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Hearing this voice, everyones expression became a bit strange.

This was because the one who spoke was Baron Belil.

When Baron Belil had just come to Banta City, he had expelled the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from his territory. Everyone could understand that he was breaking off all relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Of course, after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had moved to Sandton Manor, Baron Belil had unexpectedly become calm and didnt cause trouble for Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like everyone expected.

Based on this situation, everyone couldnt help guessing that Baron Belil expelling the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from his territory was the Stagg Familys idea and not his own idea.

But now, Baron Belil had made such a clear opposition that everyone was a bit surprised.

Xu Yi looked at Barong Belil and he wasnt angry at all, as he said with a faint smile. “Lord Baron, Banta City does indeed not belong to me alone. So if we can successfully change Banta City, it will benefit all the people of Banta City.”

Baron Belil gave another cold snort, “Benefit everyone Chairman Xu, you think youre cheating a little child I think that this benefits only you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right Otherwise why would you work so hard”

Xu Yi looked at Baron Belil and thought for a bit before asking, “That means that the Lord Baron is against this overall transformation plan”

Baron Belil coldly looked at Xu Yi, “Dont try to trap me with words. This plan is the idea of the Lord City Lord, so of course Im not against it. I just will not be showing my support.”

Everyones expression became even stranger as they thought that his words were quite wonderful.

Since it was raised by the Lord City Lord, not showing support was going against it, what else could you say

Xu Yis reaction was even more wonderful.

After hearing Baron Belils words, he actually gave a simple nod and said, “Alright, I understand.”

He didnt plan on discussing this matter with Baron Belil at all!

Baron Belil was clearly a bit surprised, but since Xu Yi didnt say anything, if he were to take the initiative to argue with him, it would be a loss of face. So he could only close his mouth and couldnt say anything.

Xu Yi explained the other images to everyone. Without an exception, these were all images of Banta City after this project was over as imagined by Xu Yi.

Seeing the beautiful scenes in the pictures, the people under the stage almost didnt dare believe it.

After all, compared to the current somewhat chaotic Banta City, the Banta City in the pictures were just too beautiful. It was something that even Anvilmar City couldnt compare to.

But everyone still hoped that Banta City could become like the pictures. If this became true, Banta City would be a scene that everyone would be jealous of.

After showing off these artistic paintings, Xu YI changed the topic.

He was very clear that to the people under the stage, no matter how good the pictures were, it couldnt compare to the benefits that they received.

So after introducing the images, he began explaining the significance the plan would have towards Banta City.

After talking about the various benefits of having industrial and residential areas, one could see the eyes of the company representatives lighting up. It was like they could smell the business opportunity coming from Xu Yi.

Most of the nobles didnt really care, but after Xu Yi described everything, their hearts were also moved.

Xu Yi spent half an hour to finish explaining the plans. The people under the stage no longer had the same confused looks as before, rather it was clear that they were thinking about all kinds of things.

Seeing this scene, Count Sean couldnt help looking at Xu Yi with a smile of admiration.

This kid, he really was good at discovering benefits that everyone could enjoy, which made matters he wanted to do easier for people to accept.

The banquet continued for the entire night and when it was finished, Xu Yis throat was parched.

At the banquet, there were representatives and nobles that kept asking Xu Yi about specific details, hoping to gain some information so they could know what kind of benefits they would receive.

Xu Yi had to explain to them one by one and give them his analysis.

Although the people left one by one feeling satisfied, Xu Yi had wasted his saliva, so his throat hurt from how dry it was.

“Ai, I wont do such a thankless job in the future.” After accepting Count Seans praise and bidding him farewell, Xu Yi couldnt help thinking this.

It was currently night and Xu Yi looked up at the moon and stars. He gave up the idea of going home in a horse carriage and began walking home.

The current Banta City was completely different from last year.

Last year because of how cold it was in the autumn night, when it was night like this, all the people of Banta City would be at home resting and there wouldnt be a trace of people at all.

But even though it was night now, Banta Citys streets were filled with many open shops. They were brightly lit and all kinds of voices came out.

There were even small stalls outside selling snacks, releasing all kinds of different fragrances. It attracted people who hadnt gone to sleep yet to take out silver coins from their pockets and enjoy a nice midnight snack.

Compared to the peace of last year, the current Banta City was lively even at night, just like a dense city on earth.

There was only one reason for this, it was people.

Banta City had only fifty thousand people before, but now there were over two hundred thousand people.

With so many people stuffed in a small city, naturally there would be large changes.

Xu Yi watched as a young man and woman walked through the night market and he couldnt help revealing a smile.

This scene really was like the life in a few cities on earth.

The only difference was that Banta City didnt have street lights. Whether it was a stall on the street or a store, they were all lit up with a Magic Lamp.

Thinking of street lights, Xu YI had a thought as he looked up.

Although Banta City had history and it was hard to completely change, there were some improvements that were possible and necessary.

For example, the street lights that were very common on earth, but didnt exist in the cities of the Sines Continent at all, it was something with significance.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi immediately calculated the cost of building street lights.

Because the Magic Lamps didnt need to be powered like the street lamps on earth, so they just needed to make a pole that was long enough and put the Magic Lamp on it, so it shouldnt cost much.

But there were several problems with this.

The first was that although Evita and Akali had a breakthrough in magic transmission technology, the limit of the Magic Crystal was only being able to transmit to Magic Arrays that were three meters away. But it wasnt stable at this distance, so it was still in an experimental stage and couldnt be used.

No matter what, the street lamps had to be higher than three meters. If the Magic Lamps were to be put on a high pole, it would be a problem where to put the switch.

Moreover, the street lights on earth were all linked to the same power source, so they could be remotely controlled together. Right now with the technology of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this was not something they could do.

If they were to put the switch on the lamp post, then it would be hard to stop a bored fellow from turning it on and off.

Although they could put a sealed space or a cage to prevent this from happening, not having the lights turn on and off at set times was a very troublesome matter.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi found that there were just too many problems and he couldnt help feeling a headache.

“Ai, in the end, there isnt enough technology.” Xu Yi sighed in his heart, “If Evita and the others could improve on the magic transmission technology, giving it a limitless range and making the Magic Crystals transmit like electricity, it would be much more convenient.”

Thinking about it for a bit, Xu Yi could only give a helpless sigh.

Magic wasnt electricity in the end, it was impossible for it to transmit through a simple electric wire.

But if he couldnt solve this problem, there would be a variety of problems to solve like when thinking about this street light.

“How to solve this” Xu Yi quickly concentrated on this matter and forgot to watch the road.


Xu Yi slammed his head into the pole that a shop was using to hold up their tent and he took a gasp of cold air from the pain, even seeing stars in front of him.

The sound of his collision was quite loud and instantly attracted the attention of people having midnight snacks around him.

Seeing Xu Yis look of pain, everyone couldnt help secretly laughing at him.

The girl from the young lovers Xu Yi saw secretly pointed at him and said something to her boyfriend in a low voice with a smile.

But quite a few people realized that the one who hit the pole was actually the famous chairman Xu from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

While everyone was stunned, Xu Yi suddenly jumped up and wildly laughed while being stared at by everyone like he was a lunatic.

“Ha, ha…..I really am dumb! Why do I need magic to replace electricity Was my head fried Ha, ha, theres such a simple method, ha, ha……”-

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