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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 112 - Two foreigners

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There was no conclusion in the discussion with Great Magician Eisenkel.

Because whether it was Xu Yi or Great Magician Eisenkel, they stuck to their conditions and finally reached an impasse.

But the two of them didnt get angry like little children. Seeing that they couldnt reach a conclusion, they put this topic to the side for now.

Great Magician Eisenkel had invited Xu Yi here for another important discussion other than the problem of the technology patent. It was that he hoped the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could invest in opening a household magic machine factory with him in Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi readily agreed with this proposition and after discussing it with Great Magician Eisenkel, they set an initial agreement.

According to this agreement, the household magic machine workshop would have three hundred thousand invested by both Great Magician Eisenkel and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Then the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would provide the corresponding production equipment and staff, while Great Magician Eisenkel would be responsible for the land.

Compared to the impasse of the technology debate, this reached a happy cooperation for both sides.

Xu Yi had been seeking a chance for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to enter Anvilmar City, so he kept cooperating with Victors group even though he was dissatisfied with them. It was to continue placing a mark in Anvilmar City for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now that he was opening a factory with Great Magician Eisenkel, it was exactly what he wanted.

As for Great Magician Eisenkel, what he cared about was even more direct, which was monetary gain.

This joint household magic machine factory would be split half and half according to their agreement. According to Great Magician Eisenkels initial estimates, once the factory was open, it would earn at least five hundred thousand gold coins a year.

If it was half of that, that was a large profit of two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.

Even for the richest Great Magician in the Lampuri Kingdom, that was a large amount.

Because they reached this deal, when Xu Yi left, Great Magician Eisenkel still had the same friendly smile.

But Xu Yi could tell that his eyes held an unwilling look that wasnt hidden that well.

Xu Yi was actually very clear that Great Magician Eisenkel insisted in keeping the technology advantage in their cooperation because he knew for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, technology was the most important thing. If he controlled the technology, only then could he meddle in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces real business.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces current prospects were good, so if he could meddle with it, it would yield him rich income in the future.

But what Xu Yi hated the most was needing others approval for the things that were most important to him, so he didnt give the slightest possibility of discussion when it came to this.

As for the threat in Great Magician Eisenkels tone, Xu Yi wasnt afraid at all.

It was like Great Magician Eisenkel had said, there was only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that was worth mentioning in the magic machine industry. Even if he sold this technology to other companies, their use of it and their income wouldnt be that high.

So even if Great Magician Eisenkel seemed determined, Xu Yi knew that he actually had no other choices.

Moreover, this was their first time working together, which meant that they were probing one another. Xu Yi had to clearly demonstrate his attitude, or there would be countless problems in the future.

When he returned to his residence, he found that Still and Great Magician Camilla werent back yet. Xu Yi laid down on the bed and planned to get a good rest.

Although it had only been a few days since he came to Anvilmar City, Xu Yi had been in negotiations with all kinds of people.

Each meeting and negotiation had many things that needed consideration, so Xu Yi had spent much more energy than he thought.

Xu Yi actually didnt like doing these kinds of things.

Compared to negotiating, he rather liked to concentrate on research.

Only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have a trustworthy person in this position, so he could only take care of everything himself.

Perhaps after some training, Kennard could take over for some work, but with his identity of being from the Emma Family, Xu Yi had some scruples.

As he laid there on the bed pondering, Xu Yi unknowingly fell asleep after some time.

Without knowing how long passed, there were the sounds of footsteps outside Xu Yis door that suddenly woke him up.

When he had just opened his eyes, he heard the sounds of quick footsteps approaching the door before opening it.

Then he heard Hannas loud laughter.

“Hey, Xu Yi, why are you sleeping in the middle of the day Quickly get up. Its rare enough for you to be in Anvilmar City, so I have to properly entertain you.”

Xu Yi pinched his nose and rubbed his temples before looking up at the excited Hannas. He forced out a smile as he replied, “I thought that you would look for me yesterday, so why are you only here today”

“This isnt like when you first came to Anvilmar City, you must have things to do, so I gave you a day to take care of it. If I came looking for you today, you would definitely have time. I heard Housekeeper Lahm say that you were sleeping when I arrived. This really is strange, you wouldnt have been sleeping since early this morning, right”

Xu Yis head ached from hearing Hannas speak, so he quickly shook his head and snappily glared at him, “Do you think I have time to sleep like that I havent been back long and I was just resting. Speak, are you planning on inviting me somewhere for lunch”

Hannas laughed, “Of course Im inviting you out to eat lunch, but it isnt on my invitation, but someone elses invitation.”

“Not your invitation” Xu Yi was surprised, “Then why did you come find me Who has this much face that they can have you come and send the invitation”

“Youll know if you come.” Hannas pulled Xu Yi off the bed and pulled him out the door.

After half an hour, Xu Yi in a private room of the Dritz Restaurant which was the best restaurant in Anvilmar City to see who had invited him.

However this person completely surpassed Xu Yis expectations.

When he saw the middle aged man in front of him with the warm smile, it took Xu Yi a full two minutes before he remembered him.

“Mister Lewis, its actually you!”

This person was Lewis who had directly asked to buy a thousand Magic Fans from Xu Yi when he had first started working with Heinz!

Seeing that Xu Yi remembered him, Lewis revealed a faint smile, “It seems like chairman Xu hasnt forgotten about me, then why havent you seen me once in your two trips to Anvilmar City I have always been waiting to see chairman Xu.”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile and dug around before taking out a golden piece of paper. It was the name card that Lewis had given him last year.

“Look, Ive kept this name card with me the entire time. It was just that there have been things that Ive been busy with the last two times, so I never had a chance to visit.” Xu Yi explained.

Lewis saw the name card and gave a nod, “I also know that chairman Xu is busy, just you having the intention is enough to satisfy me. Come, sit down before we talk.”

Before Xu Yi sat down, his eyes fell onto the other two people in the private room.

“These two are……”

Those two had stood up with Lewis when Xu Yi had come in. Seeing that Xu Yi was looking at them, both of them revealed smiles and the shorter person took the initiative to reach his hand out to Xu Yi, “Hello, chairman Xu. I am Anklo, Im from the Stantine Duchy.”

“Stantine Duchy” Xu Yis brows jumped up as he looked a bit surprised, “Is it the Stantine Duchy that is beside the Black Rice Wasteland that is close to the sea”

Anklo laughed, “Chairman Xu has quite the understanding of geography. Thats right, its the Stantine Duchy that is locked between the Black Rice Wastelands beastmen and the heartless sea.”

Anklos words were filled with self ridicule and helplessness. Other than Xu Yi, even Lewis, Hannas, and the other person couldnt help revealing a look of pity.

They revealed this expression because Anklos words were true.

This Stantine Duchys domain was quite strange. They were like the South American country of Chile on earth, the entire domain was a large strip that was blocked by the sea to the west and the Black Rice Wasteland to the north. The entire domain was shaped like a curve, like it was hugging the Lampuri Kingdom.

This duchys area wasnt considered small, but because there wasnt room to develop with the sea being to the west and the stronger Lampuri Kingdom to the east, as well as having the north being blocked by the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland, they had to stay on this piece of land and didnt have any possibilities of developing further.

The more important thing was that the temperament of the sea wasnt good, they didnt know when there would be hurricanes or tsunamis.

Even on earth with its higher level of technology, they didnt have a way of resisting natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis, so there was no need to mention the more Sines Continent with even less technology.

So half of the Stantine Duchy could be hit with a hurricane or tsunami at any time, so it was hard for them to develop with the constant natural disasters.

Xu Yi had thought that the standard of living for the Lampuri Kingdom citizens was low, but compared to the citizens of the Stantine Duchy, it was much better.

In the Stantine Duchy, being able to live from the hurricanes and tsunamis each year was already a hard thing…..

His mind thought about the information on the Stantine Duchy that he had read in Count Seans book collection and Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a look of sympathy.

But he realized that this wasnt polite, so he quickly looked at the other person.

That other person reached out his hand to Xu Yi with a smile, “Just call me Newman. Im also not from the Lampuri Kingdom, rather I come from the Rudson Kingdom to the south.”

Hearing this introduction, Xu Yi was even more surprised.

It was acceptable that Lewis was inviting him to a meal, but what did he invite two foreigners that he didnt know for-

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