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“Hey, Akali, who made you angry” Xu Yi immediately asked.

Akali looked up at Xu Yi and gave a snort, “Its that bastard Schoch!”

“What happened with Schoch” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

Although Schoch had been cold to Xu Yi and even showed hostility, but he was very proper to other people and even was a gentleman to the girls, so why did Akali suddenly become so angry

“He thinks hes so great! I told him that the Sun Flame Array cant take Wind Crystal Grass Essence because there would be problems with the conflicting attributes, but he wouldnt listen and said he had to give it a try. In the end, once the Magic Array was activated, it exploded!” Akali angrily said.

Xu Yi was shocked,” Was someone hurt”

“No one was.” Akali shook her head, “Everyone reacted fast enough and had time to protect themselves, so nothing happened. But the lab is in a mess from the explosion. I say that Schoch should fix his own problem and he dares talk back to me, saying that the lab belongs to everyone! Humph! Im so angry!”

Hearing that no one was hurt, Xu Yi calmed down and said with a smile, “Hes right, the lab belongs to everyone and its normal for accidents to happen, so its right that everyone cleans up.”

Akali glared at him, “Sir chairman, then based on what you said, you think that he did nothing wrong”

“I didnt say that.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Because of his mistake, the failed experiment has damaged the lab, so the losses will all fall onto him. According to the rules, the losses will be deducted from his next months salary.”

Hearing Xu Yis final words, Akali suddenly broke out in laughter.

“Ha, ha, lets see if he dares act so arrogantly next time. Right, deduct his salary and let him know the seriousness of this matter!”

Seeing Akalis face covered in schadenfreude, Xu Yi shook his head. When he was about to ask Akali about the research progress, there was a cold snort from behind them.

“Sir chairman, there are normally failures when it comes to magic research. If a researcher has to pay for the losses caused by their failure each time, does that mean that the researchers arent allowed to do new experiments and do the safest thing If its like this, is there even a meaning for this research facility to exist”

Xu Yi turned to see Schochs cold face and said with a serious look, “No, its the exact opposite. I very much encourage everyone to use their imagination and do all kinds of new experiments. But before this, my number one request is safety.”

“No one was hurt this time, so why are you punishing me” Schoch wasnt willing to give up.

“Because you hadnt considered the consequences of your experiment failing. This time everyone reacted quickly and put up their guard, so nothing happened this time. If some people hadnt guarded themselves or if the explosion from your experiment failing was a bit too big, without ways to protect themselves, what do you think would happen if people were hurt or even killed” Xu Yi said with a serious expression.

Schoch didnt have any words.

He indeed couldnt guarantee that magic experiments would succeed each time, rather most of them ended in failure.

He also couldnt guarantee that the destructive might would be in his area of control, so he couldnt answer Xu Yis question at all.

Seeing that Schoch wasnt speaking, Xu Yi ignored him. He asked Akali and after learning that Evita was in her personal lab, he headed over.

“Establishing security measures” Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman, most magic experiments will fail, this isnt something strange, right”

“Failure isnt strange, but I will not permit anyone being hurt or killed by these failures. Each magician, each staff member is precious, so if someone were to be injured or die from a failed experiment, I cant accept this loss.” Xu Yi had a serious expression, not looking like he was joking at all, “For example, Evita, if you were injured from an experiment failing and it left a scar on your face, that is a loss that cant be recovered because wouldnt it ruin your beautiful face”

Evitas face was covered in a blush, “Chairman, you think that Im beautiful”

Xu Yi was surprised before he naturally responded, “Of course youre beautiful, isnt this easily seen”

Evitas blush became even darker and she lowered her head as she said in a low voice, “Alright, since its the chairmans request, then well set the security measures. But how should they be set”

“I dont care how they are set. Evita, you are the chief of the magic research facility, so you should make that decision. In short, my request is that when a researcher is performing an experiment, they have to pay attention to their own safety first.” Xu Yi said.

Seeing Evita keep her head down, Xu Yi thought it was because she lacked confidence, so he comforted her, “Evita, you are the most careful girl Ive seen and you always consider every part of the issue. I believe that you will definitely be able to do this.”

Xu Yi didnt see that Evitas lowered face turned completely red, he just heard her give a soft un sound.

After he finished talking about the security measures matter, Xu Yi looked at the situation of the lab and asked about the magic research facilitys current progress.

When speaking of research, Evita gradually calmed down and began telling Xu Yi about their progress during this time.

Following Xu Yis request, the magic research facility had been recently researching how to increase the power of various magic machines.

Take the small Magic Harvester. Before there was a Third Grade Wind Magic Array drawn inside, the Wild Wind Array.

With the power of this Magic Array, it was enough to satisfy the needs of the small Magic Harvester.

But now that Xu Yi was planning to develop the medium and large Magic Harvesters, the power of this Wild Wind Array wasnt enough.

So the magic research facility was split into two directions of research.

The first was quite direct, changing to a higher grade Magic Array to increase the power.

Right now, they were set on three Fourth Grade Magic Arrays and a Fifth Grade Magic Array.

According to their research, those Fourth Grade Magic Arrays could be used since each one had a different characteristic.

Xu Yi made a large move after learning of this and had the magic research facility study these four Magic Arrays. It would be best if they could create a proper magic output model for each Magic Array and then work with the magic machine workshop and the design department to make a concrete design.

If it was the past magic research facility, Xu Yi couldnt have made this request because there was a lack of people.

But now that they had recruited thirty four more magicians, the magic research facility had increased their power and it wasnt too hard for them to complete this request.

Xu Yi had made this request to make the Magic Harvester more adaptable.

In the Lampuri Kingdom, or on the Sines Continent, it was impossible for the land to be as smooth as it was outside Banta City. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Harvester would be sold in many different places, so naturally they had to adapt to them.

As for the second direction of research, it was much more complicated.

This is because this direction was not changing Magic Arrays, but rather making adjustments to the Wild Wind Array and changing its output model, making it adapt to different requests.

Moreover, Xu Yi had said that it would be best if they kept the Wild Wind Array and increased the power of this Magic Array, increasing the power output.

When this idea was mentioned, it met the resistance of all the researchers.

This is because the grades of Magic Arrays was the accumulation of research over thousands of years, which included the wisdom of countless magicians.

The Wild Wind Array was set as a Third Grade Magic Array, so there was logic behind it and it couldnt be easily changed.

But when Great Magician Camilla heard Xu Yis suggestion, unexpected to everyone, he said that this idea was feasible.

The reason he gave was that Magic Array was different from magic.

Although each Magic Array had a corresponding magic, with the Wild Wind Array having the Wild Wind Spell, the output of casting a spell depended on a magicians magic power and their knowledge of the spell, while a Magic Array was determined by the drawing of the array and the materials used.

Just like how a spells power could change because of different levels of magic power and understanding, a Magic Arrays might could increase because of differences with the drawing and different kinds of materials.

Since his excellency Great Magician said it was possible, the other researchers didnt have any arguments.

After around a month of research, the magic research facility had initial results with this project.

The current magic research facilitys Wild Wind Array 3.0 had shown visible increase in might and the output model had been increased by 30%.

According to Xu Yis calculation, if this Wild Wind Array was placed on a small Magic Harvester, the efficiency of the small Magic Harvester would increase by at least 10%.

Dont look down on 10%, in the machine industry, even a 1% increase was quite considerable.

After hearing Evitas report, Xu Yi was very satisfied.

After recruiting the thirty four magicians, the efficiency of the magic research facility had been increased quite a bit.

The more important thing was that with Great Magician Camilla here, the efficiency and enthusiasm of the researchers had all been greatly increased.

The researchers would have all kinds of different strange thoughts, but it was hard to confirm if their thoughts would be effective.

Before they suppressed all those ideas and didnt attempt them at all, but with Great Magician Camilla here and with Xu Yis endless encouragement, the researchers were willing to disclose those ideas and have everyone discuss them before Great Magician Camilla made his decision.

With Xu Yis instructions, other than those ideas that were nothing but wild guesses, Great Magician Camilla accepted all different thoughts and encouraged everyone to experiment.

So in just a short month, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility had made a jump in terms of Magic Array research.

When Xu Yi was fantasizing about recruiting another Great Magician or two, Evita suddenly said, “Chairman, I think that the magic research facility should close temporarily.”-

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