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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 25

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Experimental machine

In the blink of an eye, they entered August and the middle of summer.

The weather became even hotter and once the sun came out, the Magic Fan factory was the same as a steamer. After a while, every one of the thirty students were covered in sweat.

Even with a Magic Fan turning in every corner of the factory, it couldnt let them cool down.

“Sir vice chairman, can you convince sir chairman to install a large scale Frost Array in this place.” Orin wiped his forehead covered in beads of sweat, as he couldnt help complaining to Heinz beside him.

He came from a noble family and had a better family circumstance since he was young, so he had never suffered like this before.

“Orin, you really are a child of a noble family. Do you know how much a large scale Frost Array costs to install” Without waiting for Heinz to respond, a student refuted him with a cold snort, “We only make a few gold coins each month and even if we add all thirty of us together, we can barely afford the consumption for a large scale Frost Array each month. Do you think sir chairman will install one for us”

“I know that, but we still have to put up some resistance.” Orin didnt care about the insulting tone of the student at all. Since he received a special reward from Xu Yi for modifying the Magic Array, Orins heart had been filled with joy the entire time and he became much more open.

“Ke, everyone does not need to worry, Ill report this matter to the chairman when I get back and I will try my best to convince him to install a large scale Frost Array. I believe that chairman has seen everyones hard work and will definitely think of a way to solve this.” Seeing everyones back covered in sweat, Heinz quickly comforted them.

With how hot the Magic Fans were selling, the Magic Fan factory earned over a hundred gold coins each day. Like this, it wasnt unacceptable for them to install a large scale Magic Array.

After all, these students were the core part of producing Magic Fans and now that it was too hot, it would greatly affect their productivity. As the manager of this factory, Heinz had no choice but to consider this problem.

The students didnt reveal expressions that were too excited towards Heinzs response, even Orin laughed while shaking his head, looking like he didnt believe him.

The student said was right. Laying a large scale Frost Array costs too much and from the perspective of a merchant, they would not easily arrange this kind of thing for their workers.

At least they had never heard of a company that arranged such a luxurious thing for their factory.

Of course, they thought this, but when they saw Xu Yi appear in the factory, there was a bit of hope in those students.

But Xu Yis reply immediately shattered their hopes.

“Laying a large scale Frost Array That isnt possible, it costs too much. There is no need for that at all.” Xu Yi shook his head, answering in a very firm voice.

The students looked at each other and gave sighs before silently returning to their work.

“Sir chairman, I thought that you were different from other merchants, but now I can see that you are no different from them.” Orin was too disappointed and he couldnt help complaining.

Xu Yi laughed while waving his hand and saying, “You dont need to be in a rush to be disappointed. Although I said that a large scale Frost Array is too wasteful, that does not mean that I cant solve your problems.”

The students curiously looked over at Xu Yi again. They thought that the weather is so hot, if you dont lay down a large scale Frost Array, how could you solve the problem

Xu Yi pointed at the rectangular iron box he just brought in and signaled for Heinz to install this box on the wall of the workshop with him. Then he casually threw a Magic Crystal into the hole on the side.

Seeing Xu Yis action, the eyes of the students lit up.

Could it be that Xu Yi made another new piece of magic machinery

“Sir chairman, what is this thing” Orin couldnt help asking.

“Dont rush, youll know in a bit.” Xu Yi finished his preparations before pressing the switch at the bottom of the strange box.


With a soft sound, the iron box lit up with a faint cream coloured light before it released a faint blue glow along with that light, as wu, wu sounds came from the iron box.

There were several strange openings on the bottom of the box and outside it were strips of cloth. At first everyone couldnt tell what it was, but after a while, everyone found that these strips of cloth were slightly moving, clearly being blown by wind coming out of the opening.

Seeing this scene, the students became disappointed again.

“Sir chairman, isnt this just an altered Magic Fan What use does it have”

“Thats right, we have so many Magic Fans around us, but just blowing wind wont cool us down that much.”

“Thats right, you should still lay a large scale Frost Array for us. Otherwise, well die from the heat.”


Xu Yi smiled without explaining anything.

After a while, Heinz and the other students suddenly realized something strange.

“Yi This isnt right, why is this wind so cold”

“Thats right, its so strange. Its clearly so hot, so why is the wind being blown out cold”

“Thats true, its so cold! This is great! Itll be much more comfortable later!”

“Ha, ha, so comfortable! This thing is almost comparable to a large scale Frost Array!”


The students enjoyed the cool breeze coming from this strange iron box for a while before they couldnt help curiously asking Xu Yi.

“Sir chairman, just what is this thing”

“Thats right, why is the wind being blown out so cold”

“It would be great if the Magic Fans were like this. Everyone wouldnt need to install large scale Frost Arrays.”

“This thing…..” Xu Yi stretched out his words. He obtained the appetite of the students, but he kept them hanging, “I wont tell you for now.”

“It cant be, right Sir chairman, youre kidding with us, right”

“Thats right, why do you need to intentionally keep us hungry At least you can tell us whats the name of this thing, right”

“Hei, it isnt that Im not willing to tell you, rather this thing hasnt been completed yet. I have only made an experimental model and Im letting you use it first. One, Im positively changing your work environment and two, Im giving you all a task, which is to observe the running conditions off this magic machinery. No matter what problems or changes occur with it, you have to record it all. I need to collect some experimental data and then make some changes to it, do you understand”

“Its like this, we will definitely finish this task!”

“Thats right! Be assured sir chairman, since it has let me be much cooler, I will definitely treat it as a treasure!”

“No, no, no, I dont want you to use it like a treasure, rather be rough with it. How rough you can be is how rough you should treat it. This is because I need to record its reactions to many different special circumstances to test its performance. The time, lets just set it for three days for now. In three days, Ill collect the data from you all. If everything goes smoothly, this thing will enter production. At that time, Ill install a few of them here for you all and I promise you wont feel the heat.”

“Thats great!”

“Sir chairman, you really are a good person!”

“No, a good boss!”


Seeing the cheering of the students, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He turned to Heinz and said in a small voice, “Heinz, Ill be heading out in the next few days. The matters on this side will depend on you.”

“Going out Where” Heinz asked in a surprised voice.

Xu Yis gaze drifted into the distance, “Im going to the dwarven village Master Lanus came from. Master Lanus said that it would be fast, only taking a day, so Im estimating it at three days. But if something happens to delay me, you are here to help me take care of things. Also I need you to take a trip to Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower for me and tell Great Magician Camila that I will be taking two days off.”

Heinz asked in a curious voice, “What are you doing suddenly going to the dwarven tribe”

“Remember what I told you last time Ive always been dissatisfied with the works of the blacksmiths in Banta City and the only one qualified is Master Lanus. But Master Lanus is alone, so he cant meet my needs at all. Ive thought about it seriously and discussed this with Master Lanus, deciding to head to the dwarven tribe. If I can recruit a few dwarves to leave their tribes, it will be very helpful to my plan later on.”

“Although dwarven artisans are a bit better than human artisans, is there a need for this Look at those Magic Fan outer casings made by human blacksmiths in the city, I dont see any problem with them at all.”

“He, he, Heinz, this isnt me being picky, rather your standards are too low. Can it be that you havent noticed that although the Magic Fan outer casings look pretty good, there are always small differences in its appearance These differences can create large or small differences in the appearance of the Magic Fans weve produced. You shouldnt look down on these small differences. You cant see it now, but when our factory wants to start line work, these small differences could be fatal.”

“Line work” Heinz couldnt help being astonished by the several new words that came out of Xu Yis mouth as he became dazed again, “What is that”

“Ill explain this to you when the time is right, you just need to focus a bit more. This is the must standard for all products, it must be uniform and have no discrepancies at all.

Seeing how serious Xu Yi was, Heinz could only nod in agreement.

“Alright, Im setting off. I hope that when I return, Ill be able to bring back a group of dwarven artisans.”-

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