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Early next morning, Anklo woke up from the bed that the two maids prepared for him. He first felt his head ache and then he instantly recalled everything that happened last night.

Thinking of what he said last night to Xu Yi and how rude he had been, he hated himself for not being able to forget everything like other people when they got drunk, rather clearly remembering what happened.

After he went downstairs to see Xu Yi, it became even more awkward.

Xu Yi didnt reveal any strange expressions and pointed opposite him, “Sit, I think that you must be hungry.”

Anklo had a rare blush on his face. After thinking about it, he pulled back the stool and without another word, he grabbed at the breakfast that had already been prepared on the table.

Although he ate very quickly, Xu Yi found that he chewed every piece of food that he ate carefully before swallowing.

Based on this, this Anklo was definitely someone with very good self discipline.

Not long after, Anklo finished his breakfast and wiped his mouth, as the expression on his face returned to normal.

Seeing his expression, Xu Yi gave a nod of praise.

To be able to recover this quickly in this situation, it was enough to show that Anklos mind was strong enough.

“Chairman Xu, I lost control of myself last night, so Im very sorry.” Anklo calmly said.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said with a wave of his hand, “No need to mind, every person will lose control when they drink. But mister Anklo, have you really lost hope in the Stantine Duchy”

Anklos expression changed slightly, but he didnt hide anything in front of Xu Yi. He shook his head and said, “No, although I am a bit disappointed, it is not despair. I still believe that with the right method, this country can become what I imagined.”

“But is your ideal Stantine Duchy anyone elses ideal”

Anklos mouth twitched before he revealed a forced smile, “I dont promise anything, but I believe that the ideal Stantine Duchy in my mind will at least let most of the citizens live a better life.”

Xu Yi stared at Anklo for a bit before giving a slight nod, “I have to say, I really admire someone with an idea like you because I am the same. But mister Anklo, I think that I dont need to remind you and you already know this. In my opinion, the best choice is to throw you away and cooperate with the important nobles like Duke Stantine and head Wein. I think that cooperating with them will give me less problems than cooperating with you.”

Anklos face suddenly changed and he took a deep breath, but he quickly returned to normal. He seriously looked at Xu Yi and said, “Chairman Xu, I admit that cooperating with them is much more simple. I guarantee that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will receive many benefits in the short term like this, but in the long term, you will definitely be disappointed.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh, “This is also the problem that Im worried about, but although I care about benefits in the long term and I hope that I can cooperate with a smart person like you, mister Anklo, in the Stantine Duchy right now…..Im afraid you dont have enough power.”

Anklos expression became a bit depressed, but after a period of silence, he slowly said, “I dont have any right now, that doesnt mean I wont have it in the future. With the opportunity of cooperating with your company, I think that I will slowly gain some influence.”

“I believe in your ability.” Xu Yi nodded, “But I dont have the time to wait for you to gain this power. Mister Anklo, you should know that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce develops very quickly, so if we cant obtain the things we need from the Stantine Duchy now, we might not need those things from the Stantine Duchy in two years.”

“No!” Anklo quickly said in a loud voice, “The Stantine Duchy definitely has things you need. Chairman Xu, I can guarantee that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can get enough benefits investing here!”

“Ive already said it, the most important thing is time.” Xu YI wasnt moved as he said in a manner that allowed no questions, “On this trip to the Stantine Duchy, Ive already spent a week of my time. Counting the time I need to get back, it might even surpass half a month of time. If I cant see anything that I can believe in in half a month, I can only regretfully give up on this place. Mister Anklo, dont you think that Im right”

Anklo was silent for a bit before asking Xu Yi in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, what do you need to make this decision”

“I need a leader who makes me feel relieved in investing in this place.” Xu Yis expression became very serious, “But to be honest, whether it is Duke Stantine or head Wein, they arent qualified to make me feel assured. If I had to mention one person who could make me feel assured, I think that it is only you, mister Anklo.”

Anklos breathing became heavy and he stared at Xu Yi for a while before slowly saying, “Chairman Xu, what are you trying to say”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Mister Anklo, you are someone I praise as intelligent, I believe you can understand my meaning. Other than that, I believe that you have enough courage and abilities. Of course, if you feel this is difficult, I dont mind providing you with some help.”

Anklos breathing became even heavier, as it could be clearly heard in this small building.

After a while, he slowly said with incomparable difficulty.

“Chairman Xu, can I ask what kind of help you can give me”

Hearing this question, the smile on Xu Yis face instantly became much brighter.


Xu Yi stayed another two days in Faraday City before bidding farewell to Duke Stantine.

Before leaving, he promised Duke Stantine that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would begin working on those three mines as soon as possible and he hoped that Duke Stantine would cooperate with him when the time came.

Duke Stantine naturally promised that he would do everything he could to help, he wouldnt let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce encounter any problems in the Stantine Duchy.

Of course he had a friendly look because even though they had just signed a contract, Xu Yi had already given him fifty thousand gold coins at once.

The Stantine Duchy had a yearly revenue of less than two hundred thousand gold coins and a large part of that had to be paid for expenses to maintain his luxurious lifestyle, so he didnt have that much money.

Now that Xu Yi could casually give him fifty thousand gold coins, not only did it let him see the power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it also made him much friendlier towards Xu Yi.

Thinking that when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce opened the mines, they would be paying him another one million and three hundred thousand gold coins, Duke Stantine couldnt help shaking his fat as he laughed.

When he left Faraday City, naturally Anklo saw him off.

But this time Anklo didnt bring anyone along and he left with Xu Yi, as well as the two maids head Wein gave in a horse carriage.

The route they took when they left was a bit different from when they came.

After the horse carriage left Faraday City, they went on a detour to the east. They selected a secluded place in the middle and drove into some forest.

Xu Yi jumped out of the horse carriage and said something Anklo before heading into the dense forest.

When he could no longer see the horse carriage, Xu Yi called out, “Alright, Agnes, you can come out now.”

With a soft laugh, Agnes familiar figure appeared beside him and unexpected to Xu Yi, she threw herself at him.

Feeling the warmth from Agnes and the soft fragrance she gave, Xu Yi couldnt help being stunned.

“Agnes, whats wrong Were you bullied” When Xu Yi asked this, his eyes looked over at three Moon Shadow Tribe elves that had appeared with an unkind gaze.

The leader of the three elves was the one who received the letter from Xu Yi last time. Seeing Xu Yis unfriendly look, he immediately said with knit brows, “Human, youre doubting us I already said last time, Agnes is a guest from afar, how could we bully her”

“Yes, the Moon Shadow Tribe has been very good to me.” Agnes let go of Xu Yi and asked this with a curious gaze.

How did she look like she was being bullied

“Why are you suddenly hugging me if youre not being bullied” Xu Yi snappily said, “You scared me, I thought that you were like a human girl, hugging me and crying after being bullied by someone.”

“Human girls will hug you and cry when they are being bullied” Agnes was even more curious, “But I just wanted to hug you after seeing you, there was no other meaning.”

“You just wanted to hug me” Xu Yi looked at Agnes with wide eyes, “Why did you suddenly want to hug me Youve been with me for this long, Ive never seen you do this before.”

“Thats right, why was it like this this time…..” What made Xu Yi angry and what he found funny was that Agnes was seriously considering this question.

Seeing her serious look of consideration, Xu Yi could only shake his head. He asked the elf, “Since you sent people to see me again, does that mean that elder Lisanya Shadow Song is willing to see me”

The male elf nodded, “Thats right, the elder had us invite you to our tribe as a guest. Please.”

Seeing the other male and female elf curiously look over him, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He pulled Agnes who was still thinking it over and walked deeper into the forest while following the male elf.

Before they took two steps, Agnes suddenly woke up and loudly said, “I know why! Chairman I suddenly wanted to hug you because I missed you!”

Xu Yi and the other three elves looked at Agnes in surprise.

Seeing the smiling Agnes who let out a sigh of relief from finally solving this problem, Xu Yi couldnt help patting his head.

This Agnes, just how much of a natural fool was she……

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