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Even if Xu Yi had worries in his heart, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development didnt slow down.

After a quiet April, once they entered May, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce first announced the marriage of Xu Yi and Still, then they released a new product, the Magic Freezer.

To be honest, the Magic Freezer wasnt a completely new product, it was just an extension of the Magic Refrigerator.

It was different from the Magic Refrigerator that could only keep things frozen. The Magic Freezer was divided into two levels, with the lower level keeping things frozen and the upper level only lowering the temperature, but not freezing things and just keeping them fresh.

[TL note: I know that the previous refrigerator is actually a freezer, but the author used the chinese words for refrigerator (冰箱) instead and uses freezer (冰櫃) for the new product which should be a refrigerator, so these terms will be kept the same.]

Once the Magic Freezer came out, it was immediately welcomed by many families.

Because the Magic Refrigerator could only keep things frozen, it had a single use, so its sales numbers were normal. There were only higher sales numbers in summer when ice cream and other frozen products were being sold.

But the Magic Freezer was different, its dual function was quite practical for many households.

Especially the top halfs function of keeping things fresh. Dishes that werent finished could be kept fresh in them to be eaten next time.

This solved many problems for housewives, so naturally it was very popular.

The Frestech Brand Magic Freezer was only released for a week and it had sold over twenty thousand units.

Each unit had a price of twenty five gold coins, so in just a week, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned five hundred thousand gold coins.

Taking away the cost, the net profit was over three hundred thousand gold coins.

Adding in the Magic Refrigerator, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machine department now had the Magic Fan, the Magic Air Conditioner, the Magic Bread Maker, the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker, the Magic Lamp, the Magic Freezer, and the Magic Kettle, a total of eight products.

Not including the Magic Freezer that was just released, the sales of the other seven products had stabilized after their explosive periods.

The other seven products had sales of seven hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand, which was also steadily increasing.

Taking away the costs, the household magic machine department was bringing a net profit of around four hundred thousand gold coins a month to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This number was already quite shocking.

So when Xu Yi announced that Ankhto would be managing the household magic machine department, although he was prepared since Heinz had told him, his breathing became faster and he was very nervous.

“I…..I will work hard…..Eh, to do well. I definitely wont let down the chairmans expectations of me!” Ankhto said in a loud voice.

Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “Alright, I believe in your abilities. Other than that, since your responsibilities have increased, your salary must also increase. Ankhto, as the manager of the household magic machine department, your current monthly wage will be fifty gold coins. How about it Are you satisfied with this wage”

“Ah Fifty gold coins Isnt that the same as general manager Kennards” Ankhto was shocked, “How could that be, I cant compare to general manager Kennard.”

“Theres no need to be modest, you havent been holding responsibilities in our companys household magic machine department for a few days, your abilities arent bad. Other than that, I have other plans for general manager Kennard, you dont need to worry.” Xu Yi signaled to Ankhto to sit down with a smile before turning to Evita sitting beside Ankhto, “Evita, although your magic research facility isnt in the same management area as the company, the magic research facility is the most important department to me, so Ive decided to change the wage for the magic research facility. You are the magic research facility chief and you will be treated the same as the managers of the other department, so your salary will be fifty gold coins per month. As for the adjustment of the other members of your department, that is up to you as the chief. Give me a report in two days.”

Evita was calmer than Ankhto. She just revealed a smile and gave a slight nod as she agreed to this.

The conference today was to reorganize the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so the people attending were all high and medium level members of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had more and more products, becoming bigger and bigger, Xu Yi found that for a medium level manager like Ankhto, there was a conflict of authority in unclear situations. So before this problem came up, he would reorganize the structure of the company. The goal was to clarify authority, letting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop even more smoothly.

There wasnt much change to the overall authority structure of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was just clarifying the distribution of authority, identifying what each person was in charge of.

For example, Ankhto had received the job of being the manager of the household magic machine workshop from Heinz a long time ago and he had done an outstanding job the entire time. The household magic machine workshop was properly managed, so he could definitely become the manager of the household magic machine department, being responsible for managing all related operations to the production of household magic machines.

As for other aspects, there wasnt that much of a change. He was still in charge of what he was in charge of before.

The only change was that Heinz left the job of being Karma Citys factory manager and he was replaced by someone that Heinz himself chose.

After this reorganization, Heinz remained in the company as Xu Yis assistant, he didnt hold any concrete posts. 。

The only thing worth mentioning was that the general manager Kennard after the reorganization became the Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEO.

This was another new title Xu Yi came up with, but the responsibilities that Kennard had were still the same.

The one thing worth noting was that since Xu Yi announced Kennard was to take the post of CEO, he also announced that he would no longer meddle in managing the company or the direction of development of the company.

Hearing Xu Yi announce this, other than Heinz and Kennard, everyone else was shocked.

In everyones mind, Xu Yi was equal to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He was the pillar of the company and if he wasnt taking part in managing the company, was he going to give up the company”

“It isnt as you think.” Faced with everyones doubts, Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “How could I not care at all, this company was made with my own hands, it is impossible for me to not care about the company. I am just not going to manage it anymore because this wastes too much of my time and energy, I want to invest that time and energy into some other things. For example…..going on a honeymoon with Still……”

“Ha, ha!”

Everyone in the conference room broke out in laughter.

Of course they knew that Xu Yi was joking, but everyone understood because of this explanation. Xu Yi just didnt want to waste his precious time and energy on trivial things.

After the reorganization meeting, there werent many things that had changed. There were many people who were joking that Xu Yi was just using this reorganization to increase their wages.

Actually, most of the high and medium level members had their wages increased quite a bit this time.

Ankhtos previous monthly wage was less than twenty five gold coins and now it had suddenly doubled.

Evitas previous monthly wage was only thirty gold coins, but now it became fifty gold coins.

As for Kennard, because he was the one and only CEO, his wage of fifty gold coins had gone to eighty gold coins.

This was a very large number.

For the companies of the Sines Continent, as long as they were leaders of a company, they would definitely receive shares of the company. So them having a wage was just courtesy.

For Kennard who didnt have any shares of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, receiving eighty gold coins a month with his wage alone was quite unique.

Even for department heads like Evita, Ankhto, and Camby who were receiving fifty gold coins a month, that was unprecedented.

“I feel that this is a good chance to advertise.” After the meeting was over, Kennard found Xu Yi to give this proposal, “Chairman, didnt you always say that our company was lacking people with talent for management If we advertise the high wages our managers receive, I believe that we can find some talents for management.”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “You can make the decision yourself. Anyway, you are the CEO, this is what you should do. It isnt related to me at all.”

Kennards lip twitched, as he wanted to smile, but he couldnt do so. After thinking about it, he asked with knit brows, “Sir chairman, are you really planning on giving up completely I feel that the company is still in an important period of development and it still needs your leadership.”

“I already said it, Im not completely giving up. Rather, Im handing the management of the company to you so I can have more time and effort to consider what direction this company should develop in.” Xu Yi paused before suddenly giving a sigh. He looked to the northwest of the city and slightly narrowed his eyes, “Actually according to my original plan, the company just needed to walk forward step by step and it would naturally become stronger, becoming the existence that could change the world like in my heart. But…..there will always be people who like causing unnecessary trouble for you.”

Kennard took a deep look at Xu Yi and after thinking for a bit, he said with a faint smile, “Be assured, sir chairman. As long as smart people can see the use of our company, I think that no matter what, these people will allow our company to keep our use. Not to mention, it isnt like her highness cant fight back at all, right”

Xu Yi looked at him and gave a slight now, “I hope that its like this.”

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