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Even if the people of Banta City treated Xu Yi as someone who could turn stones into gold, he didnt make money immediately on every investment.

For example, the most important project for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce right now was beginning to smelt the non-ferrous metal mined on the Black Rice Wasteland.

Up to this point, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with the Renekton Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had invested a total of seven hundred thousand gold coins.

This didnt include what they paid chief Voller, which was five hundred thousand gold coins to use the metal vein.

Among this, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was investing in the non-ferrous metal smelting plant alone, so just on this project alone, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had spent over five hundred thousand gold coins.

This was just the advance investment. To really open up the mine and open the non-ferrous metal smelting plant, it would take another large amount of investments.

So even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was becoming bigger with more and more profits, with how much they were investing in this project, the financial manager Sebas couldnt help knitting his brows each time.

If it was investment in other things, Sebas wouldnt mind, but because Sebas didnt understand the prospects of the non-ferrous metals and couldnt calculate their future profits, he would always tell Xu Yi to invest prudently.

Of course, Sebas was still limited in this reminder and wouldnt actually object to anything.

Xu Yi had proved his outstanding vision with many decisions, so even Heinz wouldnt have any objections to Xu Yis decisions. Of course the other people of the company had even less qualifications to do so.

Moreover, according to last months financial report, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt sell more products from releasing new products when it came to household magic machines, so there wasnt any explosive growth, they still earned an extra three hundred thousand gold coins.

And when it came to the magic machine workshop, because they finished the order of the first batch of ten thousand agricultural magic machines for the Rudson Kingdom, they suddenly earned six hundred and forty thousand gold coins, which gave them a profit of over four hundred thousand gold coins.

Adding in the demand for magic production machines all over the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine workshop had a profit of over six hundred thousand last month.

If the profits of the steel mill, the tire factory, the plastic processing factory, and other factories were included, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a shocking one million five hundred and forty thousand gold coins last month!

Although as the scale of the company grew and each months fixed expenses increased, with the wages and benefits of workers surpassing a hundred thousand gold coins last month, in the final calculation, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces net profit last month was over a million gold coins.

With the support of such powerful profits, although it cost quite a bit to invest in the non-ferrous metal mines, it was still in the acceptable range.

Sebas reminding Xu Yi was hoping that Xu Yi could focus his attention on their existing businesses and consolidate them, further enhancing their profits and not to think about opening new businesses.

“Ha, ha, I understand Sebas worries, so I came here this time. I want to see if you developed anything new to let us earn a large amount.” Xu Yi smiled as he greeted Evita who was the chief of the research facility. Then he took the reports from Evitas hand to read over.

Since he was enlightened by Still, Xu Yi started unintentionally leaving work for the magic research facility, not like before where he participated in every single project and explained all the important steps. Rather he just gave them some ideas and had the magic research facility staff think of the solution themselves.

Although this method seemed counter productive at first, causing the research speed of the magic research facility to drop, after a while, the researchers had learned how to consider their own solutions based on the thoughts that Xu Yi provided them. They even began thinking of methods that Xu Yi had never considered before.

For example, the idea that Xu Yi had of lighting up Banta City with street lights that he had put aside because he couldnt think of a suitable method.

But when he tossed this idea to the magic research facility, this problem was quickly solved.

According to the research of Akali and the others, the street lamps could be powered with long distance magic transportation technology, guaranteeing that the high up lamps would be brightly lit.

Xu Yi had also thought of using long distance magic transportation to solve this and after Akalis hard work, she finally came up with the solution of using Magic Array resonance technology.

This technology was actually something that Akali had accidentally discovered.

While experimenting, Akali found that if two similar Magic Arrays were put together, there would be synchronization because of the similarities between the two Magic Arrays.

To put it simply, if there were two Magic Arrays that were the same and in the situation where both Magic Arrays were supplied with magic, if one of the Magic Array was activated, whatever change occurred with this Magic Array would occur with the other Magic Array.

Akali kept researching this and found that as long as there was a special setting placed on the Magic Array, this special characteristic didnt just apply to a single Magic Array.

Based on Evitas report, right now Akali could create twenty Magic Arrays that were the same and through a single control array, she could activate the other nineteen Magic Arrays.

This was extended to solve the problem of controlling street lamps from a large distance that Xu Yi couldnt solve. They could use the same Magic Array for all the street lamps and then through a single control Magic Array, they could affect all the Magic Arrays in the street lamps, turning them on and off.

According to the reports Evita provided, Xu Yi found that after the experiment last time, the researchers had solved all the problems of applying this technology.

Seeing the concrete details of the experiments, Xu Yi walked out and looked at the Magic Lamps scattered around the magic research facility. He turned to Akali and said, “Come, demonstrate for me.”

“By your command!” Akali gave a mischievous bow before running to a tree in the courtyard. She pointed at a disc set up there and said to Xu Yi, “Look, sir chairman, this red button is for turning it off and the green is for turning it on. As for this thing that can be twisted…..youll know what it does in a bit.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes. This Akali, she had to go slowly even for this.

“Alright, first turn it on for me.”

“Alright.” Akali replied as she pressed the green button. The Magic Lamps in the yard instantly lit up at the same time.

These Magic Lamps were carefully chosen by Akali and the others. Not only was the shape of each Magic Lamp different, they released different kinds of light and were placed in special locations. Now that they lit up, they instantly filled the yard with all kinds of different colours, making it look quite beautiful.

“Alright, now you can turn that thing to let me see its effect. If my guesses arent wrong, it should control how bright the Magic Lamps are, right” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Akali looked at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, let me keep you guessing for a bit, why do you need to say it right away”

This was just talk, Akali still turned the dial and the Magic Lamps in the yard became weaker as it was turned.

It was very clear that when setting up these Magic Lamps, Akalis group had used the magic gradation technology which could control how bright the lights were.

After Akali turned it around and he saw how the Magic Lamps became brighter or dimmer, Xu Yi had Akali press the red button to turn them off.

When the Magic Lamps turned off, Akali immediately jumped in front of Xu Yi and asked with a smile, “Sir chairman, how is it Dont you think that our research this time is amazing”

“Un, its very amazing. I never thought that you would be able to get such significant results.” Xu Yi nodded, not hiding his praise at all.

Seeing Xu Yi agree, Akalis smile bloomed like a flower. She turned to Bella, Cecilia, and the others who helped and gave them a wink. She then rubbed her hands and asked Xu Yi while laughing, “Then…..sir chairman, do you think…..this result is enough to give us bonuses”

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “If this great innovation isnt worth a bous, then I dont think any of the innovations in the future are worth getting bonuses.”

Akali and the researchers cheered because Xu Yi agreed to give them bonuses, but after hearing what Xu Yi said after, they were all stunned.

After a while, Akali scratched her head and carefully asked Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, your evaluation of this….is this high”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded with a serious look, “Akali, perhaps you dont realize how important your research is, but I know that it is a very excellent invention and can be described as great.”

After hesitating a bit, she couldnt help stretching her hand out to touch Xu Yis forehead.

It was just a small discovery, the researchers didnt treat it as anything, but why was the sir chairman giving it such a high evaluation

Could it be that sir chairman…..had a fever

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