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Meals on the Sines Continent was somewhat different from meals on earth, before they finished eating, they definitely wouldnt discuss business.

So after they ate to their hearts content and the desserts were carried in, everyone had some tea before Lewis jumped into business.

“Chairman Xu, I had Hannas invite you over for a meal today was first after the Frestech Chamber of Commerces quick development in a year, I really wanted to see chairman Xu to see if youve changed from last year. Second, my friends here had something that they needed chairman Xus help with.”

Newman from the Rudson Kingdom immediately said with a nod and a smile, “Thats right, I specially asked Lewis to set up a meeting with chairman Xu. Otherwise, I really dont know how to find you.”

“Im the same. I came from this duchy this time just to see chairman Xu.” Anklo from the Stantine Duchy also said with a nod.

Xu Yi looked at Hannas with a surprised look, but he just gave a shrug, clearly he didnt know the real intent behind this mean either. So Xu Yi turned over and looked at the two as he said with a faint smile, “The two of you are too polite. Only what can I help you with”

The two looked at each other before Newman spoke first, “Its like this, chairman Xu. Ive heard that your Lampuri Kingdom started to promote your Frestech Chamber of Commerces agricultural magic machines last year and then they received a large harvest this year, with the grain yield being far greater than before. Did something like this happen”

“Eh…..I dont know the specific number, so its hard to say if its far greater than before, but Im guessing it should be like this.” Xu Yi replied in an uncertain manner.

Of course he was lying.

Actually after the fall harvest had ended in Banta City, he had already received the good news from Count Sean. According to the statistics of the agricultural department, the total harvest output of this years fall harvest in the Lampuri Kingdom was actually three times higher than before!

Xu Yi had an important thing to do on his trip to Anvilmar City this time, which was to attend the special celebration banquet that the king was holding for this rich harvest.

According to information from Seveni, Xu Yi was treated as the greatest contributor to the increase in the harvest amount, so he would be receiving a special reward at the banquet.

Of course, this matter didnt need to be disclosed to foreigners.

Without understanding their real goal, of course he would choose to answer as ambiguously as possible.

Newman didnt really care about Xu Yis answer, it was clear that he had some understanding of this already.

“Chairman Xu, I think that no one can deny the powerful abilities of the agricultural magic machines, so I want to ask you, is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce planning to sell those agricultural magic machines to other countries” Newman asked.

Xu Yi was surprised, “Mister Newman, your meaning is that…..you want to buy agricultural magic machines”

Newman said with a nod, “Thats right. There is even more desolate farmland in our Rudson Kingdom compared to your Lampuri Kingdom, so I feel that if we can purchase enough agricultural magic machines from your company, our Rudson Kingdoms grain yield will definitely increase.”

“Although from the perspective of a merchant, I hope that our companys products can have better sales, mister Newman, with all due respect, the agricultural magic machines is something that our Lampuri Kingdoms king cares about, so I cant arbitrarily sell it to you.” Xu Yi said in a somewhat helpless voice.

Newman laughed, “I think that chairman Xu shouldnt need to worry about this. Since mister Lewis is willing to let me see you, that means that his majesty should have already agreed to this.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi looked at Lewis with a confused gaze.

Was this Lewis this powerful

Lewis gave a slight nod to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, you dont need to worry about this.”

It would be strange if Xu Yi wasnt worried. This agricultural magic machine could be considered a strategic product of the Lampuri Kingdom and in a normal situation, it couldnt be exported without the kings approval at all.

However Lewis wasnt willing to explain this situation, so Xu Yi could only look at Hannas who had been on the side doing nothing the entire time.

Hannas immediately gave Xu Yi a nod, “Relax, since uncle Lewis already said this, you dont need to worry.”

“This fellow isnt reliable…..” Xu Yi muttered in his heart. He looked back to Newman and said after thinking about it, “Mister Newman, as long as his majesty agrees, I would be very happy to carry out this transaction with you. But before this, I want to ask, how many agricultural magic machines are you planning to buy”

Newman stretched out a finger, “Im planning to buy ten thousand units of each kind of agricultural magic machine. If the effects are good, perhaps I might even order more in the future.”

“Ten thousand units of each kind” Xu Yi was shocked.

Currently the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced six kinds of agricultural magic machines. If this Newman wanted to buy ten thousand of each kind, according to the price of them, this order would be over four million gold coins!

With the terrifying profit margins of the agricultural magic machines, just based on this order, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would receive terrifying profits of close to three million gold coins!

“What Does chairman Xu have a problem with this” Seeing Xu Yis expression change, Newman asked this.

Xu Yi took a sip from the teacup on the table and calmed his excited mood before saying, “Mister Newman, Im very curious of your identity.”

Newman and Lewis looked at each other before he said with a smile, “It seems like chairman Xu is doubting whether I can afford this order”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, since you were invited by mister Lewis, of course I dont doubt your ability to pay. I just feel that it is very strange, if mister Newman is a normal merchant, why would you want to buy this many agricultural magic machines Even if you bring them back to the Rudson Kingdom to sell, I feel that you wouldnt earn much profit with the issue of the transport costs.”

Newman suddenly broke out in laughter, “Chairman Xu, would you believe me if I said Im not doing this to earn money at all”

Xu Yi looked at him, clearly not believing this.

“Alright, it seems like if I dont explain, it would be hard to obtain chairman Xus trust. Un…...My identity, to others it is the chairman of the Rudson Chamber of Commerce from the Rudson Kingdom, but in reality, Im a special manager that does business for the royal family, which is similar to what mister Lewis does. Now does chairman Xu understand my meaning”

Xu Yi immediately noted that Newman said that his status was the same as Lewis.

This meant that Lewis was actually a comprador for the Lampuri Kingdoms royal family

No wonder Lewis and Hannas told Xu Yi not to worry that the king wouldnt agree to him selling agricultural magic machines. Perhaps this meeting today was set up by Lewis under the kings instructions.

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head. Since it was like this, why didnt anyone tell him ahead of time to let himself prepare his heart

“Chairman Xu, actually if there isnt a need, I dont want to disclose my identity, so I hope you dont mind.” Lewis gave a slight bow to Xu Yi, speaking in an apologetic voice.

Xu Yi quickly waved his hand, “No, no, mister Lewis does not need to apologize. But since I know of you and mister Newmans identities, that is much easier. Alright, I can represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in accepting this order.”

Newman immediately poured a full cup of wine for him and Xu Yi, which the two of them raised and gently clinked together.

“Chairman Xu, I hope we have a happy cooperation.”

“To a happy cooperation.”

After Newman and Xu Yi reached an initial agreement, naturally it was Anklos turn next.

Xu Yi wiped the wine from the corners of his mouth before looking over at Anklo to ask, “Mister Anklo, are you the same as mister Newman, are you also interested in buying agricultural magic machines from our company”

Anklo shook his head, “No, Im different from him. He is here to buy things and Im here to sell things.”

“Sell things” Xu Yi was surprised, “What do you want to sell to me”

“Chairman Xu, you should be asking what the Stantine Duchy wants to sell to you.”

Hearing the meaning in Anklos words, Xu Yis heart skipped a beat. He quickly asked, “Then I wish to ask mister Anklo, what does the Stantine Duchy want to sell to me”

Anklo revealed a faint smile, “Ive heard that chairman Xu has always been interested in buying mines, so how about we sell two iron mines and one copper mine to you for now”

“Two iron mines One copper mine” Xu Yi looked at Anklo in disbelief, “Mister Anklo, you wouldnt be joking, right”

“Of course Im not joking.” Anklo shook his head, “Chairman Xu, I specially asked mister Lewis to set up this meeting, it wasnt just to joke with you. How about it Im currently representing Duke Stantine to ask if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will mine the two iron mines and one copper mine that the duke has personally picked, what do you think”

Xu Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, “Mister Anklo, is this really the thoughts of Duke Stantine I can understand two iron mines, but why is Duke Stantine choosing to sell me a copper mine”

“Its very simple, its no use leaving it there, so the duke decided that we should use it to exchange for something that we need.” Anklo replied.

Xu Yi immediately heard some hidden meaning in Anklos words.

“That means that…..Duke Stantine doesnt want me to pay with gold coins But what does the duke need”

“Chairman Xu, can we not discuss that here” Anklo looked over at Lewis, Newman, and Hannas on the side before asking Xu Yi with a serious face, “I just want to ask chairman Xu, the duke wants to sell, do you want to buy”

Xu Yi sat straight up as his face became serious and he gave a slow nod.

“Yes! Very much!”-

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