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Hearing Xu Yis words, the bright smile on Urgots face instantly collapsed.

He gave a sigh and shook his head. He brought Xu Yi and Alex to a room in the back and poured a cup of tea for Xu Yi before complaining to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, the crisis that were facing now, its all because of you to be honest.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You really think so”

Urgot's expression froze as he thought about it and honestly said, “Right, if it wasnt for you agreeing to cooperate with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, how could they think about selling household magic machines Other than that…..Chairman Xu, Ive heard that the Walmart Chamber of Commerces idea to make a household magic machine store…..it was given to them by you”

“Right, it was indeed my idea.” Xu Yi nodded.

“How could you do this!” Urgots voice was raised and he loudly said, “Chairman Xu, how can you forget about us three brothers just to earn more money for your company You have to know, if it wasnt for our hard work, how could the Frestech Brand household magic machines have such fame in Anvilmar City How could it sell so well”

Xu Yi looked at the excited Urgot and looked at the silent Alex as his heart filled with disappointment.

This disappointment was not just from Urgots words, but also from Alexs reaction.

Clearly he was the one that gave Victor, Cell, and Urgot the chance to make money, letting them earn over fifty thousand gold coins in a year from selling Frestech Brand household magic machines, but they didnt have any gratitude to him at all. Once they heard that he had given the Walmart Chamber of Commerce the idea of making a household magic machine store, which posed a threat to their business, they actually directly accused him.

Alex was clearly the favourite nephew of Heinz and Xu Yi had groomed him, even giving the important and lucrative work of being the Frestech Chamber of Commerces representative in Anvilmar City, but now he didnt say a single word about this situation and even agreed with Urgot.

Xu Yi didnt know what Alex had experienced in his year in Anvilmar City, but based on this situation, he wasnt the same humble youth from a small city as before. After being with Victors group for a year, he had already changed.

As thoughts passed through his mind, Xu Yi asked Urgot, “Is this your thought or the thoughts of all three of you”

Urgot was surprised before he hesitantly said, “Its…..Its the thoughts of all three of us. Anyway, Victor and Cell both think that chairman Xus methods are too insincere.”

Xu Yi gained some comfort from this response. It seemed that Victor and Cell werent as dumb and unclear about matters as Urgot, knowing that they still needed to rely on him to make money.

But from Urgots answer, he could tell that the three of them were a bit dissatisfied with Xu Yi because of this matter.

He could understand this. The three of them had earned over fifty thousand gold coins in a year from opening this Frestech Brand household magic machine shop, so of course they werent willing to lose this golden goose.

Now that the shop was facing this serious threat, it was normal for them to be anxious.

“So isnt that why I came” Xu Yi spread his hands as he said with a smile, “I understand, this matter poses a threat to your business, but I hope that you understand that as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, I am responsible for the development of my company. Cooperating with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce not only greatly increases the sales volume of our Frestech Brand household magic machines, but it also increases the fame of our company, so of course I cant turn them down.”

“But…..But why didnt you think about us” Of course Urgot understood that Xu Yis words were logical, so he could only force himself to say this.

“I did. Look, as soon as I came to Anvilmar City, I didnt go anywhere else and came to find you. Do you think that Im not thinking about you”

Urgot looked at Alex and seeing Alex nod, his expression calmed down.

“Ke…..Chairman Xu, I was too excited just now, please dont mind it. Can you tell me how you are thinking about us” Urgot looked at Xu Yi with an expectant gaze.

Since listening to Xu Yis suggestion and earning a large amount from cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, his heart was filled with admiration for Xu Yi.

Moreover, in this year, he would frequently see reports on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi in the newspapers of Anvilmar.

In those reports, they were always filled with praise for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Urgot was very clear that perhaps Xu Yi wasnt really an important person yet, but in his eyes, his experience and wisdom surpassed the average person.

To put it simply, it wasnt wrong to listen to him.

Seeing Urgots obedient appearance, Xu Yi said with a smile and a nod, “First, let me confirm something. The Walmart Chamber of Commerce is our Lampuri Kingdoms largest grocery store and with your small shop, you definitely cant compete with them.”

Urgot nodded, “So the three of us have been having headaches. Victor already asked around and the Walmart Chamber of Commerce is selling household magic machines at a lower price, so we cant compete at all.”

“You havent thought this through.” Xu Yi shook his head and said, “Since you cant compete with them, then dont. Dont use your disadvantages to compete with their advantages, you should display your own advantages.”

“Our advantages” Urgot knit his brows, “What advantage do we have over the Walmart Chamber of Commerce”

“Of course you have some.” Xu Yi pointed at him, “This store is a Frestech Brand store that is recognized by me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is your greatest advantage.”

Urgot revealed a confused look, “I dont understand, how is this an advantage”

“You dont understand” Xu Yi revealed a smile and took out a document from his bag for Urgot, “Look at this, youll understand after you see this.”

Urgot took the document with a confused look and found that it was a contract. After looking at Xu Yi in a daze, he looked it over with Alex.

At first, the two of them were confused, but after reading it, their eyes began to light up.

After they finished reading it, Urgot closed the document and seriously thought for a bit before nodding his head in a certain manner, “Chairman Xu, I have to say, your ideas are just too good. Based on what you said, if this store becomes something like your Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center in Banta City, I think that when the prices are around the same, most would pick our store to feel more assured.”

“Right, I will send technical support and personnel here to ensure that this place will be our Frestech Chamber of Commerces window for the public in Anvilmar City.”

Xu Yis expression suddenly became serious.

“The quality of this window display will determine our Frestech Chamber of Commerces fame in Anvilmar City, so if you decide to sign this new contract, I will request that you strictly follow the rules of the contract. If you think that you cant do this, I advise you to reject this because with how important this is, I will not be lenient in implementing what is written on the contract.”

Urgot couldnt say a thing because of Xu Yis expression for a while, but he still hesitantly gave a nod.

“I will discuss this with Victor and Cell.”

“Un, thats good.”

When he left the store, the curtain of night was already falling and the skies of Anvilmar City became a bit dark.

Xu Yi looked around the lively street outside the store and turned back to see Urgot greeting two customers with a smile before giving a sigh.

Actually if there was a choice, he really wanted to stop cooperating with Victors group because based on the attitude Urgot had just show, it would be hard for them to be outstanding partners.

This is because they were too selfish and didnt have any foresight or ability to adjust.

But to establish a window for the public for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Anvilmar City that Xu Yi talked about, with how Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have any foundations in Anvilmar City, it would be a very difficult matter.

So Xu YI could only depend on the three of them to maintain this window in Anvilmar City for now.

Although Xu Yi had many doubts on whether the three of them could do this, there was no better choice, so he had no choice but to do this.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at Alex walking beside him. If this fellow worked a bit harder in this year, he could have established his own network and Xu Yi could use some of his connections, with Alex as a core to create the window that he wanted.

But Alex had only approached Victors group during this year and didnt make any progress, so how could Xu Yi leave such a heavy responsibility to him.

“In the end, there just arent enough talented people.” Xu Yi gave a soft sigh, “It would be good if I could get a few more people like Kennard…...”

Alex saw that Xu Yis expression leaving the store wasnt good and now that he had heard him suddenly sigh, he thought about it before quickly saying, “Chairman, its already this late, how about we get dinner first I know a very good restaurant and there are many specialties from Banta City there. Then Ill lead you to a good place to rest, Victor and I go there frequently and its very comfortable. The girls there are all very beautiful…..”

Alex couldnt say anything else because he found that Xu Yis face had turned a frightening dark colour.

Seeing Xu Yis ice cold eyes and face, Alex understood that he had said the wrong things.

He understood, but didnt know how to explain, so he was speechless for a while.

Xu Yi coldly looked at Alex for a while before he finally suppressed the disappointment and anger in his heart. He slowly took a deep breath and used all his strength to calm his voice as he said, “No need for all that trouble, Still and Great Magician Camilla should be waiting for me, so Ill go look for them.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention the name “Still”, Alex immediately understood.

Before he had heard that the chairman was officially dating young miss Still, but he actually mentioned that kind of place to the chairman, so it would be strange if he wasnt mad.

Alex wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and quickly led the way, bringing Xu Yi to his destination.-

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