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After a while, everyone slowly recovered from the intense light.

After they clearly saw the scene of the exam site, everyone couldnt help taking a breath of cold air.

In the space surrounded by the magic barrier, the entire ground had been turned black and there were several large and small holes created from lightning strikes. Looking at it from a distance, it could be described as devastated.

Just based on the damage to the ground, it could be seen how terrifyingly strong the Lightning Spell that Xu Yi had released was.

Everyone stared at Xu Yi who acted like nothing had happened with dumbfounded looks and no one could say a word.

“Ah!” At this time, the Magicians Guild staff in charge of the magic barrier suddenly called out in shock and everyone looked over at him.

President Eren looked at the staff member with knitted brows and asked in a blaming tone, “What is it Making such a big deal”

The staff member swallowed a mouthful of saliva before pointing at the magic barrier he was responsible with. He said with a look of disbelief, “Pre….President, the magic barrier…..it seems to be a bit damaged.”


Everyone was stunned again.

The use of the barrier was to ensure that the magician undertaking the exam wouldnt hurt the others outside when using their spell.

Because the ones participating today were Sixth to Ninth Grade Magicians, considering the might of the spells they used, president Eren had personally put down this barrier which was enough to block the might of a Ninth Grade Magician.

But now that Xu Yi had cast his Lightning Spell, this magic barrier was actually damaged!

Could it be…...The Lightning Spell that Xu Yi used had might that surpassed a Ninth Grade Magician

President Eren stood up to inspect the barrier and he couldnt help letting out a sigh of relief. He explained to everyone with a smile, “Its nothing really. The Lightning Spell that Xu Yi used earlier was a bit special, so it countered out the magic barrier. It wasnt damaged because the might of the spell was too powerful.”

Hearing this explanation, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Thats good, thats good, it wasnt because Xu Yis spell was too strong.

If it really was because of this, that meant that he as a Seventh Grade Magician was stronger than a Ninth Grade Magician!

This kind of shocking thing was not something that everyone was willing to believe in.

Seeing that president Eren had finished inspecting the barrier, Xu Yi asked with a smile, “Then sir president, did I pass this high grade magic demonstration”

President Eren looked at Xu Yi and couldnt help smiling, “You used such an exaggerated spell, so if I dont let you pass, do you think that the others would agree”

Everyone couldnt help giving a nod.

If Xu Yi cant pass the high grade magic test like this, then based on what could those magicians that passed before pass

Xu Yi laughed, “I felt that my control of the spell wasnt too good, so I wasnt certain if I would pass or not.”

“Alright, the control of the spell is another matter, but based on the might of the spell alone, you can pass.” President Eren looked at the other four Great Magicians, “After seeing Xu Yis high grade magic performance, I agree with him passing. What do you all think”

Great Magician Camilla and Great Magician Eisenkel of course immediately agreed. The other two Great Magicians looked at each other before nodding in agreement.

So the high grade magic test that Great Magician Camilla was the most worried about was something that Xu Yi easily passed.

Only Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi with a very strange expression that was kind of angry, while also finding it a bit funny.

There was another difference with the high grade magician and low grade magician exams, it was that since there were few high grade magicians, there wasnt a need to only pick a certain amount of people to pass. As long as you were strong enough, it didnt matter how many people could pass.

So although there was also the same actual combat test in the high grade magician exam, it wasnt as strict as with the low grade magician exam.

When it came to the actual combat test, although Great Magician Camilla couldnt come forth because he was Xu Yis teacher, Great Magician Eisenkell came forward to test Xu Yi.

The others naturally wouldnt reject this. Great Magician Eisenkel pretended to inspect him and Xu Yi was already at the level of a Seventh Grade Magician whether it was his magic power or his spells, so he easily passed this.

After the exam was over, other than Xu Yi becoming a Seventh Grade Magician recognized by the Magicians Guild, there were forty six other magicians who had passed, which was over half of the participants.

There were only three people of the twelve from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who passed. They were all Fifth Grade Magicians who became Sixth Grade Magicians.

Comparing it, almost no one could reach the average level.

But Xu Yi wasnt disappointed with this result, rather he was pleasantly surprised.

High grade magicians had a good understanding of their own strength. Those researchers had said to Xu Yi that they didnt feel like they were strong enough to pass, so Xu Yi didnt think that they would pass the exam.

But now there were three researchers that had passed, so it really was a bit unexpected.

Then again, Xu Yi had achieved the advertisement effects he wanted. As for the other things that came, he didnt care.

After the exam was over, the other magicians had all left the exam site and only Xu Yi was left here.

President Eren had Xu Yi and the other four Great Magicians come into a room at the back of the exam site where they held a conference.

As for the subject of this conference, it was on details of the patent act.

Xu Yi didnt have the right to say anything on this issue and was just listening in the beginning.

However when it came to the topic of patent fees and how much they should set it at, president Eren actually asked Xu Yi for his opinion.

“Eh…..Your excellencies Great Magicians, as for this problem, I feel that there are two suitable methods.” Xu Yi said.

“There are actually two methods” President Eren was a bit surprised, “Tell me about them.”

“The first one, its to not link patent fees with patent royalties. The Magicians Guild will charge a certain fee for each magical study which requires the use of a patent. As for how much, that will depend on the grade of importance of the magical research and each grade will have a set amount.”

“Then how should the amount be decided There is a different degree of difficulty for magic research, so it isnt right for them to have the same fee.” President Eren asked.

“Its very simple. If there is a magician that wants to use patent information for a First Grade Spell, with how unimportant and not difficult it is, it will be regarded as first grade and only ten gold coins will be charged a year. But if there is another magician who is using the patent information for a Fifth Grade Spell, then it is much more important and difficult than before, so it will be recognized as fifth grade and fifty gold coins or more will be charged each year.” Xu Yi replied.

“But theres another problem. If a magician is researching something rather important, but he cant because he cant afford the patent fee, is there still a meaning to this patent” The one who asked this was one of the two Great Magicians Xu Yi didnt know who was called Sommelier Torres.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Your excellency Great Magician Torres, if a magician cant even afford a trivial patent fee, do you think they have enough funding to research a new kind of magic”

Great Magician Torres was stunned before he couldnt help giving a nod.

Indeed, magic research was something that spent quite a bit of money, especially if it was for new magic that didnt have any magic theory to base on.

“Alright, Xu Yi, tell us about the other method.” President Eren urged him.

“Un, as for the second method, its to not let the Magicians Guild set the patent amount, but rather for the magician that submits the patent to set it themself.”

“Set it themselves” The Great Magicians were all stunned, “How will it be set”

“Its very simple, if you feel that the information youre setting a patent for is very important, then youll pay more to the Magicians Guild to set up this patent and the Magicians Guild will charge more for use of this patent. To put it in other words, to link patent fees and patent royalties together. The more you pay, the more compensation for use that others will have to pay.”

The Great Magicians carefully considered this for a while before Great Magician Eisenkel couldnt help praising, “I like this method, its like earning money. If you want to earn more money, you need to invest more money.”

“But the one thing that Im worried about is that as more and more magicians get patents for their research, when a magician wants to research a new kind of magic, wouldnt they have to pay a large amount” The one who asked this was the other Great Magician Xu Yi didnt know, Como Telucci.

Xu Yi looked at him and thought that this should be one of the more conservative magicians of the Magicians Guild who were opposing the patent acts.

“Your excellency Great Magician Telucci, perhaps this worry of yours exists, but havent you noticed that even before the patent act, it already wasnt easy for magicians to research new kinds of magic” Xu Yi asked back.

“At least its better than paying to buy it, right” Great Magician Telucci said.

“No, youre wrong.” Xu Yi shook his head and said without any politeness, “Actually, most magicians would treasure their researched new magic and put it in their personal collection, so they wont easily share it. So after all these years, the reason why the level of the continents magicians didnt increase that much was because even though magicians developed new kinds of magic and new understanding towards magic, most of them arent willing to share them and will only teach them to their few disciples. As for the other magicians, they missed the chance to learn about this new research and these new discoveries.”

Great Magician Camilla gave a sigh and said with a nod, “Xu Yi is right. I have always felt pity for this situation. If everyone took out their research to share, the level of the magic on the continent would surpass the level of the elves in the past. But after I met some elves through Xu Yi, Ive found that after several thousand years, our human magic still has many aspects that cant compare to elven magic.”

The other Great Magicians were all silent.

As Great Magicians, their eyes were different from low grade magicians.

As for the limit on human magic that Xu Yi talked about, they were more clear on this compared to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi revealed a smile and continued, “So, Great Magician Telucci, compared to not being able to learn even if you want to, using money to buy it is already a large improvement. The Magicians Guild cant expect every magician to be selfless and share their magic research with everyone. Then you might as well tell the magicians to sell their magic research. I think that with the power of money, not only will it convince many magicians to sell their research, it will urge many magicians to put more energy into researching magic because with the support of money, they will be able to conduct all kinds of magic experiments.”

“Pa!” Great Magician Eisenkel suddenly slapped the table and said with a look of joy, “Those are the words Ive been waiting to say. You all accused me of falling into an abyss of money, but have you ever thought about how difficult it was for us to become Great Magicians With the support of enough money, we might have become Great Magicians even faster!”

Regarding Great Magician Eisenkels words, the other four Great Magicians thought about it and found they couldnt refute it.

For magicians to increase their strength, other than having talent, the most important thing was constantly researching magic.

But researching magic required money. Without the money to do experiments, naturally one would progress slower than others, this was a widely known fact among magicians.

After a period of silence, president Eren said with a soft cough, “Everyone should have no problems passing this patent act. What we need to decide now is which one of the two methods that Xu Yi mentioned will we use.”

The other four Great Magicians looked at each other before Great Magician Eisenkel said, “I support the second method.”

Great Magician Camilla said that both methods were fine, he didnt have any opinions.

Great Magician Torres and Great Magician Telucci didnt give any opinions, they felt that both of Xu Yis methods were very reasonable and both could be reported to the Magicians Guilds headquarters, representing the opinion of the Lampuri Kingdom branch.

“Very good, well report both methods.” President Eren made the decision before turning to say to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, I have to trouble you to help me and make a report for both methods. Ill submit them together to the headquarters.”

Xu Yi naturally agreed to this.

This thing that would leave his mark at the Magicians Guild headquarters and would greatly affect the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could he give up this chance-

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