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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 75 - New town effect

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It had been two months since Count Sean showed Xu YI the plan for Banta City, but progress in this aspect had been very slow.

One reason was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce responsible for the first part couldnt find any free time. A second reason was because there were problems that came up during planning.

In the first part of the plan agreed upon between Xu Yi and Count Sean, other than two villages, there were several pieces of nobles private land also included.

Comparing it, although there were many villagers in the two villages, they were easy to take care of.

Xu Yi brought the City Lord Manors token and no one in the two villages argued with him, obediently following everything Xu Yi asked them to do.

What caused trouble for Xu Yi and chairman Cruse was rather the several stretches of noble land that werent that big.

For the nobles of the Sines Continent, their territory was their property, so not even kings could take care of them. So if Xu Yi wanted to do something in the territories of the nobles outside Banta City, he had to get the agreement of those nobles first.

The problem was that other than two open minded nobles who agreed to let the Amrit Chamber of Commerce build on their territory, the other nobles didnt understand this so called Banta City renovation plan, so naturally they didnt agree.

So this project had been delayed by these stubborn nobles and it progressed very slowly.

Count Sean was very dissatisfied with this matter. After he learned the reason from Xu Yi and chairman Cruise, he specially held this banquet, not just gathering all the nobles in Banta City, he also gathered all the companies together.

Other than explaining it to those stubborn nobles to make them understand the significance of this project, he also wanted to get funds from more companies.

After he finished his introduction, Count Sean quickly jumped on the main topic, explaining the details to the plan that he showed Xu Yi before.

The people under the stage were a bit confused at first, but as Count Sean continued to explain everything, they revealed looks of comprehension.

It should be said that Count Seans plans to change Banta City were very good.

Right now, because of the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there were many factories that appeared. Also because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines, the production efficiency of the other companies had been increased, so they also developed.

So right now there were countless new factories in Banta City and countless employment opportunities. That attracted many people to migrate here, which made the peaceful Banta City quite lively.

This also brought a big problem along with it.

Banta City was only a small city with less than fifty thousand people, so no matter what part of the city it was, it wasnt developed. Now that there were so many factories and people, this was like a large disaster for a small town.

Not mentioning anything else, the waste that came out of Banta City had increased by several times, which created great pressure on the city administration.

If this continued, Banta City would collapse from the pressure eventually.

“Everyone, I think that everyone isnt willing to live in a chaotic city. So in order to change this situation, I have given careful consideration before deciding on this Banta City renovation plan.”

After saying this, Count Sean paused and looked around. Seeing everyones thoughtful expressions, he gave a satisfied nod and continued, “Of course, there is no way to change the inside of Banta City since Banta City is indeed too small and cant handle all these people. So my goal is outside the city. As for how to transform the outside of the city, we have to listen to a specialist of this subject, the ideas of chairman Xu from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi walked onto the stage in front of everyone with a faint smile. He took Count Seans position and gave a slight bow to everyone before saying with a smile, “Lord City Lord is too generous with your praise, Im not a specialist. Just that when developing the Falling Rain Valley, I had some experience.”

Hearing Xu Yi mention the Falling Rain Valley, everyone discussed in whispers.

When the Falling Rain Road was open, many people had taken a horse carriage along the Falling Rain Road since they had nothing to do and naturally many people had seen the Falling Rain Valley.

Everyone found that the Falling Rain Valley wasnt as desolate as before, without a single specialty to mention. After the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had developed it, it had become a very beautiful and magnificent place.

There were many people who saw the beautiful industrial and residential areas of the Falling Rain Valley and they praised it like chairman Pompeii.

So when they learned that Count Sean handed the renovation project to Xu Yi to complete, there werent many people surprised.

“First, I want to show a few pictures to everyone.”

Under Xu Yis indication, two servants from the City Lords Manor came out with a stand and rolls of pictures, which they unraveled one by one.

Everyones gaze fell onto the pictures and they saw the beautiful scenery.

In the middle picture, the main angle was on a river, but this river was different from the one that everyone was used to.

The sides of this river were not stacked with silt, rather there was something that created a beautiful river embankment.

The river was clear and filled with ripples. There were also all kinds of trees and flowers planted along the side of the river.

The sides of the river had a smooth cement road that wasnt too big and was surrounded by grass. There were countless men and women walking on the cement path, young and old strolling by the river, enjoying the cool breeze.

And on the patches of grass by the roads, there were quite a few kids running around and playing with happy smiles of joy on their faces.

Just seeing this picture, everyone couldnt help giving a gasp of surprise.

When had a river ever been this clean and neat Even they wanted to take a walk along it at sunset.

“Chairman Xu, you took these pictures out just to tell us that the river in the picture is the river that is outside Banta City” Someone under the stage couldnt help asking in a loud voice.

“Thats right, the river in the picture is the transformed river. What does everyone think” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

“It is good, but how could that river become like the one in the pictures”

“Thats right, its already good that the river doesnt flood every year, how could it become so beautiful”

“Chairman Xu, this must be your imagination. This cant be real.”

“Thats right……”


Seeing the people discuss this, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Who says its impossible You can ask chairman Cruise if you dont believe it, the river in the Falling Rain Forest has already become like this.”

Everyone looked at the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Moon Cruise who was sipping red wine.

Chairman Cruise put down his wine glass and revealed a proud smile to everyone.

“Chairman Xu is right, the river doesnt look that good now, but it isnt hard for it to become like the pictures. This is because during this year, our Amrit Chamber of Commerce has been changing the banks of the river to the northwest of the Falling Rain Forest and now were seeing the beginning effects. Although right now it doesnt look as good as the picture, its not that far away.”

“Un, I had some matters to handle with the beastmen of the Black Rice Wastelands. I went upstream on the river and found that the river had completely changed to look like this, only it didnt look as good as it does in the picture. When I saw people working along the river bank, I never thought that it would be workers from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone looked over and found that the one who spoke was the Renekton Chamber of Commerces chairman Renersa.

Because of his companys business, he occasionally went to the beastmen tribe and went up the river.

Since he said this, it seemed like it should be true.

Seeing everyones expression change, Xu Yi clapped his hands and brought everyones attention back. He pointed at another image and said, “Everyone look at this picture. I think that everyone should be able to see that this is a picture from a high angle. Everyone please notice that the city here represents our Banta City and to the left, it is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces Sandton Manor. As for the interconnecting straight white lines, I think that everyone has guessed that these represent roads.”

Even though they could guess it, hearing Xu Yi mention it now, everyone was quite surprised.

“Chairman Xu, all these lines are roads It cant be, right” A small companys chairman couldnt help saying, “I can understand your Frestech Chamber of Commerce building a road from Banta City to Sandton Manor, but building all these roads, is there a need”

“No need” Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “No, there are no useless roads in this world. I marked all these roads on this image to tell everyone that Im planning to do all of this. Im planning to commission the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to inspect all the areas the roads will be placed and as long as there are no problems, these roads will begin construction.”

“Thats right. Our Amrit Chamber of Commerce has experience with building roads and since its chairman Xus commission, we will definitely build good roads.” Chairman Cruise said with a nod, “Also I want to remind everyone here that if anyone is interested in building roads, they can discuss with me at any time.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Chairman Cruise, I just hoped that you can confirm what I said, I didnt ask you to advertise yourself.”

The people under the stage couldnt help smiling.

“Of course, just chairman Cruise and I cant decide the roads ourselves, we still need everyone elses support.”

Hearing Xu Yis words, the merchants under the stage all looked at the nobles on the other side.

Everyone could understand that Xu Yis words were said for those stubborn nobles.

At this time, there was a cold snort that came from the crowd of nobles.

“Humph! Chairman Xu can really speak his mind. Do you think that Banta City belongs to you alone”-

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