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When Xu Yi had discussed this with major MacConley, he hoped that he could find three hundred veterans for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to establish a guard group.

But the guards being led by Hart, it wasnt just three hundred no matter how he counted them.

“No need to count, theres a total of five hundred of them and I can guarantee that they were all elites before retiring.” Count Sean said with a faint smile.

Xu Yi looked at the training men with a confused gaze before asking Count Sean, “Why”

“You dont understand Actually, it was her highness idea. She specially contacted major MacConley to have him exceed the quota of your request. So major MacConley not only helped you find an extra two hundred people, he specially chose elites. It isnt exaggerated to say that if these five hundred soldiers didnt retire and formed a battalion, with just a bit of training, they could match any brigade within any army.”

Count Sean actually looked at Xu Yi with a bit of envy. It was unknown if he was envious of the five hundred elites that Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce obtained, or if he was envious of the special care her highness Seveni gave Xu Yi.

According to the organization of the royal army, a brigade was made of three battalions, for a total of one thousand and five hundred people.

Count Sean said that these five hundred people just needed some training and they could match a brigade, which was enough to show that these five hundred people really were elites.

Although Xu Yi was grateful for Sevenis special care, he was also doubtful.

Since these five hundred were elites in the army, how could the army suddenly be willing to give them to him

If had to be known, when Xu Yi made the request to major MacConley, he just wanted three hundred retired soldiers to be guards for his company and he didnt expect much.

In his opinion, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have the background of an old company, so they would start from nothing when creating a guard group and slowly build up strength.

So his idea was just to create a foundation, just obtaining the first batch to act as manpower.

He never would have thought that major MacConley would actually get him not only an important instructor from the northern army, he would actually give him five hundred elite veterans.

Even with the special care of her highness Seveni, this wasnt too likely.

With Sevenis special care, perhaps major MacConley could choose a few based on his loyalty to the royal family, but he wouldnt give him five hundred.

“Stop guessing. Major MacConley gave you these five hundred elites, other than her highness Sevenis special care, the most important reason was that his highness gave his order.” Count Sean saw the doubt in Xu Yis eyes and explained it to him.

Xu Yi finally understood.

If the king personally spoke up on this matter, it wasnt impossible to achieve this effect.

“Of course, even with his majesty speaking up, major MacConley could give you those five hundred elites because no other faction of the army headquarters said anything.” Count Sea looked at Xu Yi and clicked his tongue twice before shaking his head, “Do you know, for the royal army that is filled with factions, it is an incredible thing for them to agree on a single matter No matter how small a matter was before, the royal army would be filled with fighting and it was very hard to come to a decision.”

“Why did this happen” Xu Yi couldnt understand, “Although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is cooperating with the army headquarters, the army headquarters has given me favours. For them to not have any objections…..isnt it a bit strange Like the people who oppose her highness Seveni, there should be people who dont like our Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the army headquarters, right”

“You can treat it as compensation for the Magic Trebuchet technology.” Count Sean replied before turning to Hart training the five hundred elites, speaking in a soft voice with a sigh, “Recently there has been all kinds of victory reports from the north and after the army headquarters analyzed it, they confirmed that this sudden turn in the north was mainly because they started cooperating with you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Not discussing the massive firepower of the Magic Trebuchets, just the first batch of gear your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced was very helpful.”

“Oh I know a bit from Viscount Leslies letter, but he didnt go into the details. Just how useful has it been” Xu Yi asked.

“Im not clear on the specifics since Im not someone from the army, so I dont have intelligence networks for that. If you want to know, you can ask her highness.” Count Sean continued, “But I know that the reason why the army headquarters didnt have any objections this time is because of your Frestech Chamber of Commerces help in increasing their battle strength. With soldiers, their primary goal was winning. Being able to win with the help of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it isnt anything to give you a trivial five hundred elites.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi gave a cold laugh, “If they care that much, then they wouldnt force me to hand over the Magic Trebuchet technology if they had the skills.”

Count Sean revealed a faint smile. He patted Xu Yis shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “Although I understand the anger in your heart, I need to advise you that with your current strength, it isnt good to resist the army headquarters. Being able to receive the recognition of the important people at the army headquarters and making them re-evaluate the importance of their cooperation with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is already a victory for you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as for the Magic Trebuchet……”

Count Sean suddenly lowered his voice and said with a bit of mysteriousness, “According to the information Ive obtained, the army headquarters might send someone to discuss the matter of the Magic Trebuchet with you, you need to prepare your heart.”

“Un” Xu Yi was surprised, but after thinking about it, he felt that this should be good news.

The army headquarters had forced Xu Yi to hand over the Magic Trebuchet technology and although he wasnt willing, he couldnt fight the army headquarters.

It was like Count Sean said, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current strength, they couldnt resist at all.

If he didnt choose to hand it over, there wouldnt have been these five hundred elites.

Moreover, the army headquarters was coming to discuss the Magic Trebuchet with Xu Yi…..

Xu Yi gave a cold laugh in his heart as his eyes filled with a trace of disdain.

Those fellows at the army headquarters, did they really think that if he handed over the Magic Trebuchet technology, they could handle it

They never would have thought that while Xu Yi was handing over the technology, he had already created a large hole for them to jump into.

Now that they were coming to talk to Xu Yi, this was them jumping into that hole.

The following might not be up to them at all.

These thoughts passed in the blink of an eye and Xu Yis face returned to his gentle smile, as he said with a nod, “Alright, I will await the people from the army headquarters. But before they come, I still have to welcome the new soldiers for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi wanted to greet Hart and the five hundred elites, but once Xu Yi appeared, those five hundred veterans didnt seem that friendly at first and there were some people who revealed hostility and disdain in their eyes.

Before they were sent here, they were informed of their goal in coming here.

Actually they were elites in the army and almost half of them were still in active service. Not only were they the main forces for their units, they didnt have any thoughts of retiring.

However, the army headquarters had forced them to retire and gathered them together, sending them here and telling them that they would become the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

As for this Frestech Chamber of Commerce, although these soldiers had heard about them, their understanding wasnt better than normal peoples.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had forced them to retire, they didnt have good feelings towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, in the eyes of these army elites, a normal companys guards wasnt worth anything.

Now they were running to become guards of a company, this was simply shaming them.

So of course they wouldnt be friendly towards Xu Yi and even revealed hostility.

However, when Xu Yi finished his welcoming speech and began announcing the various benefits that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards would receive, the hostility and disdain in those peoples eyes were replaced by looks of shock and disbelief. There was also a feeling of pleasant surprise that washed over them.

According to the conditions Xu Yi announced, after they became guards for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they would be first level guards in the beginning and receive the benefits of a first level guard.

According to the rules of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, a first level guard would receive a wage of fifteen gold coins per month.

Just this was enough to cause the eyes of the five hundred elites to all light up.

Even if they were elites of the Lampuri Kingdoms army, the Lampuri Kingdom was poor, so the army headquarters was naturally poor as well. They couldnt even provide every soldier with a set of armour and weapons, so naturally there was no need to mention their salaries.

According to the rules of the army headquarters, each soldier received a set subsidy each year. Normal soldiers received around twenty gold coins per year and because they were elites with greater merits, they received over thirty gold coins per year.

But it was rare for those subsidies to be paid and these five hundred people were completely poor.

Moreover, even if they received it, it was only thirty gold coins per year. A first level guard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would receive fifteen gold coins per month, which was a hundred and eighty gold coins per year!

Good god, not a single person of these five hundred people had seen a hundred and eighty gold coins before!

Just by hearing this basic salary, it made the hostility in the hearts of these people towards the Frestech Chamber of Commerce disappear.

Moreover, when they heard Xu Yi announce their benefits, it filled their hearts with an excitement that they couldnt control.

According to what Xu Yi said, other than receiving their basic salary, first level guards would also receive some basic benefits.

For example, they would receive a set amount of rice, flour, condiments, and other daily necessities each month. Moreover, whenever holidays came, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would provide additional benefits.

These things perhaps seemed normal, but they were very beneficial items. It easily grabbed the hearts of these soldiers who came from normal families.

Other than these benefits and the salary, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards also received some insurance.

For example, if a guard was injured or even killed while working for the company, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would pay them compensation.

If they were injured, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would pay for their medical fees and would pay their salary while they were injured.

If they were crippled or killed, they would receive massive compensation.

They heard Xu Yi promise that if a guard was killed while on a task for the company, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would pay their designated recipient with a thousand gold coins. This instantly gave many people the idea of selling their lives to Xu Yi.

If it wasnt for their familys being poor, a normal person wouldnt choose to enter the army.

So although these five hundred people were elites, their families had their troubles.

Because of how poor the royal army was, they could only support themselves and couldnt change their family situations at all.

For them, not only had they never seen a thousand gold coins, it was an amount they had never dreamed of before.

If someone offered a thousand gold coins to buy their lives, they would have been killed countless times on the battlefield. These elite soldiers who were indifferent to death would be very happy.

Even at that moment, there were many people who secretly had the idea of immediately dying in the line of duty after joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards.

If their families could receive a thousand gold coins as compensation, that would be worth it!

However, when they heard what Xu Yi said afterwards, this idea instantly disappeared.

This was because according to what Xu Yi said, their guard levels could increase based on their time in service and their merits during missions.

The higher level guards would receive a higher salary and better insurance.

A first level guard would receive a thousand gold coins for dying in the line of duty.

A second level guard would receive a thousand and five hundred gold coins.

A third level guard would receive two thousand gold coins.

But if they became a third level guard, who would be silly enough to seek their own death

A third level guard had a monthly salary of thirty gold coins!

Not to mention that if they worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for twenty years, they could receive different jobs in the company and receive a retirement pension after they turned sixty!

This kind of life, for those soldiers who had lived a hard life, it was simply like heaven!

Count Sean saw that the hostility that these soldiers had towards Xu Yi at first gradually turned into fanaticism and he couldnt help revealing a helpless bitter smile.

He was worried how Xu Yi would take care of these unruly soldiers, but he never thought that Xu Yi would easily take care of this.

Xu Yi had used a very direct method, one that Count Sean never even thought of and one that he couldnt believe.

It was smashing them with money……

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