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“You want to hire beastmen workers” Chairman Renersa looked at Xu Yi with a frown. He thought for a bit before slowly shaking his head, “Chairman Xu, I have to say, this might not be a good idea.”

Xu Yi had already expected this reaction from chairman Renersa, so he wasnt that surprised. He just smiled as he asked, “Why”

“The beastmen, dwarves, and elves are all different. They will not keep their promises like the dwarves and elves, properly doing their work. I have done business with the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland for a long time and Ive realized that beastmen are no different from beasts. They are all savage by nature, they have no law at all. If you hire them as workers, Im afraid that consequences will be hard to predict.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I feel that this isnt a problem. Even if they are savage as beasts, they can still live with humans after being domesticated and accept human management. No matter how much beastmen are like beasts, they are still an intelligent race. Before coming here, Ive studied the history of the continent and feel on the contrary that the reason why they are so savage is completely because they dont have a proper living environment. At the same time, they dont have any special survival capabilities, so in order to keep living, they have to steal from other races, seeming like savages.”

“You think that as long as you give these beastmen a peaceful living environment, they will be able to live together with humans” Chairman Renersa shook his head, “Chairman Xu, your ideas are a bit too…..naive. Savageness is the nature of beastmen, just like beasts. Even if they are domesticated, you cant get rid of their nature.”

“Then Ill give you an example.” Xu Yi pointed at the Voller Tribe behind the two and asked, “Chairman Renersa, how long have you done business with this wolfmen tribe”

Chairman Renersa never thought that Xu Yi would bring the topic here. After being surprised, he thought about it and responded, “Around…..twenty years.”

“Then in these twenty years, has the Voller Tribe done anything to humans” Xu Yi asked.

Chairman Renersa gave a cold snort, “Like he would dare! This tribe is the closest beastmen tribe to Samara Town, so if they dare do anything too excessive, they would have been flattened by the royal army. Even if the royal army doesnt cause trouble for them, as long as there are no human merchants that dont do business with them, they cant survive another day!”

“Its because everything they need for daily life is provided to them by human merchants, right”

“Un, not mentioning something like salt which they definitely dont lack, whether it is oil, vinegar, tea, or even the clothes they wear, it is all provided by us human merchants. Now that the beastmen of their tribe are used to living like humans, to have them go back to eating raw meat and relying on stealing to feed themselves, they definitely wouldnt be willing.” Chairman Renersa replied.

“Then can they steal what they need”

“Steal” Chairman Renersa laughed, “Although there are still beastmen who dare steal from us human merchants on this Black Rice Wasteland, there are fewer and fewer each year. The Beastmen Independence Regiment that we met yesterday is unique. Those beastmen arent fools, since they can live better than before just by honestly doing business with us human merchants, why would they risk offending us and going back to their previous wretched lives…..”

After saying this, chairman Renersa suddenly stopped. After looking at Xu Yi for a while, he suddenly revealed a look of understanding.

“I understand. Chairman Xu, you want to say that as long as we provide those beastmen with stable work and let them obtain lives similar to us humans, they wouldnt be dumb enough to destroy this new life”

Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “Thats right, this is what I wanted to say. You just said it, the beastmen arent fools, they also want a good life. They didnt have a choice before, so they had to steal from humans to satisfy their needs. But now that their strength is far below humans and they fear retaliation from stealing, dont you think that they would agree to a good life where they didnt need to steal”

Chairman Renersa thought about it before slowly nodding, “I think I understand your meaning. But chairman Xu, there is still a problem you didnt consider.”


“Ive said it before, the beastmen arent strong enough, so they are accepting the option that were providing them. But if you let them live a good life and they gradually increase their strength again, I feel that their nature will come out in the end and there will be big trouble.”

“Un, I admit that your worries are reasonable, but why do we need to let them increase their strength” Xu Yi revealed a smile of deep meaning, “Although after increasing the quality of life for the beastmen, there is the chance of increasing their numbers and that poses a threat to us humans, but there is a very simple method to reduce this threat.”

“What method” Chairman Renersa asked in a curious voice.

“This method is related to the “labour cards” that chief Voller longs to obtain. As long as its like this…..”


Three days later, Xu Yi left the Voller Tribe and returned to Samara Town, arriving to see Anklo who was here to welcome Xu Yi.

When he saw Xu Yi, Anklo immediately opened his arms and tightly hugged him. He said with a very exaggerated sigh, “Chairman Xu, I really was anxious waiting for you.”

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling goosebumps come over him.

If this was said from the mouth of a beautiful girl, he might enjoy it very much, but it sounded strange no matter how he heard it coming from the mouth of a bearded middle aged man.

Thinking of how there wasnt any discrimination against love between men on the Sines Continent, Xu Yi quickly moved out of Anklos embrace and said with a forced smile, “Didnt I come in the end”

“Yes, chairman Xu is someone who keeps his words and finally came.” Anklo laughed before looking around and saying in a surprised voice, “But chairman Xu, are you coming alone this time Youre not bringing some assistants with you”

“Assistants” Xu Yi thought about it before calling out to his right, “Agnes, come out and greet mister Anklo. When we reach the Stantine Duchy, you might need to contact him, so its better to introduce yourself ahead of time.”

In front of Anklos surprised look, Agnes appeared out of the void and gave a slight nod to Anklo, “Hello mister Anklo, I am Agnes. I am the chairmans subordinate.”

Anklo was stunned, but he quickly reacted. He looked over Agnes with a smile and said, “I already heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many elves, but I didnt have a chance to see them back in Banta City. I never thought that I would see one now. Hello young miss Agnes, since you are chairman Xus assistant, perhaps there will be many things I will be asking your help for in the future.”

Xu Yi saw Anklos expression and said in a somewhat surprised voice, “Mister Anklo, its like youre not surprised to see an elf”

Anklo nodded with a faint smile, “Thats right, our Stantine Duchy is different from your Lampuri Kingdom. We frequently see elves appear in the duchy, so Ive seen the elves quite a few times before, so naturally I wouldnt be surprised by the appearance of young miss Agnes.”

Xu Yi looked at Agnes in surprise. Agnes immediately understood Xu Yis meaning and said with a nod, “The Moon Shadow Tribe is much bigger than our Night Song Tribe. Ive heard the elder mention that they have over three thousand elves, so they dont need to hide themselves from humans like us.”

Hearing this explanation, Xu Yi instantly understood.

To put it simply, there was a large difference in strength between the Night Song Tribe and the humans of the Lampuri Kingdom. In order to ensure their safety, the elves of the Night Song Tribe wouldnt appear in front of Lampuri Kingdom humans.

The Stantine Duchy was a much weaker country and the Moon Shadow Tribe was stronger than the Night Song Tribe, so the Moon Shadow Tribe didnt have any scruples about appearing in front of the humans of the Stantine Duchy.

“But why havent I heard of this before Before seeing Agnes, almost everyone told me that the elves had almost disappeared from the continent.” Xu Yi said.

“That is because our Stantine Duchy is too weak, so the other countries of the continent dont care about news from our duchy at all.” Anklo took over the duty of replying with a bitter smile.

Xu Yi nodded. This was also because the communication level was too low on the Sines Continent, so no one cared about the news from the Stantine Duchy.

If this same situation was placed on earth, for a large piece of news like elves appearing, not to mention a normal country like the Stantine Duchy, even if the elves appeared in a barren wasteland or a tropical rainforest, it would be dug out and would spread to every corner of the planet.

But the main thing Xu Yi cared about wasnt this.

The reason why he didnt bring anyone, rather having Agnes finish her work with the ten elves on the Black Rice Wasteland to accompany him was because he had heard elder Illusia mention the Moon Shadow Tribe was in the Stantine Duchy.

According to what elder Illusia said, the Moon Shadow Tribe was very likely the largest tribe of elves on the Sines Continent right now.

Since Xu Yi can create a good relationship with the Night Song Tribe in the Lampuri Kingdom, he could use this relationship to create a relationship with the Moon Shadow Tribe and perhaps cooperate with them.

Xu Yi knew almost nothing about the Stantine Duchy and if he could create a relationship with the Moon Shadow Tribe, it would be very helpful to his work in the Stantine Duchy.

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt ask anything else, Anklo immediately asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, if you are prepared, should we set off”

Xu Yi looked at Agnes and seeing her nod to confirm that everything was prepared, he said with a smile, “Lets set off.”

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