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“You want to negotiate with the beastmen” Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Why”

“If I said that I could solve the problem of the Falling Rain Forests water source, would elder Illusia believe me” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi for a while before shaking her head, “Im afraid I wont believe it because you said it last time, you are a human merchant, so you wouldnt do something if there werent benefits for you.”

Xu Yi laughed, “You really are wise. If your clansmen could be as wise as you, you wouldnt need to spend that much effort in training them.”

Elder Illusia looked at the ten elven workers under the tree that Xu Xi brought back and said with a soft sigh, “Actually in the race war from before, although our elven race was stubborn and sloppy, it wasnt serious enough that it needed to be changed. Only after living in the forest alone for several thousand years, we elves have lost many advantages that we had before.”

“The elder Illusia, what do you think of these clansmen after theyve been trained by me” Xu Yi asked.

Elder Illusia looked at the ten elves for a bit before saying with a nod, “It should be a large change. Although I cant see concrete effects now, I feel that their performance is much better than if they had stayed in the tribe. Lets return to the topic we were discussing before, I still dont see what benefits there are in you going to negotiate with the beastmen.”

“It is because this river problem is not just affecting your tribe, it is even affecting the places down river, affecting Banta City. According to the calculations of the people in Banta City that understand rivers, if we dont care about the river, it is likely that in ten to twenty years, the river will turn into a big problem. If there is ever a large storm in summer, it could create a disastrous flood.”

“Flood” Elder Illusia seemed to have thought of something as her expression changed, “That is indeed a very terrifying thing, no wonder youre paying this much attention to this matter. But why do you need to bring the ten clansmen along with you The beastmen have never had a good relationship with us elves and the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland have had quite a few conflicts with our Night Song Tribe because of the river problem. If they were to see our ten clansmen, it might not be good for your negotiations.”

“Its because I want to completely solve the water source problem, so I need the help of the elves. If I cant seize this chance to reconcile between you two races, I might need to resort to a method that I dont want to use to control the river.” Xu Yi helplessly said.

“A method youre not willing to use” Elder Illusia took a deep look at Xu Yi, but she didnt keep asking.

But elder Illusia still agreed to Xu Yis request.

If it could solve the water source problem of the river, not only would it solve the hidden danger for Banta City, it would also solve the water problem of the Night Song Tribe, so naturally elder Illusia hoped that Xu Yi would succeed.

After deciding this matter, Xu Yi and elder Illusia went to the open air plastic production workshop of the Night Song Tribe.

Compared to when Xu Yi was here last time, the elves responsible for making plastic were much more focused compared to before and werent sloppily handling their work.

It seemed like after Xu Yi left, elder Illusia had conducted a lecture with her clansmen to avoid embarrassing the elves in front of Xu Yi again.

But even if there was progress, it was far from being as efficient and organized as human workers.

Elder Illusia had the ten elves brought by Xu Yi join the production line and immediately they showed efficiency that surpassed the other elves.

The other elves had been unwilling to submit after seeing Xu Yi because they didnt understand why elder Illusia would send their clansmen to work under a human, accepting his orders.

To the proud elves, this was simply shaming them,

But after seeing the efficiency of those ten elf workers, the anger and dissatisfaction of the other elves had disappeared.

These ten clansmen had been the same as everyone before, but after working for that human for a few months, their performance had suddenly become this good.

Although the elves were proud, they definitely wouldnt refuse to accept a fact.

With the fact in front of them, the humans indeed were better than elves at doing things, so their unwillingness to submit to Xu Yi faded in their hearts.

The elves of the Night Song Tribe were very clear on the worries of elder Illusia, so after seeing the performance of these ten elves, there were many elves who even asked elder Illusia to be sent for training in Xu Yis factory.

“Chairman Xu, what do you think Can your factory accept more clansmen to be trained” Elder Illusia didnt agree right away and turned to ask Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked at the excited elves and thought for a bit before replying, “Elder Illusia, actually I came this time in hopes of convincing more elves to leave this enclosed forest and live in our human society. The most suitable choice is of course to have them work in our factory first and become familiar with the environment.”

“Then that means you agree” Elder Illusia asked.

Xu Yi nodded, “Elder Illusia, I really want to say that just based on the crude plastic production line here, it is far from being able to satisfy our needs. Do you know how many backed up tire orders our company had before I came here”

“Based on your appearance, it should be quite a bit” Elder Illusia asked in a curious voice.

“Its not just quite a bit, its a lot!” Xu Yi stressed his words, “Let me tell you, there are over a hundred thousand orders for tires that are piled up at our company!”

Elder Illusias eyes opened wide in shock, “Its actually this many But we can only make at most ten thousand here.”

“So that means we must expand production.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “If we want to expand, it isnt enough just relying on this small place and the people here. So I recommend that we move the entire tribe to the plastic factory that Ive already prepared at the Falling Rain Valley to work for me. I have even researched a series of magic machines that can process plastic, so compared to here, the efficiency will be greatly increased.”

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi and suddenly revealed a smile, “Chairman Xu, you have already prepared everything, youre not planning to let me reject you at all, right”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “I am just preparing everything for myself. As for to what degree elder Illusia will agree, that is all up to you.”

“According to the views of humans, are you trying to goad me into action” Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile and turned to look at her busy clansmen for a while before giving a soft sigh, “I have to admit, since cooperating with you and letting the clansmen work on the resin, although theyve been busy all day, it is very fulfilling and the tribe has been filled with life. Do you know Just in three months, there were actually two newborns. This is an once in a thousand year miracle!”

Xu Yis expression instantly became very strange.

Last time he heard elder Illusia say that the Night Song Tribe only had a single newborn in the last ten years, but now there were two more in just three months. Although this still couldnt compare to humans and the other races, it was still an incredible increase.

But what caused this change…...Could it be that the hormones of these proud and cold elves had been stimulated from the work and they were more willing to create humans

Of course there was a more important reason. It was that after accepting the resin work that Xu Yi had given them, the Night Song Tribe had also received large amounts of rewards from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Elder Illusia had no interest in human gold coins, but there was a need for human goods, so she had Xu Yi exchange the gold coins into goods.

Before although the Night Song Tribe could sustain themselves in the Falling Rain Forest, the resources were limited and could only support around a thousand elves. There would be problems if there were more elves.

The elves had accumulated wisdom from their long lives, so they had strictly regulated the number of elves in the tribe. This was an important reason why their tribe had a low birth rate.

Now that they received daily necessities from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Night Song Tribe had more resources and could give birth to more elves.

“That means that youre agreeing to my suggestion” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, I do agree, but it is impossible to move all the clansmen right now since this is the home that weve lived in for thousands of years.” Elder Illusia said, “How about this, those hundred clansmen can keep working at the factory and Ill also select three hundred more clansmen to work at the factory. As for how youll arrange them, that is up to you.”

Seeing that elder Illusia agreed this readily, Xu Yi couldnt help saying with a smile, “It will all be arranged by me” Elder Illusia, youre putting quite a bit of courage on me.”

Elder Illusia looked at him with a teasing smile like a little girl, “Could it be that this wasnt what you wanted”-

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