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It was a good thing that the Magicians Guilds exam site wasnt that far away from Anvilmar City, so the awkward atmosphere didnt last long.

When the ten horse carriages stopped outside the exam site, the magicians wearing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic robes jumped out of the horse carriages. All magicians waiting at the exam site for the exam to start looked over.

As magicians, naturally they were more well informed compared to average people. Just yesterday, the «Anvilmar Times» reported that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had prepared all their magicians to participate in the certification exam. Seeing the situation now, the magicians at the exam site were surprised, but they quickly reacted.

But seeing the ten luxurious horse carriages and the magic robes that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magicians were wearing, most magicians couldnt help revealing looks of admiration.

Seeing the gazes of the surrounding magicians, Xu Yi revealed a satisfied smile.

Although he had spent quite a bit of money for advertisement this time, as long as it was effective enough, it was worth it.

Xu Yi gathered everyone and gave them a few words of encouragement. When he was going to wish them luck on passing the exam, there was a sinister voice that came from the side.

“Ai, I was wondering who had so much money that they didnt know where to use it, but it was chairman Xu. No wonder, no wonder…..This kind of overkill thing, it is something that only you can do.”

Everyone turned and Xu Yi looked at the person walking out of the crowd. He said with a smile, “So its mister Eren. What Are you here to participate in the Fifth Grade exam”

Anke Erens expression turned stiff and after a while, he stuttered out, “No, Im participating in the Fourth Grade exam.”

Xu Yi couldnt help finding this funny. Although this fellow had strangely become hostile to him last year and definitely was holding a grudge since he was injured by him, he was still just a child that had just reached maturity since he had answered the question so honestly.

Of course, Xu Yi wouldnt pretend that he didnt say what he said because he was young. He deliberately revealed a surprised expression as he said, “Oh I thought that you were confident last year and were certain that you would pass the Fourth Grade exam, but I never thought that you would fail. That really is a pity.”

Anke Erens face turned white and blue and after his expression changed several times, he glared at Xu Yi, “Let me tell you, dont be so arrogant in front of me! Are you not worried that Ill make it so you cant pass this year!”

Xu Yi spread his hands and said with a faint smile, “Young master Eren, you said the same thing last year, but it didnt happen. As for this year…..Im sorry, Im participating in the Seventh Grade exam. The Fourth Grade exam that you are taking doesnt seem to be at the same exam site as me, so even if you want to stop me like last year, Im afraid you wont have the chance”

Hearing Xu Yis words, the surrounding magicians understood the general situation.

But everyone was a bit surprised. Properly speaking Xu Yi and Anke Erens identities didnt go together at all.

Why was it that there was such a large conflict between them last year Anke Erens current expression even looked like he wanted to eat Xu Yi alive

Of course, what was known was that for the conflict between them, the one who suffered was definitely Anke Eren.

Thinking of how Anke Eren was the only son of the Magicians Guilds president Palmes Eren, everyone looked at Xu Yi with even stranger gazes.

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very famous right now, based on their statuses, Xu Yi as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman was far from being able to compare to the Magicians Guilds president Palmes Eren. Not to mention that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had almost no fame in Anvilmar City last year.

So after Xu Yi clashed with Anke Eren, how did he safely get through Palmes Erens anger

Hearing Xu Yis words, Anke Eren tightly clenched his fists in rage.

After he was injured by Xu Yi last year, he thought that his father would definitely take revenge for him. Who would have known that his father would never take action and when he protested to him, his father had taught him a lesson.

He knew at that time that Xu Yi was not as simple as he seemed, so he could only helplessly give up his idea of taking revenge on Xu Yi.

But suddenly seeing Xu Yi here today, he couldnt resist jumping at him.

Even though he couldnt move against Xu Yi because of his fathers warnings last night, he could still get some small revenge with taunting words.

Who would have known that he was even less of Xu Yis match when it came to words.

Hearing what Xu Yi said, he actually couldnt say anything back at all.

That was because what Xu Yi said was completely right. Xu Yi was taking the Seventh Grade exam and he was only taking the Fourth Grade exam.

The high grade and low grade magician exams were separated, so he didnt even have a chance to treat Xu Yi as his enemy like he did last year.

Thinking of this, Anke Eren noticed an astonishing fact. He pointed at Xu Yi and called out in surprise, “You just said…..youre taking the Seventh Grade exam You must be lying! You barely passed the Fifth Grade exam last year, so how could you have the strength to participate in the Seventh Grade exam this year That is impossible!”

Hearing Anke Erens question, the surrounding magicians looked at Xu Yi in shock.

At this time, there were many magicians who remembered that Xu Yi had become a Fifth Grade Magician last year at his first certification exam. Back then, it had created quite a large stir in the magician circle of the Lampuri Kingdom.

But he was clearly a Fifth Grade Magician last year, he actually dared to take the Seventh Grade exam this year

If he wasnt overestimating himself, being able to go from the Fifth Grade to the Seventh Grade in just a year, wasnt this speed just too terrifying

Xu Yi didnt really care about his strength, so even though he knew it was a good chance to show off, he just casually gave Anke Eren a smile before saying, “This question is not something you need to care about. Alright, the exam is about to begin, Im not gonna chat with you anymore.”

Xu Yi turned and ignored Anke Eren after saying this, as he began to give words of encouragement to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers before their exam.

Anke Eren wanted to taunt Xu Yi with a few more words, but seeing that Xu Yi was surrounded by those magicians with the same robes, he seemed to have thought of something. His eyes fell onto the badge on the chest of the magicians and his lips curled, as he revealed a satisfied and cruel smile.

After waiting at the exam site for a bit, the staff of the Magicians Guild finally announced the exam was beginning. The magicians at the exam site were divided into two and they walked to their respective exam sites.

Xu Yi waved his hand to the low level magicians and then raised his fist to Still before revealing an encouraging smile. Then he walked with the twelve high level magicians to another exam site.

When he entered the exam site, he found that there were even less people here than when he participated in the Fifth Grade exam last year.

But this was also normal since the higher the grade of a magician, the harder it was to progress.

There were around ten thousand magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom currently and there were no more than five hundred people who had passed the Fourth Grade exam. The magicians who felt they were strong enough to participate in the Fifth Grade exam each year were less than half.

As for people like Xu Yi with Fifth Grade or higher magic power, it was less than five hundred people. But because it was hard to become stronger and there were few magicians who thought they were strong enough to advance, so there were even less people here.

Actually the twelve high grade magicians of the magic research facility werent certain that they were strong enough to advance, so the reason why they came to participate this time was mainly because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had provided transportation, lodging, and subsidies.

Otherwise, there would be less than five of them who came here with the idea of testing their strength.

Xu Yi looked over the exam site and found that including him, there were less than fifty people that had come for this high grade magician exam.

It was no wonder the Magicians Guild had put the exam for high grade magicians together.

For just these few people, Xu Yi even felt that it was a waste for five Great Magicians to be here at the same time.

Thinking of the Great Magicians, Xu YI looked up and saw the five Great Magicians who were residing over the exam site.

Great Magician Camilla was sitting on the second seat from the left. Seeing Xu Yi look over, he gave a nod to Xu Yi in response.

Sitting to his left was Great Magician Eisenkel. Compared to Great Magician Camilla, he was much more friendly to Xu Yi, but he was also much more restrained compared to when the two of them were discussing business, only revealing a warm smile.

After all, he was here as an examiner, it wasnt good for him to be too close to Xu Yi.

The two Great Magicians on the right were people Xu Yi had never met before and the Great Magician in the middle was someone that Xu Yi recognized. It was the Magicians Guilds president Palmes Eren that he had met last year.

When Xu Yi looked at him, he was also looking at Xu Yi.

When their gazes met, Palmes Eren slightly narrowed his eyes and gave a slight nod.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile in return as he wondered if he knew about Anke Eren provoking him earlier.

If he knew that his son was still this stupid, the president definitely wouldnt be feeling good.-

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