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The distance between Samara Town and the Voller Tribe was around twenty kilometers. When building the road, because they had to avoid some things, the distance was around thirty kilometers.

For this road, with the previous Amrit Chamber of Commerces speed, it could be finished in around a month at the fastest.

For Xu Yis trip to the Stantine Duchy this time, it took a total of ten days and this road was already close to being finished.

That meant that their work speed had increased by three times!

Why was it this fast

Xu Yi had his doubts as he looked for chairman Cruise who was in Samara Town with several carriages of cargo that he was about to transport to the Voller Tribe.

“Of course its fast.” Chairman Cruise proudly said, “This time I brought out two construction teams and they worked around the clock to finish this road, so it would be strange if it wasnt this fast.”

“Would there be problems with the quality” Xu Yi knit his brows.

“There wont be.” Chairman Cruise shook his head, “Actually the most important reason it was this quick was not because I brought two construction teams, rather our company used our newest technique to increase the construction speed, while guaranteeing the quality wont drop. How about it Isnt it powerful”

Xu Yi was instantly curious. Whether it was the cement, the reinforced cement, or the concrete road technology, it was all given to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce by him. Now that he could take out a new kinds of technique, it really was surprising.

“What technique It can actually let you keep building roads in this kind of cold weather Wont the road crack” Xu Yi couldnt help asking in a curious voice.

“Want to know” Seeing Xu Yi nod, chairman Cruise gave a proud laugh and stretched his hand out to Xu Yi, “Isnt it easy if you want to know Take out money to buy it, Ill definitely tell you.”

Xu Yi looked at him, “Its fine if you dont want to say it. Anyway, my company doesnt work on building roads, its no use even if we know.”

Chairman Cruise laughed, “Of course I know that its no use to your company, but youve always stretched your hands out to me to make me buy the technology, now I can finally do the same to you. Ha, ha, this feeling really is great!”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

“Alright, Ill stop joking. The worker dorms near the mine have already been built, the problem is, how do we take care of the workers for the mine” Chairman Cruise stopped laughing and asked Xu Yi with a serious look, “If we are hiring the beastmen, chairman Renersas worries need to be solved as soon as possible.”

“Un, Ill look for Count Sean when I get back to Banta City and then Ill report it to her highness Seveni. I think that her highness should agree to my ideas, but it might take some time to make a decision. Before this, keep preparing the mine and doing what you two need to do.”

“Thats easy.” Chairman Cruise looked in the direction of the Voller Tribe and said, “It is impossible for me to stay here. There are more and more people asking our company to build roads and after the City Lords of the other cities saw the Vanilla Orchid Suburb, they were very satisfied with it and were planning to build the same suburbs in their own territories. Im mainly busy with this work right now.”

Xu Yi looked at chairman Cruise with a bit of surprise. Could it be that the real estate market was blooming in the Lampuri Kingdom

Thinking about it, with the current population and economic level of the Lampuri Kingdom, it didnt meet the demands of the real estate market, so there was no foundation for development at all.

Of course, he didnt care about this. Xu Yi patted chairman Cruises shoulder and said, “Right now I also need you to build roads for me.”

Hearing Xu Yi wanted him to build a road from Samara Town to the Stantine Duchy, chairman Cruise wasnt that surprised. He said with a sigh, “I knew it, you would definitely build roads wherever you do business.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Of course. Building roads to become rich was said by me first, how could I not follow this slogan”

“Its fine building the road, but chairman Xu, as for that Magic Car…..I hope that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can develop it as soon as possible. Ive already started recruiting a large number of workers, if your Magic Car keeps getting delayed, our company will incur large losses.”

Xu Yi couldnt only give a bitter smile, “You think I dont want to make it sooner Let me tell you, once the most important thing is developed, not only the Magic Car, all kinds of things that you never would have imagined would come out at once. I can say that these things can create a heaven shaking change on the continent!”

Chairman Cruise dug in his ears, “Alright, my ears are numb from hearing this already, say it when youve developed this thing.”

Faced with chairman Cruises disdain, Xu Yi could only give a shrug.

To let the people of the continent understand the life changing revolution brought by the engine, it really wasnt realistic.

But if the engine was developed, Xu Yi could let everyone be shocked by the changes it brings!


Xu Yi only had time to take a look at the Voller Tribe and then have a simple talk with chief Voller, further confirming the plan to hire beastmen workers. Then he brought Agnes and the three Moon Shadow Tribe female elves to the Falling Rain Forest.

After meeting elder Illusia and giving her a simple description of his meeting with elder Lisanya Shadow Song, Xu Yi left the Falling Rain Forest.

The three female elves from the Moon Shadow Tribe arrived at the Night Song Tribe under elder Lisanya Shadow Songs orders, so there must be some secret elven information they had to discuss and it wasnt convenient for a human like Xu Yi to be there.

The more important thing was that he had left Banta City for half a month and he missed Still.

“Ah, Xu Yi, youre finally back….Wu…..”

When Still saw Xu Yi, she had just called out in surprise before her mouth was forcefully covered by Xu Yis lips.

She didnt know what to do at first because of her pleasant surprise, but she passionately replied afterwards.

When the two got engaged at new years, Xu Yi had left for half a month, so Still already missed him.

Now that Xu Yi was this enthusiastic and passionate in seeing her, it instantly let her feel Xu Yis feelings for her and filled her heart with joy.

The two kissed for several minutes before finally splitting apart. Stills face was covered in a strong blush and her hands covered her eyes, but she could see through her fingers that Vivian was secretly spying on them. She stopped the blush of her face and hit Xu Yi as she reprimanded, “Vivian is here, stop ruining kids like this.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Is Vivian still a child Shes already sixteen, shes a big girl now.”

Vivian put down her hands and with a blush, she gave a strong nod, “Un, Im already grown up.”

Stills eyes passed over Vivians chest that was growing with each day and found that she had made a mistake.

When Xu Yi had bought Vivian, she was a frail and thin child, but after a year, she had become a beautiful young girl.

“Vivian, for your sixteenth birthday, I brought you a gift.” Xu Yi suddenly said with a smile.

“Gift” Vivian and Still watched as Xu Yi walked out in confusion. He brought in two beautiful girls who were a bit bigger than Vivian with darker skin, but also looked healthier than her.

“These two are…..” Still looked at the two girls who suddenly appeared in surprise.

“Oh, Ill tell you where they came from later. Liz, Linda, this is Still, she is my fiancee…..”

When Xu Yi introduced Still, the two girls immediately kneeled down in front of Still and Vivians shocked gazes. Their heads were very low as they said in a respectful voice, “Greetings to the madame.”

Still was shocked, but she reacted after thinking for a bit.

“Hey, Xu Yi, you bought two slaves after going on a trip And theyre both beautiful young girls You…..Are you a pervert”

“How am I a pervert” Xu Yi snappily looked at her. He pulled the two girls up and said to them with a serious look, “You dont need to act like you did with head Wein at my place, theres no need to kneel. Look, she is called Vivian, she is my slave in name, but she definitely wont bow to others easily. Isnt that right, Vivian”

Vivian looked over at the two girls before asking Xu Yi, “Master, you bought more slaves”

“Un, how about it I found two companions for you. Their age is around the same and they have the same status, so you should have common interests. Other than that, the two of them came from the Stantine Duchy, so you can talk to them about the Stantine Duchy. That place has many interesting things, you will definitely be interested.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Really Thats great!” Vivian immediately broke out with a smile. She pulled Liz and Linda away as she kept asking them questions.

Perhaps it was because Vivian was also a slave, so while Liz and Linda were cautious at first, they relaxed not long after and began chatting with Vivian.

Seeing the three young girls happily chatting, Still turned to ask Xu Yi, “What did you gain from the Stantine Duchy this time Dont tell me that you only bought these two beautiful young girls back, right”

“What if I said I didnt buy them and people gave them to me” Xu Yi continued with a smile, “Alright, other than them, I didnt get much this time from the Stantine Duchy. But I saw through a person and this person…..can very likely help me control the entire Stantine Duchy in the future…..”

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