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Over the next two days, Xu Yi wasnt idle at all.

After the discussions in the past few days, on his trip to Anvilmar City this time, he had suddenly reached several new cooperation deals.

In these two days, he had been in meetings with these people, setting all kinds of details.

For example, for the sixty thousand magic machines that the Rudson Kingdom ordered, the most important problem was how to transport them.

Although Banta City was in the southwest of the Lampuri Kingdom, being not far from where the Rudson Kingdom and Lampuri Kingdom border was, if they were to transport it to the Rudson Kingdoms capital of Curaca City like Newman said, it would be a journey of over seven hundred kilometers.

If one side were to transport it, the transport expenses would be a large amount.

But Newman insisted that these agricultural magic machines would only be transported to the borders of the two countries. So after both sides discussed this, they finally decided that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only be responsible for transport in the Lampuri Kingdom and then they were no longer responsible.

As for the transport costs, they would pay for their part in the transportation.

This was without a doubt more beneficial to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because it was only two hundred kilometers from Banta City to the border. Comparatively, the transport expenses werent that much.

Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was earning three million gold coins from this order. Although the transport costs werent low, they werent considered much.

Another important matter was his further discussions with Marquis Jole.

Xu Yi chose a night to visit Marquis Joles manor and after a discussion with Marquis Jole that lasted several hours, they had decided on their terms of cooperation.

First, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be building a steel mill near the iron mine of the Falcao Chamber of Commerce in Cramer City.

This steel mill will produce special steel alloys that would be used to make the armours and weapons needed by the army headquarters, with the raw material being used naturally being the iron ores mined there.

As for the steel making technology, Xu Yi would send related specialists to guide them.

Then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be guiding the Falcao Chamber of Commerce on how to mine the non-ferrous metal veins in the Lampuri Kingdom.

As for the non-ferrous metal ores mined, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will buy them for now according to the price of iron.

Of course, Xu Yi wouldnt hand over the non-ferrous metal processing technology for now.

Finally, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Falcao Chamber of Commerce working together, they would develop even more mining magic machines while the Falcao Chamber of Commerce would guarantee first supply rights to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in terms of iron ores, while also maintaining the lowest market price.

It should be said that this cooperation was beneficial to both sides, even earning more profit for the Jole Family.

So after his in-depth discussion with Xu Yi, Marquis Jole put down his prejudice against him and showed a friendly attitude towards Xu Yi.

Because of this attitude, there was even a very interesting small interlude.

When Xu Yi was bidding farewell to Marquis Jole, they bumped into Vincent who had just come back.

When he saw Xu Yi, he immediately began insulting him.

But when Marquis Jole who had just come out heard this, he flew into a rage. He fiercely scolded him and even had him apologize to Xu Yi immediately.

Vincent had a look of surprise and rebellion, but he still obediently lowered his head to Xu Yi and apologized. Even if Xu Yi didnt care about this fellow before, he still felt a bit pleased.

Of course, compared to Anke Eren who stood in front of him with a dejected look two days later, the pleasure Vincent gave Xu Yi couldnt compare.

Seeing the bruise on Anke Erens lips that hadnt faded, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He raised a hand to stop the surrounding researchers from charging forward and asked Anke Eren, “Young master Eren, can I ask what you are here for”

Anke Eren looked at Xu Yi with a trace of hatred in his eyes, but there was also a deep helpless look, as well as a trace of hope.

He looked at the researchers who were ready to fight, Anke Eren raised the package in his hand that seemed to be a present and forced out a smile as he asked, “Chairman Xu, is Aleri here Im here to visit him…..”

After saying this, Anke Eren hesitated a bit to think before gritting his teeth and saying with a reluctant look, “I am here to apologize.”

Hearing this, other than Xu Yi and Still, the surrounding researchers were all stunned.

Because the Magicians Guilds certification exam ended today, they were planning to play in Anvilmar City before leaving. They came to see Aleri who was injured in bed first, but they never thought that Anke Eren would suddenly appear here.

What surprised them even more was that Anke Eren was actually here to apologize to Aleri!

Especially those researchers who had been at the low grade magician exam, their faces were filled with disbelief. When they were at the exam site and Anke Eren had injured Aleri, they still clearly remembered how arrogant he had looked.

This fellow relied on the fact that his father was the Magicians Guilds president to act rampant to the extreme, why did he suddenly come here to apologize

Bella couldnt help saying, “I dont think youre here to apologize at all, you just want to see if Aleri was killed by you!”

The surrounding researchers echoed this.

This Anke Eren had left quite the bad impression on them, of course they wouldnt believe that he was seriously here to apologize.

Anke Erens eyebrows raised and when he wanted to explode with rage, he suddenly saw Xu Yi looking at him from the side with a ghost of a smile. His heart sunk and he suppressed his rage, as he said in a deep voice, “Im here to apologize. Chairman Xu, please bring me to see Aleri.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile and gave an inviting gesture.

“Come with me.”

Seeing Anke Eren obediently following Xu Yi to Aleris room, the researchers looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Could it be that this fellow really is here to apologize” A researcher asked.

“It cant be…..This fellow was that arrogant, it isnt like you didnt see it. Do you think that he is someone who would apologize” Another researcher asked back.

“This is hard to say. Why do I feel…..that he seems to be afraid of sir chairman Could it be that sir chairman caught by the handle and is forcing him to apologize today” Another researcher said.

“When you say this, I also found that after this fellow saw sir chairman, he became a bit unnatural. When that fellow couldnt even express his rage, it really was just too strange.”

“Un, perhaps it really is like this…..”


This group whispered among themselves as they followed Xu Yi and Anke Eren, coming to Aleris room.

In front of everyones shocked gazes, Anke Eren actually put the present in front of Aleris bed and then seriously apologized to Aleri.

There was nothing wrong with his movements at all, they couldnt see any resistance at all. It actually made the researchers unable to find any fault, so naturally they couldnt suspect that he really wasnt here to apologize.

The researchers couldnt help looking at Xu Yi.

They heard Bella say that the sir chairman had promised that he would get justice for Aleri.

They didnt expect that sir chairman would go and heavily injure Anke Eren, but seeing this arrogant fellow actually lowering his head to apologize to Aleri, it really dispelled their rage.

Moreover, based on Aleris appearance, he was also shocked and felt like his anger had been vented. He was revealing a very happy smile.

Seeing everyone look at him, Xu Yi smiled and pointed at Aleri as he said, “Alright, stay with Aleri for now. I have some matters to discuss with young master Eren.”

Seeing Anke Eren and Xu Yi leave the room, clearly going off for a private meeting, everyone was more certain.

For Anke Eren to have such a large change in attitude, it was definitely because the sir chairman had made his move.

On the other side, Anke Eren came into a small room with Xu Yi and immediately threw off his face, glaring at Xu Yi. His eyes were filled with flames of rage and he said through gritted teeth, “Chairman Xu, you really are bold, you actually dare to ensnare me like this. If my father were to know of this, do you know what kind of consequences there would be”

Xu Yi didnt care at all as he asked back with the same smile, “The problem is…..dear young master Eren, if president Eren knew that you were addicted to gambling and lost ten thousand gold coins, do you……know what kind of consequences there would be”

Anke Eren couldnt help trembling.

He was very clear that if his father knew about this matter, even if his mother tried to protect him, he was certain that his life would fall into darkness and he wouldnt have the same freedom as before.

After losing this much money through gambling, no matter how much his mother loved him, he would be strictly managed in the future.

Just by thinking about him facing this kind of life, Anke Eren was filled with fear.

If it wasnt because of this, how could he lower his proud head and come here to apologize to Aleri

Thinking of this, Anke Eren gave a secret sigh and helplessly said, “Alright, chairman Xu, I wont pursue the matter of you ensnaring me. But since I have already come here to apologize like youve asked, can you give me the contract acknowledging the debt of ten thousand gold coins”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Young master Eren, you shouldnt think this naively. Do you really think that a single apology is worth ten thousand gold coins”

Anke Eren was stunned before he flew into a rage, “You want to go back on your promise Urgot had told me everything, if it wasnt for you wanting him to ensnare me, do you think I would have this much gambling debt Im not haggling with you and you dare act this shameless Do you really believe I wont be angry enough to not care about anything and tell this matter to my father”

“Go ahead, I dont care.” Xu Yi gave a shrug with an uncaring look.

Anke Eren gave a snort of rage and turned to leave.

But when he took two steps, he stopped on the third step and after a period of silence, he turned around again and looked at Xu Yi with a complicated gaze.

When he took two steps, he remembered that he didnt have any proof that Xu Yi had harmed him. He didnt even have any proof that Urgot had ensnared him.

From beginning to end, Urgot had never said anything to him and he was the one that had asked Urgot to lend him money in his excitement.

But he never thought that once this happened, it would be like water spilling from a dam and he couldnt stop it.

In just two days, he suddenly owed over ten thousand gold coins!

Although he could infer this was ensnarement from Urgot telling him Xu Yis request, how could he tell his father this matter

He was to tell his father that he had become addicted to gambling and had lost over ten thousand gold coins at once

It would be quite good if his father didnt break his legs!

Moreover, in that moment, Anke Eren thought of something that made him feel even more helpless.

Even if he really could prove that this matter was Xu Yi setting a trap for him and he told his father about this matter, even though his father was the president of the Magicians Guild, he couldnt do anything to Xu Yi.

The current Xu Yi was no longer the same unknown Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman from last year.

Thinking of this, a trace of regret appeared in Anke Erens heart.

How good it would be if he didnt provoked Xu Yi when he first met him last year…..

After a period of silence, Anke Eren suddenly gave a sigh and said with a helpless look, “Alright, chairman Xu, tell me what you want me to do. I dont believe that a chairman of a large company like you would care about a trivial ten thousand gold coins, so you must want me to do something for you. Tell me, what do I have to do”

Xu Yi looked at Anke Eren in surprise before revealing a smile, “Very good, I like talking to smart people. Actually, young master Eren, the thing I want you to do is very simple…..”

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