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Erwins reminder was of course good natured, but what he didnt know was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was completely different from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce of last year.

When Xu Yi came last year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just started developing and had some fame in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, while no one in Anvilmar City had heard of it before. So Xu Yi had to personally talk to each magician that came to the certification exam, extending his sincere welcome for them to come work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Even like this, Xu Yi received the cold shoulder countless times.

However after a year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had become famous in the Lampuri Kingdom since Great Magician Camilla joined, so magicians from all over came to them.

Xu Yi even had to reject some magicians that wanted to join since there were too many of them.

Moreover, after talking to the magicians that worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the other magicians knew that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave great treatment and working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because they came in contact with these new Magic Arrays, it helped their understanding in drawing them which actually helped increase their magic power.

So for many magicians, especially those low level magicians, working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a very attractive option.

So Xu Yi didnt need to go find them and those magicians came to find him.

After Erwin finished talking to Xu Yi, there were some magicians who couldnt take it anymore and went to talk to Xu Yi.

Whether they asked in an offhand manner or if they directly asked about it, they all had the same idea which was that they really wanted to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi didnt immediately agree and welcomed them on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although most magicians here didnt have a chance to become a Great Magician, what Xu Yi needed was to put the same idea in the mind of the magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom. It was that studying magic machines at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was also a very good choice, which would be equal to a new outlet for magicians.

After talking for a bit, the exam officially began and Xu Yi left with Still, heading off to handle separate matters.

Still had to attend a jewelry expo that the Sarank Chamber of Commerce was holding as their spokesperson while Xu Yi was invited by Great Magician Eisenkel, so he headed to Great Magician Eisenkels Magic Tower.

This was Xu Yis first time coming to Great Magician Eisenkels Magic Tower.

Compared to Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower, this Great Magician Eisenkels Magic Tower couldnt be described of as a tower, rather it was just a simple title.

This was because Great Magician Eisenkels Magic Tower was a manor that took over five thousand square meters of land to the south of Anvilmar City. Other than a Magic Tower in the center of the manor, there were all kinds of other buildings around the tower that seemed to be protecting the tower.

Just based on this, one could see that Great Magician Eisenkel deserved to be called the richest magician in the kingdom.

After Xu Yi arrived, Great Magician Eisenkeol immediately came out to welcome him. The manner he acted was even friendlier than back in Banta City.

“Chairman Xu, it really is hard for you to make a trip. Come, let me take you on a tour. I think that you should have many opportunities in the future to come here.” Great Magician Eisenkel warmly led Xu Yi in, leading him around the manor on a tour.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised by Great Magician Eisenkel being this friendly because although both sides had the intention to cooperate, Xu Yi had some considerations. He didnt give the technology that belongs to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over to Great Magician Eisenkel like he wished, so the cooperation was considered quite shallow.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had given Great Magician Eisenkels Magic Tower some Magic Arrays to study, which resulted in them giving Great Magician Eisenkel around three thousand gold coins in research fund, but this was just a drop in the bucket for Great Magician Eisenkel. Of course it was not something that he cared about.

So Xu Yi thought that Great Magician Eisenkel inviting him this time was only a formality, he never thought that he would show this kind of attitude. It was like they were close partners.

“Look, chairman Xu, this is the Magic Array research lab that I specially put aside for our cooperation.”

When Xu Yi was pondering the question in his heart, Great Magician Eisenkel had already brought him to a courtyard with six two storied buildings.

Hearing Great Magician Eisenkels introduction, Xu Yi looked over the little courtyard in front of him. He felt that this little courtyard was like the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research facility, he just didnt know if the researchers were as strong as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces.

“Right now there are twenty Fourth to Seventh Grade Magicians who are currently researching the Magic Arrays and I also frequently come here to do some research, so while it might be a bit worse than your Frestech Chamber of Commerces research facility, it wouldnt be much worse.” Great Magician Eisenkel said in a confident voice to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi secretly shook his head.

First not mentioning the large difference in quantity between here and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, just Great Magician Camilla deciding to focus on studying magic machines compared to Great Magician Eisenkel just occasionally studying it, this created a very large difference between them.

The main research for the cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Great Magician Eisenkel was here, so after this place, Great Magician Eisenkel didnt take Xu Yi to any other place. He brought him around to the small buildings before bringing him to the Magic Tower in the center of the manor.

When they came close, Xu Yi found that the Magic Tower was thirteen stories tall. It was almost double the size of Great Magician Camillas seven story tower and the floors were twice as wide.

This proved the difference in finances between the two Great Magicians.

But the structure of the two Magic Towers were pretty much the same, with the top level being the Great Magicians private space.

Great Magician Eisenkel led Xu Yi to the top floor and waved his hand for everyone else to leave. After he personally poured a cup of tea for Xu Yi, he sat down and looked like he wanted to have a conversation with Xu Yi.

After a few polite words, Xu Yi asked about the research.

The current cooperation was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would provide funds while Great Magician Eisenkel would provide manpower.

The current research project that Xu Yi gave Great Magician Eisenkel was to stabilize the output power of Magic Arrays to allow the Magic Arrays to remain intact longer.

After half a year of research, there had been breakthroughs in these two projects and had met the requirements that Xu Yi had set.

But when Great Magician Eisenkel talked about the current progress, he said some thought provoking words.

“According to the initial agreement, I can give this research to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but I can also give it to another company if I choose to pay a penalty fee. Chairman Xu, there are many companies that are interested in this research and have agreed to pay the penalty fee for me, as well as buying it for a high price.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, as he didnt know whether Great Magician Eisenkel was reminding him of this or warning him of this.

“Naturally that is your excellency Great Magicians choice, but I think that since you chose to cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you arent planning to ruin this relationship, right Otherwise, with your financial power, you dont need our research funds at all.”

“Thats right.” Great Magician Eisenkel said with a nod, “Compared to those other companies of the kingdom who dont have mature research with magic machines, of course I want to work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So as long as chairman Xu can agree to my conditions, I will not only offer the two technologies as per the contract, I will also continue to help with your research.”

Xu Yi didnt look surprised at all, “I ask your excellency Great Magician to tell me your conditions.”

“According to my initial plan, we would share the technology that was developed. As long as there are any companies that use this technology, they would have to pay the patent fee for using it. But right now whether its the kingdom or the Magicians Guild, they havent passed the patent act yet, so after careful consideration, I can only use the method that your company used before to process this technology.” Great Magician Eisenkel said.

“Our companys method” Xu Yi thought about it, “Youre talking about selling the technology and receiving a corresponding fee”

“Thats right. I feel that this method is quite good. So right now this technology belongs to the two of us, so we should both receive benefits from selling this technology. What does chairman Xu think about this”

Xu Yi fell into thought before asking, “There are two problems. How should we calculate the percentage we own Also, our Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines will also be using this technology, so how will we calculate this”

“Because these two pieces of technology came from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce paying and me providing the manpower, I think that half is a good choice on how to split it. As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce using this technology…..Chairman Xu, I think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs to pay the same fee for using this technology, which we will take half from.”

“So youre saying that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs to pay the corresponding patent fees to use this technology” Xu Yi asked.


Xu Yi thought for a bit before shaking his head, “I dont agree. If it is selling this technology to other companies, I agree with the plan that your excellency Great Magician has proposed. But for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to use this technology, I hope that we wont be affected like this.”

Great Magician Eisenkel didnt think that Xu Yi would reject it so straightforward and slightly knit his brows.

“Chairman Xu, although your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has invested in this technology, it has the efforts of me and the magicians under me. If it is like you said and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt need to pay to use it, we would lose quite a bit of income. Do you feel…..this is fair”

“This is unrelated to whether it is fair or not, I just dont want the magic machines produced by my company to be limited like this. To put it more simply, I dont like it.” Xu Yi directly said.

Great Magician Eisenkel knit his brows even tighter.

“Chairman Xu, I hope that you wont let your personal preference affect your judgement. Ive already said before, I can pay the penalty to your company and then take this technology for myself. Then if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce wants to use this technology, you will have to buy it from me.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and leaned back in his chair. He spread his hands and said with a relaxed face, “If thats what your excellency Great Magician has decided to do, please do so.”

Great Magician Eisenkels expression immediately changed.-

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