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Since the race wars thousands of years ago and humans took control of the continent from the elves, the humans kept taking the space of the other races, not leaving much room for them to survive.

Elder Illusia chose to work with Xu Yi and kept supporting Xu Yi because she hoped that through cooperating with Xu Yi, she could find some way for elves to obtain a place to live.

Cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gradually allowed elder Illusia to see the changes to the Night Song Tribe elves that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or more accurately, Xu Yi had brought. Moreover, she was very happy and willing to see these changes, it made her see the possibility of elves living together with humans.

Elder Illusia was an elven elder with courage and foresight. Since she saw this possibility from Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, she wanted to increase this possibility.

To be specific, she wanted to deepen the cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, while allowing elves to truly become a part of human society.

Business was what elder Illusia considered the most complicated matter in human society, there were countless things that needed to be considered. The elves always felt it was troublesome and even disdained building relations with humans, so elder Illusia decided to let her clansmen engage in trading this time.

Setting up the plastic processing factory was a very good choice.

Through cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Night Song Tribe had grasped the basics of processing plastic. After being taught by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the clansmen were no longer as relaxed when working as they were before. Their current work efficiency could even reach that of human workers, so elder Illusia was confident enough to open this plastic processing factory.

For elder Illusia, this was the Night Song Tribes first step into human society.

If this plastic processing plant could exist in human society and it could develop steadily, it meant that the elves have the ability to live with humans.

And if humans were willing to accept elves opening a factory, treating them like normal humans, it would achieve elder Illusias goal.

Of course, elder Illusia was very clear that the Night Song Tribe currently wasnt prepared to step into human society, not having the strength and environment to open a factory. So, she chose to open this plastic processing factory in the Falling Rain Valley, wanting to depend on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to take this first step.

If Xu Yi was a normal human company chairman, he would definitely reject this proposal because the Night Song Tribe was only a small contractor when they were working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was clear that it was easier to control this contractor without any authority, making it easier for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to squeeze value out of the elves.

But Xu Yi was not a normal human merchant.

Compared to just making money, he cared more about realizing his dreams.

To establish a magic machine industrial system that was led by magic on the Sines Continent, he couldnt lack the elves.

Human magic was learned from elves to begin with. Although afterwards, with human innovation, the elven magic became more complicated and power magic in the hands of the humans, elves were the source of magic. There were some unique aspects of magic that humans couldnt understand.

So Xu Yi always wanted the elves to participate in researching magic machines. Just like the dwarves, if the special knowledge and skills of their race was used to study magic machines, it would further advance and develop the magic machine industry.

Xu Yi never understood elder Illusias thoughts before, so he was waiting until they had better relations before slowly giving elder Illusia his ideas.

But unexpectedly to Xu Yi, elder Illusia took the initiative to open a factory and invest in the magic machine industry, so naturally Xu Yi welcomed it.

Of course, he understood this matter better than elder Illusia.

With how the elves dont understand how to communicate with humans and adding in the fact they didnt really understand human society, if they were to rely on themselves to create their own company, they would be beaten back by human society that was several times more complicated than the elf tribe and there was no chance of success.

In order to maintain elder Illusias curiosity and hope, even if she didnt mention it, Xu Yi would have offered his help to elder Illusia to open the plastic processing factory.

The Falling Rain Valley covered over ten square kilometers, so a plastic processing factory that didnt even take a thousand square meters naturally wasnt even worth mentioning.

Compared to the location, the most important thing was taking care of the procedures.

Elves, or even any other races that wanted to create a company or a factory in human society, there was no precedent.

Even though the laws of the Sines Continent wasnt perfect, with laws that couldnt compare to the laws of normal countries on earth, since elder Illusia wanted to use this plastic processing plant to let elves enter human society, it was best to follow the normal procedures.

It was a coincidence that Xu Yi and Still were at the Falling Rain Valley taking care of matters, helping other race workers obtain official status from the government. Now that elder Illusia had raised this matter, Xu Yi was planning on writing a report on this matter for Seveni.

With the king and the Royal Parliaments current attitude towards other race workers, he believed that after this was examined, the other races would be allowed to open a factory in the Lampuri Kingdom.

It would take some time to receive a response, so before this, Xu Yi suggested to elder Illusia to prepare some things ahead of time.

For example, picking a location to build the factory, the flow of products through this factory, and most importantly, how they would sell the products.

Before the Night Song Tribe just needed to finish the plastic processing orders that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave them, they didnt need to consider these things.

Now that they wanted to take care of all these things, elder Illusia found that to run a factory like a normal human merchant, there really were many complicated things to consider.

Xu Yi didnt plan on taking care of everything. In order for elder Illusia to gain understanding of human business, Xu Yi only offered instruction at critical moments and most of the time, he just had elder Illusia learn on her own.

Every time he saw elder Illusia listening to him with rapt attention and honestly learning, Xu Yi had a strange feeling in his heart.

Elder Illusia was over six hundred years old and was learning basic business from him like a grade schooler, this scene was a bit strange.

But elder Illusia didnt find it strange at all. She was very focused when Xu Yi explained a question and she kept asking questions based on her own thoughts.

When he first met Agnes, Xu Yi found that although the elves didnt seem that different from humans, there were many thoughts and personality traits that were different from humans.

For example, for a human merchant like Xu Yi, the most simple knowledge was limiting costs.

But for elder Illusia, if she really needed to make something, she first cared about whether that thing could be perfectly made and didnt care about the cost at all.

After Xu Yi raised this point, elder Illusia nodded in understanding.

“As a company, the highest priority is making profits.” Xu Yi taught elder Illusia with a serious face, “Profit to put it bluntly is a simple matter, its whether after taking away all the costs, can the product earn money from being sold. Its not a problem to chase after perfection, but as the leader of a factory, you have to place priority on profit. So you have to do everything you can to reduce the costs.”

Elder Illusia gave a slight nod, “Although I dont like this kind of profit centered thought, setting up a company is to gain profits to begin with. Since I chose to open this factory, that means that I shouldnt consider those meaningless problems.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Elder Illusia should be considered the most enlightened one of the Night Song Tribe, she was actually choosing to go against the basic character of an elf and could accept profit centered evaluations.

This time, Xu Yi spent several days to teach elder Illusia the basic rules of the market.

As for the rest that wasnt easy to teach, he would have to wait for elder Illusia to learn about it herself.

In these days, Still was gradually taking care of the procedures for the other race workers in the Falling Rain Valley.

Including the five elf workers at the Armani Chamber of Commerce, right now Stills New Moon Chamber of Commerce was managing a total of one thousand two hundred and seventy six other race workers.

Now the New Moon Chamber of Commerce had to report the identities of the other race workers they collected and reissue their labour cards, then these other race workers could be treated the same as human workers, enjoying the protection of the Lampuri Kingdoms laws.

Processing the information of all the other race workers was a big project. Although Still was very happy being this busy, Xu Yi still seriously recommended to Still that she should find some people with the same interests, so she could relax a bit.

Seeing Still rush back and forth all over the Falling Rain Valley collecting this information and being delegated authority by the other race workers, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional.

Before Xu Yi was the one who was always busy and Still had plenty of free time, so it was always Xu Yi who didnt have time to spend with Still.

But now that Xu Yi had free time, Still was the one who was busy. She didnt even have time to take a sip of water, there was no need to mention her being able to take a stroll with Xu Yi like before.

Changing like this, it really was a change in karma.

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