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Another year passed and it was another spring harvest.

Even with the help of the various agricultural magic machines, Banta Citys spring harvest efficiency had increased by countless times compared to before, all the countries of the Sines Continent treated the spring harvest as something important and it was the same in Banta City.

Count Sean had already long given orders to the large companies that when it was time for the spring and fall harvest, all the companies in the city had to give their workers a week off to let the workers return home to help with the harvest and planting.

So once it was time for the spring harvest, Banta City suddenly became peaceful.

Xu Yi and Still were slowly riding their bicycles down the streets of Banta City. When they experienced the cold environment around them, they couldnt adapt to it.

“It really is strange. Banta City was much more peaceful just two years ago, but why cant I get used to it now” Still looked at the closed stores along the street and slightly knit her brows.

Xu Yi laughed, “Thats natural, youre already used to the bustle of Banta City during these two years, so of course you cant get used to how calm it is now. Based on this, Still, you should be someone who is used to living in a big city. Since it is like this, why did you come back from Anvilmar City back then”

“There was no other choice, mom and dad arent home normally, so grandfather was alone in Banta City. I grew up with my grandfather, so I was afraid that he would be lonely in Banta City and came back to be with him.” Still replied while looking up at the sky above Banta City. From here, she could still vaguely see the Magic Tower not far away, “The Magic Tower is about to be torn down, I wonder if grandfather will feel sad.”

“Be careful!” Xu Yi suddenly reached out to grab the handle of Stills bicycle, stopping her from accidentally falling into a ditch from being distracted, “I say, you just learned how to ride a bicycle, dont be distracted. What would you do if you fell”

Still gave an unyielding snort and forcefully stepped on the pedals as she began moving faster.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he shook his head before he quickly followed her.

“Since grandfather has already closed the Magic Tower, its good to tear it down. Otherwise, he will be distracted whenever he sees the Magic Tower. Dont look at me, this is his decision, I wouldnt seek my own death and suggest to him to tear down the Magic Tower.” Xu Yi looked up at the Magic Tower not far away and said in a somewhat sad voice, “Actually I hope that grandfather will keep it. I also suggested to the Lord City Lord to keep this Magic Tower as a landmark of Banta City, letting others come and see it after they come to Banta City.”

“Grandfather isnt dead yet.” Still reprimanded before turning her bicycle and riding off in the direction of the Magic Tower.

The bicycle was naturally much faster than walking. They arrived in front of the Magic Tower in just a few minutes, but there was a familiar figure under the tower.

“Grandfather.” Still flew off her bicycle and threw herself into Great Magician Camillas embrace.

Xu Yi quickly reached out to grab Stills bicycle before putting away the bikes and quickly walking over. He said to Great Magician Camilla with a smile, “Your excellency Great Magician, you…..”

Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “What are you calling me Youll be marrying Still next month and youre still calling me your excellency”

“Hei, Im used to it.” Xu Yi laughed and quickly changed his words, “Grandfather, why are you also here Did you come for one final look”

“Pretty much.” Great Magician Camilla looked up at the twenty meter tall Magic Tower and said with a sigh, “This Magic Tower was made the first year I became a Great Magician and now twenty years have passed. In the twenty years since becoming a Great Magician, Ive spent most of my time here. Now that its being torn down, Im a bit unwilling.”

“Dont tear it down if youre unwilling.” Still said in a sad voice, “Grandfather, with your position, no one will dare tear it down if you dont want to tear it down.”

“The problem is that I want to tear it down.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “After being at the magic research facility for so long, I feel that the previous model of studying magic is over. For something like a Magic Tower, having other magicians slave under Great Magicians, this system should have been eliminated a long time ago. Since its like this, theres no meaning in keeping this Magic Tower at all. Since its like this, why not tear it down and turn it into something meaningful, isnt that right, Xu Yi”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Thats right, your……Grandfather, I guarantee that the thing newly built in this place will give everyone a new understanding of magic.”

“Un, I believe you can do that.”

Great Magician Camilla looked up at the Magic Tower for a while, coming to the stairs in front of it and placing his hands on the stairs.

Xu Yi and Still sat down to his left and right.

Great Magician Camilla thought for a bit before suddenly saying, “Xu Yi, let me tell you some good news.”

“Un What good news”

“The Magicians Guild has finally announced the “magic patent”. According to this, magicians can apply for a patent for any magical discovery that theyve made. This means that the thing that youve been hoping for for over a year has finally seen results.”

“Really” Xu Yi was overjoyed, but he quickly asked, “Then did they talk about how to apply for a patent And how will it be protected”

“Yes. Speaking of this, its related to you.” Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi, “The Magicians Guild will be acting on the recommendation in your proposal from before, they will be handling the fees paid for the magic patent in two different ways. One is to ask the Magicians Guild to evaluate it and charge a fee based on the evaluated grade, then the guild will offer different degrees of protection for different grades.”

“Two kinds Then the second kind wouldnt be to let the magicians set things themselves, right” Xu Yi suddenly asked.

“Right. The second kind is letting the magicians set the fees, they can set it as high as they want. But the Magicians Guild will also be evaluating its grade and offer protection based on the grade.” Great Magician Camilla replied with a nod.

“Humph, those Magicians Guild fellows really are sly.” Still on the side gave a soft snort, “Xu Yi gave two methods and they actually used both. Grandfather, since they used Xu Yis suggestion, shouldnt they give Xu Yi some reward”

“What reward” Great Magician Camilla glared at Still, “Having your suggestion accepted by the Magicians Guild is Xu Yis honour. He should be happy, why would he want a reward”

Xu Yi gave a soft laugh, “Lets forget the rewards. The Magicians Guild being able to pass the magic patent act is already the greatest reward for me. Like this, there are many things in our magic research facility that we can apply for patents for, itll be much easier from now on.”

Great Magician Camilla took a deep look at Xu Yi before slowly shaking his head and saying in a deep voice, “You can apply for patents with the normal things, but…..As for the most important things, dont take them out.”

Xu YI was stunned. Seeing the serious look on Great Magician Camillas face, his heart trembled as he gave a nod.

Three days later, the Great Magician Camilla Magic Tower that had stood in Banta City for twenty years was shattered to pieces in front of countless citizens by Great Magician Camilla with a single giant fireball.

Seeing the over twenty meter tall Magic Tower collapse, the surrounding Banta City citizens were feeling a bit emotional and a bit unwilling.

The Lampuri Kingdom had a total of five Great Magicians and one was living in the small Banta City.

The Banta City citizens had always felt proud for Banta City. When facing the nearby Karma City and Saltan City citizens, they always had a sense of superiority.

They would see Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower whenever they looked up and people always felt secure.

This was because to normal people, being able to live in a city with a Great Magician made people feel secure.

Now that the Magic Tower was being torn down, although Great Magician Camilla would still be staying in Banta City, people felt like there was something missing.

Actually when it came to Great Magician Camillas decision, Count Sean had also opposed and tried dissuading him.

According to his ideas, even if this Magic Tower didnt have a Great Magician, it could be kept as a symbol.

But Great Magician Camilla insisted on tearing it down, claiming that there would be a new building filled with magic that wasnt built like a Magic Tower in the same place.

Count Sean couldnt dissuade Great Magician Camilla, so he could only have the «Banta Times» publicize this news. It was to remember the history of the Great Magicians Magic Tower that stood in Banta City and to release the news that Great Magician Camilla said that there would be a new building filled with magic in the same place.

Once the «Banta Times» released this news, everyone in Banta City was curious and expectant of this new building.

Two days after Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower was torn down, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces construction team came in and built a fence around this area, only hanging a large sign outside.

There was a clear line written on the sign.

“The Frestech Chamber of Commerces new concept modern magic building will be arriving in three months, please look forward to it.”

Seeing the words on this sign, the curious Banta City citizens were even more confused.

New concept modern magic building What was this thing

Moreover, how was this thing related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce……

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