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The Vanilla Orchid Suburbs relocation could be considered the first large action from the Banta City renovation plan. It represented that the renovation plan was officially moving forward, so when the first group of villagers moved in, the City Lords Manor specially held a ceremony for this and Count Sean even came personally.

Other than Count Sean, the large companies of the cities sent their representatives.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce in charge of this project was focused on by everyone.

When Xu Yi and Kennard arrived, the ceremony hadnt started yet. The Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise saw Xu Yi and immediately came forward to greet him.

“How about it Chairman Xu, isnt this apartment complex good” Chairman Cruise asked Xu Yi with a proud look.

Xu Yi looked at him and found it a bit funny, “Ive already praised you many times, why are you still asking me this If you want words of admiration, there, the Lord City Lord is over there, you can go look for him.”

“Ha, ha, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce was something that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave to our Amrit Chamber of Commerce, so now that the work is done, I have to report to the one paying first. As for the Lord City Lord, hes already praised me quite a bit earlier.”

“Since the Lord City Lord is also very satisfied, that is good.” Xu Yi patted chairman Cruises shoulder and said with a faint smile, “Chairman Cruise, since the first project is done this well, the Lord City Lord wont give the other projects to other companies. If this Banta City renovation project is completely given to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, youll be rich.”

“That is all because of chairman Xus trust in us.” Chairman Cruise gave a laugh before moving in towards Xu Yi and saying in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, can I ask you a few things”

“What things” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“The first question is, the Vanilla Orchid Suburb was finished by our Amrit Chamber of Commerce, but in front of you, I have to speak the truth. Didnt we take two hundred thousand from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce for this Our Amrit Chamber of Commerce spent around one hundred and seventy thousand, so we earned around thirty thousand from this.”

“Un, chairman Cruise, it seems like you gave me some face and didnt take that much. I have to express my gratitude.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“I didnt want to talk about this. The question is that our Amrit Chamber of Commerce has indeed made money on this, but I still cant see it, how is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce earning money from this This time youve invested over two hundred thousand gold coins, I cant see how youll earn those two hundred thousand gold coins back.” Chairman Cruise asked with a confused expression.

“Could it be that youve forgotten that the land the residential area takes is much less than the three villages” Xu Yi asked back.

“Of course I know this, but this residential area is outside Banta City to begin with and the three villages are quite far away. The closest is Mildan Village is close to five kilometers away from Banta City, based on this distance, the value of these pieces of land arent the same at all. I dont think this is a business worth doing at all.” Chairman Cruise knit his brows as he thought about this and asked in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, were close, so if you have some special money making method, let me hear about it.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and shook his head, “Actually there isnt anything special. Although the three villages are farther from Banta City, havent you ever thought that those three villages are included in the Banta City industrial sector and arent that far from Sandton Manor. If nothing unexpected happens, the outer parts of Banta City will be the industrial sectors where all the factories in Banta City will be moved. Adding in the fact that your Amrit Chamber of Commerce is building roads, havent you thought that…...would the value of the land still be as low as before”

Chairman Cruise thought about it and suddenly thought of something, as his eyes lit up. He revealed a smile of understanding towards Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, you really have far-sight, I admire you.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile before asking, “Alright, what is your second question”

“The second question…..” Chairman Cruise turned to point at the countless people who were moving in and out of the Vanilla Orchid Suburb, “This residential area was designed by your company and received the elves help, so it looks very pretty after it was completed. Not only is Lord City Lord satisfied, the people who are moving in are satisfied, and even the people visiting seem very satisfied. There are many people who have asked me if they could buy a house to live in, so I wanted to……”

“You want to build another living area and directly sell it” Xu Yi asked.

Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, how do you know what I wanted to say”

Xu yi revealed a smile. Hearing everything that you said before, it would be strange if I couldnt guess.

The real estate industry was a very prosperous industry on earth, countless people had become rich in this industry.

Chairman Cruise saw that this residential areas housing was welcomed, so it would be strange if he didnt want to earn money with this.

Actually, when Xu Yi discussed the renovation plan with Count Sean, he had considered this problem before.

But whether it was Xu Yi or Count Sean, they didnt plan on earning money from real estate. They just wanted to renovate Banta City, separating the residential area and the business area.

So if chairman Cruise wanted to use housing like the Vanilla Orchid Suburb to earn money, he only needed to be afraid that Count Sean wouldnt agree.

“Is that so” Hearing Xu Yis response, chairman Cruise was disappointed, “I thought that with so many people in Banta City, there would be prospects in this industry. Ai, since the Lord City Lord isnt willing to agree, I can only forget about it.”

Seeing the disappointed chairman Cruise, Xu Yis heart was moved as he said, “Actually it doesnt mean that it is impossible.”

Chairman Cruise immediately revealed an overjoyed look, “How do you think it could be done”

Xu Yi thought about it and said, “The Lord City Lord hopes that you dont take land from the living area and hinder the Banta City renovation plan, but domains outside this plan is the loophole you can exploit. For example…..the private territory of nobles.”

Chairman Cruise was surprised, “Noble territory That is their private territory, how could they agree to me building on them”

“Whether they agree or not mainly depends on if there are benefits for them or not. Go tell them that they can earn large amounts of money if they cooperate with you, do you think there will be a noble that will reject you”

Seeing chairman Cruise falling deep into thought, Xu Yi laughed. If chairman Cruise was moved, then he will be able to move most of the nobles.

When there are commercial buildings on the private territory of nobles, those territories wont really be private. When those buildings are built, it will be a public mark.

Chairman Cruise didnt have much time to consider this because the ceremony was about to begin.

First it was Count Sean who came up to the stage to give a lengthy speech. He first gave a general introduction to the renovation plan that the City Lords Manor was conducting and how the relocation of the three villages was the first step in this plan, before he went on to talk about future steps.

After he finished his introductions, it was Xu Yi and chairman Cruises turn to speak.

Of course their speeches werent as long as Count Seans. They just talked about how the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce supported the decision of the Lord City Lord and they would definitely use everything they had to complete the task the Lord City Lord issued…..

When the speeches were finished, Count Sean announced the start of the move.

With the help of the city guards, the first batch of villagers brought their furniture, cookware, and bedding to their new assigned homes.

During this process, there were countless reporters who had been notified in advance that looked for their targets to interview.

Suddenly the scene became very lively. Including the villagers, everyone had a happy smile on their face, looking very harmonious.

When this scene entered Xu Yis eyes, it made him of a popular term from earth, a show.

Thats right, the one who informed these reporters was the City Lords Manor. Count Sean wanted to use this to put on a show, letting everyone know that not only was the Banta City renovation plan inevitable, it would definitely succeed.

Although Xu Yi knew that a show was necessary, he wasnt used to this. After answering a few simple questions from reporters, he sent out his general manager Kennard and had him take their interviews while he secretly snuck out to the magic research facility.

Compared to when there were only Evita and the other researchers, the current Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility had increased by several folds because of the influx of over thirty magicians.

The facility that used to have enough space for Evita and the others to study in while also giving them a place to live was now not even enough to give each researcher a lab, so many researchers were pushed into a single lab.

Of course, compared to the working environment of many magicians, this magic research facility was much better, so there werent any complaints from the researchers at all.

Of course, they didnt dare say it even if they did because Great Magician Camilla was working in the same magic research facility.

Compared to his excellency Great Magician, what did they count for

But even if no one complained, Xu Yi had considered buying another place outside the city and specially building a research center for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The personnel responsible for research would all gather here and everyone would coordinate.

But there werent many places like that, so all the magicians were gathered here for now.

When Xu Yi had just walked into the research facility, he saw Akali walking over.

Seeing the angry look on Akalis face, Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised.-

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