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As the year was coming to an end, the weather became even colder.

But for the people of Banta City, this winter was much better compared to before.

This was because with higher incomes, most families that could only look at the Variable Magic Air Conditioner last year could actually reach out for it this year.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new generation Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner had a new function, being able to deliver bursts of warm air in set intervals, the price hadnt changed. It was still thirty gold coins just like last year.

So after entering winter, many families took out several months of saved wages and gritted their teeth as they purchased one or even more Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After these Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioners were installed in their homes, they could enjoy the warm air blown out of the air conditioner. After feeling that their homes were no longer as cold as previous years, everyones pain from buying the Magic Air Conditioners disappeared without a trace.

After getting home from work and feeling the warm air after entering their home, this was considered a large comfort for many people/

If they wanted to take a bath after eating dinner, they could enjoy the convenience of enough warm water using the Frestech Brand Magic Water Heater. It chased away the fatigue of the day and they slept quite well at night.

Last year, many people just regarded the magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as novel things. In just a single year, many people were used to living with their various kinds of magic machines and they could no longer live without them.

If there was a family that was still using firewood to heat water or bake bread, it meant that your family had fallen behind. They wouldnt be able to raise their heads in front of their relatives and friends at all.

When young people got married in Banta City, the men would have to just prepare some daily necessities and guarantee that the couple will have a normal life after getting married.

But now when young people got married, if there werent several magic machines prepared already, the girls wouldnt be willing to get married.

Of course, there were differences in magic machines.

Compared to small things like Magic Water Kettles, Automatic Magic Rice Cookers, and Magic Lamps, it was clear that Magic Air Conditioners and Magic Water Heaters were more popular.

Even if there was no use for a Magic Refrigerator during winter, it was still popular.

To buy a Magic Refrigerator during winter, at least it would mean that youre prepared to spend summer with your wife, right

Similarly, other than differences between different kinds of magic machines, there were differences among the same kind of magic machines.

For example, when it came to Magic Bread Makers, if you bought a Frestech Brand Magic Bread Maker, it would prove your sincerity.

If you bought a Magic Bread Maker of another brand, it would mean that you were stingy.

Although the Frestech Brand Bread Maker was a bit expensive, it wasnt that much more expensive compared to the other brands. Moreover, the quality of the Frestech Brand was better and it was more beautifully designed, so why wouldnt you spend a bit more to buy the Frestech Brand

So with the increase in requests from girls, not only in Banta City, even in the other cities, people gradually came to an agreement.

For a better life, you have to have magic machines.

For better magic machines, you had to go with the Frestech Brand.

“So that means that in a year, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has had great success. Not only do people in Banta City and the surrounding cities approve of our Frestech Brand magic machines, the people in other parts of the kingdom are gradually accepting the existence of magic machines and are starting to recognize our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi said all this in a loud voice before raising his wine cup, “Come, lets make a toast to our efforts and successes this year!”


Countless hands came up and countless wine cups clinked against each other before they filled countless mouths.

This was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces year end meeting.

According to the traditions of last year, when every year came to an end, Xu Yi would bring all the workers and the management of the company together for a meal and to summarize the year for their company.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had an extra Falling Rain Valley production bass, meaning that the company now had over four thousand workers, even if Xu Yi wanted it, they couldnt gather all the workers together at once.

So for the year end banquet held at the Sandton Manor tonight, only all the human workers of the company were gathered.

As for the year end banquet for dwarves and elves, it would have to wait until Xu Yi headed to the Falling Rain Valley to host it.

Even like this, there were close to three thousand people at this year end banquet.; Sandton Manors biggest open space was completely filled up.

For this year end banquet, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had invited over a hundred chefs to man several kitchens to fill their requests. They had spent close to ten thousand gold coins on this.

But this was worth it for Xu Yi because this event helped train the cohesiveness of his workers, enhancing their loyalty to the company.

Now that Banta City was lacking in manpower all over, because these people worked at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were welcomed by all the other magic machine companies.

Just from the beginning of winter, there had been over a hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers who had been poached with promises of higher wages.

There were some companies that were wild enough to poach a Frestech Chamber of Commerce worker with a shockingly high wage of over thirty gold coins a month.

Even if they were warned by Banta Citys Magic Machine Business Union and obediently returned the workers, this was not a good start and it made Xu Yi vigilant.

He could use his identity as the Banta Citys Magic Machine Business Union president to punish companies that went overboard, but if they didnt go overboard and just offered slightly higher wages, he didnt have a good reason to issue a punishment.

Not to mention that this was limited to Banta City. If there were companies outside of Banta City that wanted to poach the Frestech Chamber of Commerces workers with a wage of thirty gold coins or higher, Xu Yi couldnt stop them.

Moreover, the workers werent that important, the more important ones were the research staff.

Evita had mentioned to Xu Yi a few days ago that there was an Anvilmar City company that had secretly contacted her, giving her a starting wage of fifty gold coins a month with a year end bonus of no less than two hundred gold coins. They wanted her to come over to their company.

Although Evita had rejected this, Xu Yi didnt dare guarantee that the other researchers would reject this.

So holding this year end banquet, it was not just to increase the loyalty and cohesiveness of the workers, it was also to use this chance to tell the workers that they would be gradually receiving better treatment.

As expected, as soon as Xu Yi finished announcing this, it created deafening waves of cheers.

As long as anyone had worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for three months, they would know that the chairman wouldnt easily make promises to workers.

But as long as he made a promise, he had never failed to deliver.

Now that he had declared that everyone would gradually receive better treatment, it would definitely become better.

Seeing Xu Yi sit down while everyone was cheering, Heinz on the side said with a sigh, “Xu Yi, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is already giving people a high enough wage, if we raise it again, although we can bear it, it isnt the right way if we keep going. Dont you think so, Sebas”

Sebas gave a slight nod. He didnt need to take out his book of accounts as he said, “According to the data, the wage our company gave to our workers last month was over a hundred thousand gold coins already. This isnt including the various bonuses and holiday benefits. If you add those in, we spent over a hundred and twenty thousand gold coins on worker wages last year.”

“See, were giving a hundred thousand each month in wages alone, dont you think thats enough” Heinz immediately turned to look at Xu Yi with wide eyes, “Dont forget, our company didnt even make a hundred thousand gold coins a month last year!”

Xu Yi laughed and didnt feel emotional that Heinz would never change how petty he was. He gave a shrug to Kennard and said, “Look, I told you that there was a lot of pressure on me as the president. Do you see this, the vice chairman and the financial manager are putting pressure on me.”

Kennard revealed a faint smile before saying to Heinz and Sebas, “Vice chairman, manager Sebas, although the wages of the workers are high, the profit of our company is also growing as well, right Compared to last year, our companys profit each month has grown by several times, right”

Sebas replied with a nod, “Yes, if we do not include the money earned from selling the cement production technology, our company had a gross profit of over five hundred thousand gold coins. Taking away the various costs, our final net income was still over five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Hearing this number, Heinzs knit brows relaxed. He drank the fine wine before saying with a sigh and a smile, “Ai, when I opened that general store at first, I just wanted to earn a hundred gold coins a year. Now Im the vice chairman of a company that earns five hundred thousand a month. Life really is unpredictable…..”

Seeing Heinzs appearance, the other three felt it was funny.

Kennard couldnt help saying with a smile, “Vice chairman, you should feel gratitude towards the chairman, otherwise you wouldnt have your current life, right”

“Un, I have always been grateful to Xu Yi.” Heinz gave a serious nod, “If it wasnt for him picking my store to sell his Magic Fans in, I wouldnt have the chance to feel this emotional.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “If you didnt agree to sell my Magic Fan in your general store, how could I have earned that first batch of money”

“No, the Magic Fan is something that people will discover the benefits of regardless, so its all the same no matter where you put it. In the end, its my luck that is good, letting you pick me.” Heinz seriously said.

Xu Yi laughed, “Alright, being emotional is the same. Youre not even fifty this year, it isnt too late for you to tell me this in another twenty years. Lets change the topic, as for improving the treatment of workers, it doesnt just mean giving them a higher wage. There are other methods to let them feel the benefits of staying at our company, making them unable to leave as they wish.”

“It seems like sir chairman already has his own ideas, then can you tell us about it” Kennard said with a smile.

Xu Yi said with a nod, “First, well maintain the same tiered wage system to let the employees understand that the longer they stay at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the higher their wages. Next, I want to introduce something called a retirement pension plan……”

“Retirement pension” Heinz, Kennard, and Sebas all looked at each other in a daze, “What is this”

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