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Five days later, a row of ten carriages with the Fersen Carriage Companys symbol slowly rode into Anvilmar City.

The motorcade came to the biggest inn in Anvilmar City, the Sheldon Inn. Staff wearing the uniform of the Sheldon Inn immediately came forward to welcome them.

The doors to the horse carriages opened and the researchers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce jumped out.

Bella saw the incomparable beautiful Sheldon Inn that was four stories tall and took a large piece of land in Anvilmar City and couldnt help giving a shocked gasp.

“Sir chairman, were really staying in such a good place”

“Thats right, I heard it was very expensive here. It seems to take at least ten gold coins a night here!” Claire couldnt help gasping from the side.

Not only were these two shocked, the others all revealed shocked looks.

The reason why these magicians chose to work at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, putting all other reasons aside, it was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave them the best treatment.

To put it from another angle, their economic situation was quite average.

The Sheldon Inn was the best inn in all of the Lampuri Kingdom, so none of these magicians had ever stayed here before.

Seeing the luxurious Sheldon Inn and thinking that they would be staying at this place, many people couldnt help feeling excited.

“Un, its pretty much that price.” Xu Yi ambiguously said.

Actually, he had booked twenty rooms at the Sheldon in a month ahead of time and this was for a whole week, so he spent a shocking two thousand gold coins.

It must be known that this was enough to pay a months salary for these researchers!

The reason for doing this was because the Magicians Guilds certification exam that had been delayed by a month was finally beginning.

Most of the researchers were under the Fifth Grade, so of course they wouldnt miss the chance to participate in the once in a year certification exam.

The reason why Evita said that the magic research facility needed to close temporarily was because even her as the chief had to come to Anvilmar City to participate in the certification exam. The researchers left in the magic research facility couldnt continue their research.

Evita had reported this matter to Xu Yi a month ago and after considering it at that time, he decided to give a weeks vacation to all the researchers of the magic research facility, while also booking the twenty rooms at the Sheldon Inn ahead of time. They would be the residences for the researchers that wanted to take the certification exam.

This decision had raised Xu Yi to the top of the researchers minds in an instant.

It had to be known that when it came to the certification exam each year, Anvilmar City would be filled with magicians. During this time, it wasnt easy to find a safe place to live, not to mention an upscale place like the Sheldon Inn.

When those researchers came to participate before, they had to spend a lot of time solving their lodging issues. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had taken care of everything and stopped them from worrying, it allowed them to concentrate on the exam, which was a very advantageous thing.

Even if they didnt mention the high wages of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, just because of this work benefit, it was enough to make them not regret their decision to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After leading everyone to check in at the Sheldon Inn, the sharp-eyed Bella saw that Xu Yi didnt check in, so she couldnt help asking in a curious voice, “Sir chairman, why arent you staying with us Could it be that youre not participating in the certification exam with us”

“Bella, you idiot.” Claire looked at her with a mysterious smile before she whispered in Bellas ear, “Did you forget Great Magician Camilla came a few days earlier to Anvilmar City with Still, naturally sir chairman is going to live in the same place as Still.”

“Thats right.” Bella gave a clap and suddenly understood, “Compared to staying with us, hed much rather enjoy his private time with Still, I really am dumb.”

Seeing everyones smiles, Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry. He shook his head and said, “First, I havent decided whether Im participating in the certification exam or not. Second, Im not staying here because I have many things to do in Anvilmar City this time and staying here isnt convenient. Alright, now that everythings been taken care of, go and rest. Youve been on the road for two days now, you all must be tired.”

“Right, after sitting in the horse carriages for two days, my bolt has been jolted into pieces.” Bella rubbed her butt with a frown as she complained, “Sir chairman, when will there be a road from Banta City to Anvilmar City Then it wont be so hard for us to come to Anvilmar City.”

“Thats right, if there is a road, we might even be able to get here in a day and it wouldnt be so hard on the road.” The one who echoed Bella this time was Akali who had finished going around the Sheldon Inns main hall, “Sir chairman, how about you pay to build that road”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “You think that I can build it when I want But as for the road, that is one of the reasons why I came to Anvilmar City. If it goes smoothly, perhaps that road will be finished by next year and your trip then wont be as bad.”

“Really Thats great!” Akali and Bella cheered at the same time and high fived each other before Akali said with an excited look, “Sir chairman, youre the one who said it. If the road isnt built next year when we come for the certification exam, well blame you.”

Xu Yi laughed. When he was about to urge them to rest, he saw Alex coming in through the doors of the Sheldon Inn with five people.

“Chairman, Im here.” Alex greeted Xu Yi before looking at the magicians beside Xu Yi and asking, “They are the researchers you mentioned in your letter”

“Un, these people are.” Xu Yi nodded as he looked at the five people Alex brought, “They are the best tailors in the city”

“Definitely the best.” Alex patted his chest and said in a certain voice, “I had Victor find them several days in advance. Chairman, if you dont believe me, you should believe in Victors group of three, right”

“Un, they are the local bullies here, I wont doubt their abilities.” Xu Yi responded before looking at Alex with slightly knit brows.

When Alex came to Anvilmar City a year ago, he looked like a little boy that came from a small city. Whether it was his manners or appearance, they were all very rustic and when he heard that Xu Yi had him be the representative of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Anvilmar City, he didnt have any confidence.

Xu Yi had been busy this year and didnt have the time to come to Anvilmar City. Now that he was seeing Alex a year later, he found that he had greatly changed in this year.

First he was wearing quite luxurious clothes. One look told that it was made from good materials and from fine craftsmanship, it definitely wasnt something cheap.

Second, he was completely filled with confidence and even a bit of pride. Other than being a bit courteous to Xu Yi, he held his head up when he looked at the magicians, like he was in a commanding position.

Xu YI was a bit surprised by the large change in him and didnt really like the slightly haughty feel he had, but because he was Heinzs favourite nephew, although he didnt like him, he didnt plan on saying anything.

He looked at the five people behind Alex and gave a nod before saying, “Alright, since the people are here, then first have them take measurements for the researchers. Alex, come with me to the shop that Victors group opened and lets go take a look.”

“Alright.” Alex quickly replied and said a few things to the five behind them. The five of them took out tape measures and measuring tools before surrounding the researchers.

The researchers were shocked to see the five of them taking their measurements. Akali couldnt help asking Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, what is this”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Dont be afraid, Im just making some uniforms for you all. What, could it be that you dont like new clothes”

Akali and the others wanted to ask why they needed uniforms, but Xu Yi had already left the Sheldon Inn with Alex.

It should be said that Victors group of three didnt let down Xu Yis evaluation of them as local bullies. In a place like Anvilmar City where each inch of land was worth gold, they actually found a spot on the most prosperous street of Anvilmar City to open a household magic machine store.

Although the store wasnt big, only being around fifty square meters, this shop was just for putting samples. In such a large space, there was more than enough space for them to put samples of the Frestech Brand household magic machines.

Victors group had put quite a bit of thought into the store, as the store had been specialized. Although it was a bit dim when one entered the doors, there were areas lit up by magic lamps over their products, making people who came into the store unable to not focus on those household magic machines.

Adding in the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines were made from the new steel alloys, with designs made by Agnes and Vivian working together, the designs under the light made them look like pieces of art, naturally attracting everyones gaze.

When Xu Yi and Alex walked into the store, there were exactly three people browsing the household magic machines inside.

The ones helping them was not anyone from Victors group, but rather the workers they hired.

But those three listened to Xu Yis advice and they always left someone at the store. The one there today was Urgot.

Once he saw Xu Yi coming in with Alex, Urgot was overjoyed and came forward to greet them with a bright smile.

When Xu Yi saw him come over, he revealed a serious look.

“Urgot, your store, its facing a crisis right now.”-

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