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Because there were many agricultural magic machines, Banta Citys spring harvest was quickly finished this year.

In less than a week, all the farmland around Banta City had been harvested and replanted.

According to the stats of the City Lord Manor, after the spring harvest this year, Banta City had harvested six hundred and thirty thousand tons in grains, which was only sixty thousand tons higher compared to the fall harvest. However it was close to double last years spring harvest of three hundred and sixty thousand tons.

The reason it didnt increase that much was because after a year of opening new farmland, Banta Citys farmland had all been opened. Other than improving their cultivation technology, there wasnt much room for increase.

But this amount was still quite a lot.

Banta City was a small city and the amount of land it had in Lampuri Kingdom was quite small. But since the fall harvest last year, Banta Citys grain output had experienced explosive growth.

The fall harvest from the year before last had surpassed cities that had the same area as Banta City and even many cities that had even more area than Banta City.

As for last years spring harvest, the three hundred and sixty tons of wheat had placed them in the top rankings for cities that mainly cultivated wheat in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Then after last years fall harvest, Banta City had suddenly brought in five hundred and seventy thousand tons of wheat, becoming the city that harvested the most wheat in the Lampuri Kingdom. It attracted everyones attention and was even praised by the king and the agricultural department. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce that had the biggest contribution was given a commendation and chairman Xu was promoted to the title of baron, making him the only person in the Lampuri Kingdom who was both a noble and a merchant.

“Its a pity, although the spring harvest this year had a decent increase, it wasnt enough to promote your title again and make you a viscount.” Count Sean read the report in his hand as he said to Xu Yi with a smile, “Other than that, the harvest in the other cities has also greatly increased. Although the six hundred and thirty thousand in our Banta City is still at the top, it isnt that much higher compared to the other cities.”

“The title doesnt matter, I just hope that the agricultural magic machines that I developed can feed everyone in the kingdom. Now that the grain yield in the kingdom has greatly increased, I think that this goal should have been accomplished.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Un, it can be considered achieved.” Count Sean gave a nod, “According to the agricultural departments report, not only can this years harvest satisfy the needs of everyone in the kingdom, there is even a large surplus. This is the first time that this has happened since our Lampuri Kingdom has been founded, his majesty is quite happy about this. If it wasnt for the old nobles stopping him, he really was prepared to increase your title again.”

Speaking of this, Count Sean slightly knit his brows and a trace of dissatisfaction filled his voice.

“Those old fellows, they really are too stubborn. Solving the food problem of the citizens is a great merit, is there any merit that can compare to that Its just raising a title by another level yet they had to go against it, they really are ignorant.”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Lord City Lord, theres no need to be this angry. I dont really care about my title, so it really doesnt matter if it is increased or not. Anyway, my goal has been accomplished, so I am satisfied. Since the basic food and shelter problems have been solved for the citizens, the next step should be to increase the living standards of our citizens. If we can let the people of the city have the same standard of living as our Banta City citizens, not only guaranteeing their basic necessities, but also have extra income to buy stuff that increased their standard of living, that would be of great help to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“That isnt easily achieved.” Count Sean slowly shook his head, “Our Banta City can develop this quickly because of the appearance of you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, driving the development of the entire city. Not only do all the citizens of Banta City have decent work, even the citizens of the other cities can find work, increasing their income. It is all because of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce creating many jobs in Banta City. Otherwise, Batna City wouldnt have developed this quickly.”

Xu Yi quickly said with a modest smile, “Lord City Lords praise is too much. I was just doing what I wanted to do, the reason why Banta City could develop so quickly was because of your wise leadership.”

“Stop flattering me.” Count Sean taunted with a smile. He picked up a document and looked it over before a sad look appeared on his face, “Two years ago, Banta Citys income was only over a hundred thousand gold coins, but after two years, last years income was already close to a million gold coins, which was an increase of ten times. Now Im holding the tax report for last month and Banta City in just a month has a tax income of five hundred and seventy thousand gold coins. According to this trend, this years tax income should be even higher than last year.”

“That is the result of Lord City Lords wise leadership.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Count Sean glared at Xu Yi and said with snort, “Do you have to force me to praise you Of the five hundred and seventy thousand from last month, just your Frestech Chamber of Commerce paid two hundred and eighty thousand, which is almost half of it. I think that theres no need for two years, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is already the biggest company in our Banta City.”

“How is that possible” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Lord City Lord, you cant randomly say things. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is just a small company, it could only arrive at this point because of the Lord City Lords support. Right now were still behind the established companies of the city, so the Lord City Lord still needs to support us.”

“If chairman Rank were to hear this, would you believe he would die from anger” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi before suddenly looking out the window. After looking out in a daze for a while, he said with a sigh, “Its a pity that even if I want to support you, I wont be able to.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Lord City Lord, what does that mean”

Count Sean turned back to Xu Yi and said with a serious face, “I called you here today not just to praise you, rather it was to tell you in advance that in another two months, I will be leaving”

“Leaving” Xu Yi was stunned, “Where are you going”

“According to the arrangement of the kingdom, I will be heading to Sowell City to take over as City Lord.” Count Sean replied.

“Sowell City” Xu Yi thought about it and he remembered the details of the city. He immediately said in a happy voice, “Isnt that the biggest city in the north Lord City Lord, I have to congratulate you. Moreover, I remember that…..Sowell City seems to be the biggest piece of territory your family owns, right That means that you can go all out in the place that supports you the most.”

Count Sean looked at Xu Yi for a while and after confirming that Xu Yis happy expression wasnt fake, he couldnt help saying with a sigh, “From my angle, this is indeed a good thing. The kingdom has sent me to Sowell City, that means my position in the kingdom has been secured and I can go even higher in the future. But Xu Yi, for you, this is not a good thing.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. After thinking for a bit, he asked, “Lord City Lord, who is taking over your post as Banta Citys City Lord”

Count Sean paused for a bit before replying in a soft voice, “Its Count Mannel Stagg.”

“Stagg” Xu Yis eyes opened a bit wider.

“It seems like you understand what I mean.” Count Seans expression became more serious, “Xu Yi, I wont waste words you dont need to hear. You are an intelligent person, you should know the meaning of this surname.”

Xu Yi gave a heavy nod. After thinking for a bit, he asked Count Sean, “Lord City Lord, leaving here isnt your original intention, right”

“You are indeed an intelligent person.” Count Sean gave a slight nod as he revealed a bitter smile, “Even if it is me, there are times when I cant do anything.”

Xu Yi silently thought for a bit before suddenly revealing a smile.

“Lord City Lord, I dont think you need to worry about anything. No matter who becomes the City Lord, their most important goal is making Banta City stronger, right Since everyone has the same goal, there is a chance of cooperating.”

Count Sean couldnt help smiling as he said, “You want to cooperate with a count I really have to say, you really have quite a bit of courage.”

Xu Yi laughed, “From my perspective as a merchant, everyone will have benefits that they want, so there is room to negotiate. Not to mention a count, even the king isnt an exception.”

Count Sean shook his head, “Then I hope that you can have a happy cooperation with Count Mannel Stagg.”

Xu Yi discussed some work arrangements with Count Sean.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the City Lords Manor had many projects, even the renovation project of Banta City was completely being handled by Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If Count Sean leaves, these projects might be greatly affected.

The new Count Mannel Stagg was from the Stagg Family, so he might not support Xu Yi as much as Count Sean did.

What Count Sean and Xu Yi wanted to do now was to finish everything within the next two months.

After discussing most of the details, it was already night time when Xu Yi left the City Lords Manor.

Looking at the stars in the night, Xu Yi thought for a bit before rushing home in his horse carriage. He began writing two letters, addressed to her highness Seveni and Viscount Leslie who was far away at the northern border.

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