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There was a crescent moon hanging in the sky tonight, so the moonlight wasnt that bright.

Adding in the fact that the Black Rice Wasteland wasnt as illuminated as Banta City, when night came, there was only the flames of the bonfires at the caravans camp site on the entire plains.

This was a vast and empty area, so these bonfires were the most obvious goals. It guided the surrounding beastmen who already couldnt control themselves.

In the deathly silence around them, there was suddenly a long wolf roar before there were echoes that sounded on the plains, as if countless horses were charging across it.

Hearing this sound, chairman Renersas expression changed.

“This is bad! Its actually the ox beastmen!”

As soon as this voice fell, there were a large mass of dark shadows that appeared in the distance. They were charging forward with a wild aura.

At the same time, there were countless shadows that appeared around them. Some were tall and some were thin, but they all revealed a sharp and fierce aura.

“Chairman, it seems to be the Beastmen Independence Regiment!” A Renekton Chamber of Commerce shouted to chairman Renersa with a shocked look.

Chairman Renersas expression changed again.

Xu Yi on the side asked in surprise, “What is the Beastmen Independence Regiment”

“Its a group on the Black Rice Wasteland who arent willing to accept humans, but theyre actually a group of beastmen bandits. But they are different from the other beastmen who rob human caravans, these fellows have a deep hatred for humans and they will kill all the humans in the caravan when they attack. The royal army had encircled them many times before and I thought that since they hadnt appeared in a while, they had disappeared, but I never thought…..they would suddenly appear.”

Seeing the dark expression on chairman Renersas face, Xu Yi asked, “Are they very strong”

Chairman Renersa looked at the quickly approaching beastmen with a bitter smile, “Theres this many of them, can they not be strong”

Xu Yi wanted to ask something else, but there were countless arrows that suddenly flew through the sky. Then there were a group of beastmen who were still two hundred meters away that all fell down.

Chairman Renersa was stunned before revealing a look of joy. He forcefully grabbed Xu Yis shoulder, “Its a good thing that chairman Xu brought fifty elven guards, otherwise we might have died here tonight!”

Compared to humans, although most beastmen had an advantage at night, if one really wanted to compare battle efficiency at night, how could beastmen compare to elves that were called the children of the night.

Although everything was complete darkness, under Furios instructions, the fifty elves released their feathered arrows and the beastmen fell one by one.

To honour her cooperation with Xu Yi, the fifty warriors were the strongest elven warriors picked out by elder Illusia, so there was no need to doubt their battle strength.

Once the battle began, they immediately revealed a battle strength that far surpassed human warriors.

But there were too many beastmen who were attacking. Although the fifty elves could take out a beastman with each arrow, the killing power of a bow ended there and they couldnt stop the beastmen from approaching.

In the blink of an eye, the beastman in front was already less than a hundred meters away from the caravan. They could even see the fierce wolf head of the beastman charging at them.

Seeing this, chairman Renersa let out a sigh, “Its a pity that those noble magicians look down on our company, otherwise if we had some powerful magicians, it would be even better.”

When chairman Renersa was prepared to order his guards to attack the beastmen, Xu Yi suddenly gave a laugh from beside him. Then he saw a giant fireball that was as tall as a person suddenly fly out, landing on the dense group of beastmen in front.


The giant fireball suddenly exploded in between the beastmen.

With this large sound, there were countless beastmen that were blown away by the force of the explosion.

Sparks flew all around and countless beastmen were set on fire.

In just the blink of an eye, the beastmen charging in chairman Renersas direction were completely routed.

Chairman Renersa suddenly turned to look at Xu Yi and saw him throwing out another giant fireball.

After being stunned, chairman Renersa finally understood.

After being with Xu Yi for this long, he always treated Xu Yi as the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. But he had completely forgotten that Xu Yi had another identity, a powerful magician!

Although chairman Renersa didnt know what grade magician Xu Yi was, for him to be able to casually throw out such a powerful fireball, his grade wouldnt be low.

The more important thing was that there was actually the existence of a magician among the guards of the caravan.

It had to be known, the magicians had a lofty position on the Sines Continent because magicians were powerful and they had a very important use during battle.

It was because of this that many famous companies would invite magicians as special guards.

Although chairman Renersa had wanted to invite some magicians to be guards for the Renekton Chamber of Commerce, low grade magicians didnt matter and magicians that were strong enough for companies to invite looked down on the Renekton Chamber of Commerce. So the Renekton Chamber of Commerces guards never had a magician.

Because there was no magician, he was somewhat worried when he saw those beastmen.

But suddenly remembering that Xu Yi was a powerful magician, chairman Renersa was filled with confidence. He looked at the fierce beastmen and he felt that they didnt pose any threat at all.

This sudden fireball didnt just return chairman Renersas confidence, it also greatly increased the morale of the guards.

Knowing that they had a powerful magician with them, the guards suddenly lost all their despair from earlier and were filled with courage.

After Xu Yi had scattered the beastmen with several spells, the Renekton Chamber of Commerces guard leader gave a roar and charged forward with the guards, meeting the beastmen who had finally come over.

The elves led by Furio also put away their bows and took out their elven shortswords, beginning to fight the beastmen in close combat.

This close combat began to show the difference between humans, beastmen, and elves.

Although the Renekton Chamber of Commerces guards were outstanding human warriors that chairman Renersa had recruited, once they began fighting with the beastmen, they were at a disadvantage.

Especially when they were facing the strongest ox clan beastmen, they even needed two or three people to deal with one of them.

Even if the remaining wolfmen, tigermen, and other beastmen couldnt compare to the ox clan, they were still at a disadvantage when it came to single combat.

The Renekton Chamber of Commerces guards with the Amrit Chamber of Commerces guards added up to three hundred people, but they could only block a hundred or so beastmen. They had to defend with all their power to stop the beastmen from charging through them.

There were only around two to three hundred beastmen that attacked this time. If it wasnt for the bows of the elves and Xu Yis magic taking around a hundred of them out when they were charging, they wouldnt have been able to stop them with these guards.

Comparing it, the elves blocking beastmen on the other side revealed battle strength that was on an even higher level.

Although there were only fifty elves, they were also facing around a hundred beastmen and these fifty elves were much more relaxed compared to the three hundred human guards.

Xu Yi saw that the elves could maintain their graceful and elegants steps even in battle. Each action seemed fluid and beautiful.

Even though these actions seemed light and weak, the beastmen kept falling one by one like they couldnt resist at all.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yi believed that the elves could rule the continent several thousand years ago.

They were super talented whether it came to close range combat or long distance bow shooting, they could even be teachers to humans when it came to magic. If they couldnt control the continent, it would be strange.

If it wasnt for the fact that the elves had a low fertility rate, that was slow and declining even when there was no turmoil, it would have been very hard for the humans to steal control of the continent from the elves.

While thinking of these historical changes on the Sines Continent, Xu Yis hands never stopped moving. He threw out a few spells when he had nothing to do and the beastmen who were about to break through the defenses were sent flying.

The battle continued for around half an hour and more than half of the attacking beastmen had already fallen.

The less than a hundred beastmen remaining saw the situation was bad. It was unknown which beastmen roared out, but all the beastmen forced their opponents back and turned to run.

Chairman Renersa stopped the guards that wanted to chase and because the elves didnt receive Xu Yis orders to chase, they also stopped.

Seeing the remaining beastmen disappear into the dark and vast wasteland, chairman Renersa let out a long sigh of relief.

“Alright, even the Beastmen Independence Regiment was easily repelled by us. I think the other beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland wont blindly offend us.”

Xu Yi looked at the beastmen in pools of blood around the caravan and was silent.

Although he wasnt compassionate enough to sympathize with these beastmen whose hands were soaked from the many humans who they had killed, this was still his first real battle.

Even if he was just throwing out a few spells and didnt fight close range, it still made him a bit uncomfortable.

Seeing the expression on Xu Yis face, chairman Renersa looked around and guessed why Xu Yi had suddenly fallen silent.

Thinking about it, chairman Renersa patted Xu Yis shoulder and said in a comforting voice, “Relax, youll get used to it in the future. In the end, the continent is not as peaceful as Banta City.”

Xu Yi gave a slight nod.

He knew that to change the continent, this was one of the key issues he had to face.

Or perhaps his reason for changing the continent was to change the backwards primitive nature of the continent.

Seeing the bloody scene in front of him, he deeply acknowledged something.

The path that he chose would be very long and difficult.

But for him, the only choice he had was to not look back and firmly continue down this road.

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