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Volume 2 Twenty minutes later, Xu Yi rushed out of Lottes home.

After taking deep breaths of the cold air outside, Xu Yi finally calmed down his chaotic heart.

Turning back at the closed door and the small building without any light, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

He never would have thought that after getting in, after talking to Lotte about the times they had back at Great Magician Camilla Magic Tower, Lotte would actually lean in and take off the top half of her clothes. She actually openly tried to “seduce” him!

He saw Lotte remove the top part of her clothes and revealed the two red dots on her chest, Xu Yi immediately woke up from his shock. He suppressed the temptation and quickly left, almost running out of Lottes home.

Thinking of how Lotte acted just now, Xu Yi was still a bit afraid.

He had been a bit stirred up because of the noble young ladies tonight, but he never thought that he would bump into Lotte. If he even hesitated a bit, he might have not been able to control himself and would have done something to Lotte.

Thinking of the consequences of this, Xu Yi couldnt stop cold sweat from appearing on his forehead.

Even though the matters between men and women on the Sines Continent was like that of many western countries on earth, being quite open, Xu Yi was already dating Still. If he had done something at this time, he definitely wouldnt be able to get Still to forgive him and he wouldnt be able to forgive himself.

When he had thought about Still, Still suddenly appeared in Stills eyes.

Xu Yi looked forward in a daze. Although it was dark and he could only see a faint figure from the weak light by the street, he was very familiar with Stills form, so he could immediately recognize her.

“Still, why are you here” Xu Yi quickly went to the other side of the street and moved in front of her. He found that she was looking up a bit at the small building behind Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked behind him and his expression became a bit awkward as he quickly explained, “Dont misunderstand, Lotte just had me come in and discuss a few things.”

Perhaps it was in response to Xu Yis words, but as soon as he said this, the light on the second floor went out.

Still looked away from the small building and looked at Xu Yi with a complicated gaze for a while. Then she slowly shook her head and said with a soft sigh, “Relax, I didnt misunderstand. You havent even been in there for twenty minutes, there isnt time for you to do anything.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “How did you know I was in there for less than twenty minutes”

“Because I saw you walk in with her.” Still replied.

Xu Yi felt even more awkward as he could only keep explaining, “I didnt plan on going in, its this late and it isnt good for me to be alone with a girl. But Lotte said some things…..Un, some things that werent convenient to discuss in the street and she was leaving tomorrow, so I could only go up. Nothing happened, Still. Believe me, I dont have any ideas towards her.”

Seeing Xu Yi anxiously explain, Still suddenly broke out in laughter, “What are you explaining to me for Are you afraid that Ill misunderstand I already said it, I dont think that you can even do anything in twenty minutes. It cant be that you cant even last twenty minutes…..”

After saying this, Stills face turned red and she hit Xu Yi with her fist.

“You bastard, what kind of embarrassing things are you making me say”

Seeing the dark expression on Stills face clear up, Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief. He said with a smile, “This is what you said, how is it related to me”

Still gave a snort. She suddenly lowered her head to sniff Xu Yi and asked with slightly knit brows, “Theres a fragrance on your body. I think that even if you didnt do anything to Lotte, she did something to you, right”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “This is related to Lottes reputation, so you shouldnt speak nonsense. In short, I dont have that idea, so lets stop things here today, alright”

Still stood up again and looked at Xu Yis honest expression before giving a nod.


Xu Yi took her hand with a smile, “Still, do you know what I like about you”


“Its your aura and confidence. Compared to other girls, you wouldnt be calculating over small matters. This is something that many girls dont have and something that I appreciate the most.” Xu Yi said.

“Aura and confidence” Still gave a sigh and shook her head, “Actually in front of you, I feel that Im gradually losing my confidence.”

“Why” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

Still didnt reply and just held Xu Yis hand tighter. She pulled Xu Yis hand as she slowly went deeper into the street.

Xu Yi was confused, but he could only accompany her on this slow walk on this winter night.

After a while, Still still didnt say anything.

When Xu Yi was thinking about what to say, Still suddenly spoke.

“Xu Yi, lets get married.”

Xu Yi was stunned.


After new years, when everyone was celebrating and enjoying the rare period of rest of each year, the «Banta Times» suddenly revealed a shocking piece of news.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu and Great Magician Camillas granddaughter young miss Still, who was considered the “Banta Goddess” by the people of Banta City and the surrounding cities were getting engaged!

When this news spread, it immediately drew a large stir across Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Before this, although everyone knew that Xu Yi and Still were dating, since their relationship wasnt developed, many people who liked Still had a bit of hope that Still would still break up with Xu Yi.

However, when the news of the two getting engaged came out, the fantasies of those peoples hearts were shattered.

If it was normal people, there might be a few accidents that occur when they got engaged, but Xu Yi and Still were not normal people.

As the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi was not just famous in Banta City, he even had some fame in the entire Lampuri Kingdom. He was considered an important person.

And Still was like a star to the people of Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Since these two got engaged, it was no different from them already getting married, which naturally destroyed the fantasies that many people had.

Of course, other than the few people who cursed Xu Yi, most of the people in Banta City and the surrounding cities blessed them from the bottom of their heart.

After all, Still was the Banta Goddess in those peoples hearts. In the eyes of everyone, there wasnt a man that could match her, but Xu Yi was the only publicly recognized man who could match her.

Not to mention that it was close to a year now since those two announced they were dating. If they were to suddenly split up, that would make everyone feel regretful.

After those two announced their engagement, it was like confirming a small dream in many peoples hearts.

So when the «Banta Times» announced this news, in just a few days, there were countless letters and gifts of congratulations to the two of them.

Most people of Banta City knew Xu Yis address, so those letters and gifts were sent directly to his home. The people of the other cities werent too clear, so most of them were sent to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center in Banta City.

Other than the congratulations of normal people, the companies of Banta City and the surrounding cities with relations to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce sent their congratulations and gifts.

The most expensive one came from chairman Cruise.

In order to congratulate the two on getting engaged, he had privately sent the two of them a manor to the northwest of Banta City that was by a mountain and a river!

This manor was something that chairman Cruise bought not long ago, spending two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins to buy it. Now that he had given this to Xu Yi, it was indeed a large move.

Xu Yi even teased him about it, “Youre giving such an expensive gift for just an engagement, then what are you planning to give when Still and I get married”

Chairman Cruise heroically replied, “When you get married, as long as I can give it and you want it, Ill send it!”

Xu Yi laughed as he accepted this gift without any courtesy.

With the close relationship between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, this two hundred and fifty thousand gold coin manor seemed expensive to normal people, but to chairman Cruise, as long as Xu Yi was willing, he would give something even more expensive.

And Xu Yi openly accepting this gift had calmed him down, deepening the relationship between them.

Other than chairman Cruise, the other large and small companies all sent gifts.

Even Freeman under the name of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce sent a precious gift to thank Xu Yi for all his support and help.

Among the gifts, the most expensive ones were not the most special ones. The most special ones came from the king, her highness Seveni, and Count Sean.

The gifts the three of them sent were very normal, but with their identities, the gifts didnt mean anything and just sending the gift had a strong meaning.

Xu Yi and Still were just getting engaged and the noble king and her highness Seveni actually sent a gift to congratulate them. It could be seen that Xu Yi had a high position in their minds.

As for Count Seans gift, this wasnt that unexpected because everyone knew that Count Sean has always supported Xu Yi.

Now that Xu Yi and Still were getting engaged, it would be more surprising if he didnt send a gift.

New years was a time of celebration and Xu Yi and Still suddenly announcing their engagement made many people in Banta City and the surrounding cities pay attention to this matter.

This engagement was a happy thing and adding in the face that it was new years, it made Banta City and the surrounding cities even happier and more festive.

But while everyone was celebrating, Xu Yi who had just announced his engagement to Still was setting off on another journey.

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