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Perhaps it was because this was the first time the high grade magician qualification exams were being held at the Magicians Guilds of the kingdoms, before they began the exam, the Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild held a small ceremony.

At the ceremony, not only did they read the decision made by the Sines Continents Magicians Guild, they also read out the rules of the high grade magician qualification exam.

From what president Palmes Eren read, Xu Yi noticed something worth noting.

Because not every country on the Sines Continent had a Great Magician present, those countries without Great Magicians were routed elsewhere. The high grade magicians of those countries that wanted to participate in the high grade magicians exam would be distributed to a nearby country with a Great Magician for their exam.

In this division, because the nearby Stantine Duchy didnt have a Great Magician and adding in the fact that the Stantine Duchy was close to the Lampuri Kingdom, the Stantine Duchy and two small duchies that near the Lampuri Kingdom were all routed to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Hearing president Eren reading this, Xu Yi couldnt help looking over the high grade magicians who had come for the exam. He wanted to find the magicians who had come from the Stantine Duchy for this exam.

But the magicians looked pretty much the same, so Xu Yi couldnt tell based on their appearances.

After the ceremony, chairman Eren introduced the other four Great Magicians. He told everyone that they were lucky enough to have all five Great Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom present for their exam.

“This is a rare honour! Because from this year forth, the guild will only ask one Great Magician to supervise the exam, so you wont have the chance to show off your strength in front of five Great Magicians ever again. You have to properly seize this chance and show off your talents, understood” President Eren asked in a loud voice.

The magicians all had excited faces as they shouted back, “Understood!”

Xu Yi was a bit frightened by their excitement and fervor because to him, Great Magicians werent that rare.

So he was unable to understand that for the other magicians, Great Magicians were the goals and targets of worship in their hearts. To be able to show off in front of five Great Magicians, that truly was a great honour.

After the ceremony was over, president Eren didnt waste any time and immediately announced the beginning of the exam.

In short, the high grade magician exam was indeed like Great Magician Camilla had said before. The flow and content was basically the same as the low grade magician exam.

The exam also started with a written test, testing the magicians on their magic theoretical knowledge.

This naturally wasnt that difficult for Xu Yi.

The difficult part which was what Great Magician Camilla also worried about was the high grade magic demonstration that came after the written exam.

Seeing the magicians in front of him demonstrate their high grade magic one by one, Xu Yi became a bit uncertain.

Although the method he chose to replace high grade magic was quite good and received the approval of Great Magician Camilla, it wasnt really high grade magic. Perhaps if the other four Great Magicians noticed the truth, they might not approve of this.

Very soon, the magician before Xu Yi finished his demonstration and it was Xu Yis turn.

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi with a questioning gaze.

Xu Yi calmed down the anxiety in his heart and gave a nod to Great Magician Camilla, as he revealed a confident smile.

Great Magician Camilla calmed down slightly and gave Xu Yi an encouraging smile.

Great Magician Eisenkel naturally wasnt worried. He was the same as the other three Great Magicians, looking at Xu Yi with curiosity.

In the magicians circle of the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi was quite famous.

Other than the fact that he passed the Fifth Grade exam after participating in the certification exam for the first time last year, what made him more well known among magicians was the magic machines he studied.

Before Xu Yi, magicians who used magic application werent cared about by others. But after Xu Yi had invented the magic machines, magicians found that magic and machines coming together had practical applications.

The more important thing was that the magic machines made so much money!

There were many magicians who were filled with regret after learning of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines.

If they could use magic like this and invent magic machines before Xu Yi, wouldnt they be able to earn large amounts of money

Magicians were the same as normal people, they also loved money. They even loved money more than normal people because as long as they had enough money, they could buy enough magic materials and conduct magic experiments at will.

So in fact, the growth of each magician was supported by large amounts of money.

But even with many magicians entering the field of magic machines, they found that magic machines werent easy to invent at all.

There were countless magic machine companies that appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom, but before they received technical support from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there wasnt a single company that could make magic machines that were on par with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So the magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom were even more curious about Xu Yi.

This fellow, just how did he invent the magic machines

President Erens thoughts were different from others. He was thinking about when Xu Yi had specially paid him a visit last year and suggested the magic patent act.

After a year of discussions, the Magicians Guild had already made up their mind to pass this act.

But there were certain details that weren't agreed on in the Magicians Guild.

For example, the problem of charging fees. There were many magicians who didnt agree to fees and some that said fees should be taken and it should be a large amount.

President Eren also supported charging fees and according to what he knew about the policy makers of the Magicians Guild, the final decision would include charging fees.

But as for how much…..that still needed to be discussed.

President Eren looked at Xu Yi who had given this idea and he thought about last year when Xu Yi said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be willing to pay a high patent fee. The so-called “high”, just how “high” was it

So the five Great Magicians watched as Xu Yi came onto stage. Because of the different thoughts they had, the stage fell into an unexpected short silence.

This strange situation made Xu Yi who was already the center of attention receive even more attention.

The other magicians saw that the five Great Magicians were all staring at Xu Yi and their hearts couldnt help being filled with envy.

This Xu Yi had not just relied on those magic machines to open the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and earn all that money, now he had the attention of all five Great Magicians, he really had good luck.

After the awkward silence, president Eren reacted to the low reminder from the staff beside him. He gave a soft cough before letting Xu Yi begin his high grade magic demonstration.

Xu Yi gave a salute to the five Great Magicians before saying to the Magicians Guild staff on the side who was responsible for his test, “I excel in Wind Magic, so I will be demonstrating the high grade magic of Wind Magic, Lightning Magic.”

The staff member was a Ninth Grade Magician who nodded after hearing this, “Alright, please begin.” He moved back slightly after saying this and opened the surrounding magic barrier, leaving a large space for Xu Yi.

With everyones complicated gazes watching him, Xu Yi raised his hands slightly as the magic energy inside him began to quickly flow.

Other than Great Magician Camilla, the four surprised Great Magicians and some of the more powerful magicians around knit their brows.

Although Lightning Magic was advanced Wind Magic, Wind Magic was completely different from Lightning Magic. When activating Lightning Magic, the magician would use magic energy to gather the surrounding Lightning Elemental Energy to form a spell.

But with the flow of Xu Yis magic, the surrounding changes were with Wind Elemental Energy and there was no trace of Lightning Elemental Energy at all.

Other than that, even if it was Wind Elemental Energy, the fluctuations around were weak. Not to mention comparing it to Lightning Elemental Energy, just judging it as Wind Elemental Energy, Xu Yis magic power didnt seem like a high grade spell.

However, moments later, the powerful magicians that could sense the elemental energy in the air suddenly had their expressions change at the same time.

This was because they suddenly felt that the Lightning Elemental Energy around Xu Yi had suddenly come alive.

And this liveliness didnt seem like the orderly fluctuations of controlled magic, rather it wildly went in all directions like uncontrolled magic.

Great Magician Eisenkel couldnt help knitting his brows as he said to Great Magician Camilla in a low voice, “It cant be that he cant control Lightning Magic, right If it keeps going like this, I advise you to have him stop right away. Otherwise if it keeps going, perhaps there will be a problem since he cant control the Lightning Elemental Energy.”

Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “Its fine, this is a new Lightning Spell that he developed, its a bit special. There isnt any danger.”

“New Lightning Spell” Hearing Great Magician Camillas response, Great Magicians Eisenkel and the three Great Magicians with sharp ears who had heard the conversation between the two were shocked.

“He can actually develop a new Lightning Spell” President Eren couldnt help asking, “Could it be that his talent for magic is actually this great”

Great Magician Camillas expression was a bit strange. After a pause, he gave a slightly forced nod, “Un, his talent is something that has always surprised me.”

Seeing Great Magician Camilla actually agree to this, the others looked at Xu Yi with eyes filled with shock.

It was already shocking enough that this fellow could go from the Fifth Grade to the Seventh Grade in a year, but he could actually develop a new Lightning Spell. It wasnt even enough to describe his talent for magic as shocking anymore.

While everyone watched, Xu Yi completed his preparations for his spell. Everyone suddenly discovered that in the large exam space, all the Lightning Elemental Energy was wildly flowing.

Even the magicians participating in the exam standing outside the magic barrier could feel the change in the air and their expressions all changed.

Based on the intense fluctuations of this Lightning Spell, Xu Yi would be demonstrating quite the shocking Lightning Spell!

When everyone had this thought, there were countless arcs of beautiful bolts of lightning that appeared around Xu Yi, instantly filling the entire exam site with pure white light.-

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