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Evita looked at Xu Yi before shaking her head with a soft sigh.

“I wasnt interested in this before and Ive never met a man who moved my heart. After I met him, it was already too late.”

“Late What do you mean” Hearing that Evitas heart had been moved by a man, Xu Yi became curious.

This was because when Still described her friends and classmates to him, Evitas personality was the one she praised the most. But Evita was also the only one who never showed any interest in men before.

When her classmates talked to each other, they always felt pity.

This was because Evita wasnt an arrogant and hard to approach girl, rather she was very warm and gentle. She treated people in a friendly manner, making everyone who approached her feel comfortable.

Adding in the fact that although Evita wasnt as beautiful as Still, she was still a beauty and that she had a unique elegant feel to her, even though the amount of boys chasing her didnt match Stills, she wasnt that far behind.

However, Evita had never shown any interest at all, she chose not to interact with any male students.

Still and Akali had even teased her, saying that she didnt like men at all, rather she liked women.

Xu Yi, who had heard this from Still was suddenly interested in what kind of man had moved Evitas heart. Even if he didnt really like to gossip, his heart exploded with curiosity in this moment.

However, Evita looked at Xu Yi for a while and slowly shook her head. She said in a soft voice, “This is my personal matter. Chairman, you shouldnt ask about this.”

Xu Yi was surprised, but he quickly reacted. He revealed an awkward smile, “Right, that was my fault. I hope you dont mind.”

“I wont mind.” Evita took a breath and her face returned to normal before she continued, “Chairman, even if we standardize Magic Crystals, that only solves the initial problem. If you want to achieve what you described, being able to lay a Magic Power Grid that can transport magic power over hundreds of kilometers away, there are still many other problems to solve. For example, the stations in between that would adjust the magic power transferred, I think it would take a large amount of time to research those.”

“That is certain.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “But the ideal in my heart is very far. I have always been prepared to spend a large amount of time on this, it might not even be accomplished after I die. But as long as we work hard enough and build these foundations, the people behind us will realize these ideals for me. So it doesnt matter if we spend large amounts of time on this, its fine as long as there are results. Evita, remember what I told you earlier. Although this task is important, I hope that you wont feel too much pressure because you also need to live a normal life, alright”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “Thank you for your care, I will pay attention.”

“Good. After discussing the research, its time we discussed your identity as the chief researcher.” Xu Yi said.

“This is your real goal in finding me this time, right” Evita asked with a smile.

“What Im not welcome” Xu Yi deliberately glared at her, “You are the chief of the magic research facility, who would I find if not you Could it be that you think that the salary of fifty gold coins a month is easy to obtain”

Evita broke out in laughter, “I already said it. Alright, chairman, in order not to waste the fifty gold coins a month salary you give me, please tell me what you need me to do.”

“Thats more like it.” Xu YI gave a snort before saying with a serious look, “After some consideration, the company has decided to completely relocate the magic research facility.”

“Relocate” Evita was stunned, “Relocate to where”

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“To the Falling Rain Valley.” Xu Yi replied.

“Why” Evita was even more stunned, “Isnt it good that the magic research facility is in Banta City, why does it need to relocate to a faraway place like the Falling Rain Valley”

“Its because the Falling Rain Valley is the production base of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The magic research facility was to develop new products for our company, so its easier if it was close to the production base. Moreover, the magic machine development workshop will be moved there soon as well, so as the magic research facility that works with them, you cant be too far away.” Xu Yi explained.

Evita was a bit curious, “Chairman, why is even the magic machine development workshop being moved If you want to combine the two, making it easier to combine Magic Array research and practical application, I feel that Sandton Manor is clearly the better choice. The Falling Rain Valley is so far away, if we moved there, it will affect the lives of many researchers.”

“Your idea was my first tentative plan, but now changes have occurred, so it isnt possible to realize this plan.” Xu Yi said while shaking his head.

“Why” Evita asked in a curious voice.

“Just like how youre not willing to tell me which man has moved your heart, it isnt convenient for me to reveal this reason.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Evita couldnt help rolling her eyes at Xu Yi, “Chairman, I never thought that you would be so petty.”

Xu Yi laughed, “I am this petty. Anyway, this is the final decision. You can give your opinion as the chief of the magic research facility, but it has no use. You should quickly take the time to tell everyone and have the researchers prepare themselves to move.”

Evitas expression looked a bit difficult.

“Chairman, most of the researchers are used to living in Banta City. If you have them leave here to go to the Falling Rain Valley that is sixty kilometers away, Im afraid that they wont be used to it and many people will oppose this.”

“Tell them that for this relocation, the company will give each researcher compensation and solve their daily necessities in the Falling Rain Valley, so they shouldnt worry. Other than that, you can tell them some other good news. The company has decided to change their day off from once half a month to once a week, so they have time to come to Banta City. Moreover, the company will contact the Fersen Carriage Company to open up a public transport line to the Falling Rain Valley, so they can come back and forth at any moment.” Xu Yi said.

“If its like this, there will be fewer people who oppose.” Evita said with a nod.

“If there are still people who oppose, tell them that it is the decision of the chairman and they cant oppose.” Xu Yi waved his hand as he said in a domineering voice.

Evita pursed her lips into a smile, “Chairman, I can talk to the other researchers like this, but theres one that I cant treat like this.”

“Who is this arrogant” Xu Yi asked.

“Of course Im talking about the only top grade researcher, his excellency Great Magician Camilla.”

Seeing Xu Yis speechless expression, Evita gave a few secret laughs.


“Moving this quickly, are you afraid that Count Stagg will do something to you” After hearing Xu Yi explain his reason for coming, Great Magician Camilla asked this with a frown.

Xu Yi was surprised, “Grandfather, you also know”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “What You thought that I was a foolish old man who didnt know anything”

Xu Yi quickly waved his hand, “Of course not, I was just surprised that you cared about these trivial matters.”

“If it was anyone else, I would be too lazy to care, but you are my only granddaughters husband, so of course I have to care a bit.” Great Magician Camilla said with another snort, “If those fellows are causing trouble for you and I dont care about it, it would be strange if Still didnt blame me.”

Xu Yi said in an apologetic voice, “It seems like my matters have caused you to worry, Im very sorry.”

“No need to apologize to me, we are now a family. Your matter is also my matter. Speak, what do you need me to do Although I dont have any influence, Im still a Great Magician. As long as I say something, they would still have scruples no matter who they were.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “No need, grandfather, its not the time to use a trump card like you yet. Although there will be a bit of trouble, I believe that I can deal with it without any problems.”

“Is that so” Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi before giving a nod, “Alright, I believe you. But kid, when you need me, dont be polite. You and Still living a good life is my biggest hope. Even my most favourite magic research cant compare to it.”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Be assured, you are my relative, so I wouldnt be polite with you even if Im polite with others, right”

“Thats good.” Great Magician Camilla was comforted by Xu Yis words and his mood was suddenly much better. He pulled Xu Yi over to his lab bench and pointed at the complicated Magic Array on it as he said, “The relocation matter is a small issue, its fine as long as you prepare a house for me at the Falling Rain Valley. Compared to this small matter, the Magic Array that I spent several days developing is more important.”

Xu Yi looked down at the Magic Array and he slightly knit his brows, “This Magic Array…..its very strange…..”

Great Magician Camilla laughed, “How about it Even with how good your talent is in studying Magic Arrays, you cant see through this Magic Array”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Great Magician Camilla, “Grandfather, you are a Great Magician. Even if I am talented, could I compare to you Alright, stop stalling and tell me what the use for this Magic Array is.”

“Come, Ill give you a demonstration.” Great Magician Camilla took a small piece of metal that was as wide as his finger and around the size of his nail and placed it in the middle of the Magic Array. Then he tapped the Magic Array and large amounts of magic entered it.

A strong brown colour instantly lit up from the Magic Array, showing to Xu Yi that this should be an Earth Magic Array.

When he was curious what effect the Earth Magic Array would have on the small piece of iron, Xu Yi was surprised to find that the small piece of iron placed in the center was actually melting!

It was melting at a strangely quick speed and in less than five minutes, this small piece of iron had turned into molten iron.

What surprised Xu Yi the most was that this small piece of iron had turned into molten iron, but it didnt display any signs of being highly heated.

With Xu Yis understanding of iron, he knew that the melting point of iron was high. If iron was turned into molten iron, it would be at a state where the temperature was very high.

With this kind of terrifying heat, the air above the molten iron would be distorted by it.

However, Xu Yi didnt notice this phenomenon from this molten iron. He didnt give up as he put his hand over the molten iron, but he didnt feel any heat coming from it at all.

“Stop trying, its molten iron, but its cold.” Under Xu Yis shocked gaze, Great Magician Camilla directly tapped the molten iron with his finger and then dipped his finger on the back of Xu Yis hand.

When his skin touched the molten iron, Xu Yi could feel that this molten iron was actually still cold!

This completely went against Xu Yis common sense!

Xu Yi couldnt help looking at Great Magician Camilla, waiting for his explanation.

Seeing Xu Yis questioning gaze, Great Magician Camillas heart was filled with satisfaction. He laughed for a bit before explaining, “You should be able to see it, this is an Earth Magic Array. Accurately speaking, its the high grade magic of Earth Magic, Rock Magic. Stop asking me why, I dont know why Rock Magic has this kind of effect on iron. It has to be said, its most likely because iron is refined from ores, so it is considered a part of Rock Magic.”

Xu Yis expression was strange, “Isnt this explanation putting the cart before the horse As a Great Magician, could it be that you dont even understand the use of Rock Magic”

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi, “You think that magic is really that easy to understand Let me tell you, humans have learned magic from the elves for five thousand years, but after all this time, the more it seems that the magic world is endless and it is impossible to understand it all. So it isnt strange at all that Ive found a new kind of Magic Array. Then again, why do you care this much You just need to tell me, is this Magic Array useful to you or not”

“Useful, useful, definitely useful!” Xu Yi kept nodding, “As for the use, theres simply too many of them! The magic machine industrial system of my dreams requires steel the most. This magic can change the shape of steel at a normal temperature, so if it is properly developed, there are many places where it could be used. I cant even imagine just how many uses it has!”

Great Magician Camilla gave a satisfied smile as he nodded, “I knew that it would be useful. It seems like my method of looking for breakthroughs was correct. I was thinking about how Fire and Wind Magic could be used in magic machines, but Earth and Water Magic that are from the same series of Elemental Magic couldnt be used. This didnt seem right.”

Xu Yis eyes lit up, “That means…..Grandfather, are you also studying Water Magic Did you find anything”

Great Magician Camilla stared at Xu Yi, “You think that magic research is as simple as eating and sleeping It can be done instantly Just this Magic Array took quite a bit of effort and time from me, how could I have the free time to research Water Magic Arrays. If you want research in that aspect, you have to wait.”

Xu Yi laughed, he indeed wasnt in that much of a rush.

Magic research, or rather the magic industry was just beginning on the Sines Continent. Being able to make a small breakthrough was already rare enough.

He could gain two important research results from Evita and Great Magician Camilla today, that was already rare enough. It was already to the point where it was worth celebrating, so how could he expect even more

Thinking of this, Xu Yis heart calmed down. He looked at the Magic Array and the molten iron that was slowly solidifying on the lab bench and thought for a bit before asking, “Thats right, grandfather, what is this Magic Arrays name”

“I was focused on studying, I didnt think of a name.” Great Magician Camilla said with an uncaring look, “Since youre using this Magic Array, you can give it a name.”

Xu Yi looked at the iron that was about to solidify and he suddenly had a fun thought.

“This Magic Array can shape steel, so how about calling it…..the Diamond Distorting Array”

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