”

Kovac knit his brows and slowly shook his head, “Its not good. I went to the city to ask around and because the Lord City Lord stopped many construction projects, many companies are losing business, so even were losing quite a few orders. Im worried that if it remains this way, Banta City will stagnate and die.”

“Humph, if it wasnt for our new Lord City Lord forcing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce away, how could Banta City become like this” Freeman said with a cold snort, “It was good when Count Sean was here, but this Count Stagg hasnt even been here for a month and the lively Banta City has already become like this. He really is skilled.”

Kovac shook his head with a bitter smile, “Theres no use in complaining. He is after all the aloof Lord City Lord, even chairman Xu had to make concessions when he caused troubles for him, so what can small people like us do”

Freeman agitatedly walked around a few times before suddenly giving a nod as he made his decision.

“Kovac, how about we also move”

Kovac was surprised, “Us moving Where would we go”

“Of course its the Falling Rain Valley, near the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Freeman said, “This Count Stagg clearly said in the «Banta Times» that he thinks agriculture is the foundation of a kingdom, business isnt really important. So he will focus on developing agriculture while hes in the seat of Banta Citys City Lord and wont develop business like Count Sean. Since its like this, what reason is there for us to stay here We might as well leave.”

“This is right, but Freeman, the Falling Rain Valley is the land the Frestech Chamber of Commerce directly rents from the royal family and the Banta Citys City Lord cant meddle there. To the current Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that land is very important, you think that theyll agree to us building a factory there” Freeman asked with a frown.

“How will we know if we dont try” Freeman looked at him, “Chairman Xu has always supported our company, I think that this wouldnt be an exception. Then again, didnt you say last time that many companies wanted to leave Banta City Even the Amrit Chamber of Commerce is thinking about this. Since even those large companies are leaving, then we shouldnt hesitate.”

Kovac carefully thought about it before giving a slow nod.

“This seems to be the only method. This new Lord City Lord is going against chairman Xu, but he is also involving us smaller companies. We dont have the capital to resist the Lord City Lord, so it seems like we can only run.”

Freeman patted Kovacs shoulder and comforted him, “Relax, our Ireland Chamber of Commerce could be founded and developed all because of chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it isnt related to that idiot City Lord at all. Im confident that as long as we stay with chairman Xu, this bit of loss wont be anything. In the future, well definitely earn it back several times over!”

Kovac gave a bitter laugh, “Although I have this confidence, leaving Banta City is…..”

After saying this, Kovac stopped. He looked in Banta Citys direction and gave a sigh before shaking his head, “If our small companies leave, what difference is there between Banta City and its past It was hard to develop such a good environment and now its about to be ruined, I really feel pity for Banta City.”

Freeman gave a cold snort, “This is an issue that our great Lord City Lord has to manage, I couldnt care less.”

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