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The one sitting in the first carriage was chairman Ranks assistant Leif, he had seen Xu Yi several times at the Business Union conferences. Seeing him suddenly appear, he quickly stopped the horse carriages.

“Chairman Xu, how do you have time to take a stroll in the city today” Leif was around forty years old and was a bit chubby. He looked a bit like the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Morgan when he smiled, but he seemed a bit more friendly compared to chairman Morgan.

“No, I was just discussing some things with the Lord City Lord and just came out.” Xu Yi casually replied before looking at the horse carriages and saying, “It seems like your harvest this time isnt bad, did you sell all those Magic Fans”

Leif said with a smile, “Its all thanks to chairman Xus suggestions that weve sold all the Magic Fans in our warehouse. I wont hide it from you, the demand for Magic Fans in the other places in the kingdom is still very high.”

Xu Yi gave a slight nod, thinking that this was an obvious matter.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just been established last year and the Magic Fan was released, the people in Banta City and the surrounding cities all went into an uproar. It was enough to prove that the novel magic machines on the Sines Continent could affect people.

There was no reason why the other people of the Lampuri Kingdom didnt need the same things as the people of Banta City and the surrounding cities.

But Leif was right, the Sarank Chamber of Commerce selling the Magic Fans under their names in the other parts of the kingdom had come from a suggestion from Xu Yi.

At the Business Union conference last time, Xu Yi had proved a point to the other companies. It was that the magic machine technology of the other companies was just too far lacking when it compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it was almost impossible for them to steal business from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So Xu Yi had mentioned that because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have mature channels, the other companies could use their channels to sell their Magic Fans to other parts of the kingdom, so they wouldnt need to worry about their sales.

Although the other companies didnt give a clear stance on Xu Yis proposal, Xu Yi learned afterwards that many companies had indeed done this. Based on the news that they brought back, the results were quite good.

After the other companies saw the large demand for Magic Fans in the other parts of the kingdom, even the ones that had thoughts of giving up on the magic machine market began producing Magic Fans again.

There were even two companies that bought another two sets of production lines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They brought them to two cities far away from Banta City to create a new Magic Fan factory and its said that their sales were quite good.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi asked Leif, “Since the sales are quite good, are you prepared to suggest to chairman Rank to keep investing and sell produce even more Magic Fans”

Leif looked around before moving in front of Xu Yi and saying in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really not planning to sell your Frestech Brand Magic Fans in other places this year”

“Of course.” Xu Yi gave a certain nod, “Didnt I show my attitude last time at the Business Union conference The Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt have the strength to sell our products in every part of the kingdom. So at least for this year, our Frestech Brand Magic Fans will only be sold in Banta City and the surrounding three cities. Of course, starting next year, we will be trying to open up new business channels because all the people in Banta City have already bought our products, so the market is saturated.”

Leif looked at Xu Yi for a while and seeing his serious expression, he gave a slight nod, “Alright, I understand. Chairman Xu, I think our Sarank Chamber of Commerce still has a chance to cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Seeing that Leif was prepared to leave, Xu Yi quickly stopped him and asked, “Let me ask you something else, whats the furthest place youve gone this time”

Leif looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “It isnt that far, the furthest was just Safran City.”

“Safran City” Xu Yi thought about it, “That place is only four hundred kilometers away from Banta City.”

“Four hundred kilometers is already very far.” Leif emotionally shook his head, “Because were afraid of damaging our cargo, we spent an entire week on this journey. If it wasnt for the fact that the Magic Fans sold fast, it would be impossible for us to be back today.”

Xu Yi looked over the horse carriages and he saw that the iron sheet around the wheel was already worn out. It could be seen that they had a hard journey.

Seeing Xu Yi look over their carriage, Leif suddenly said with emotion, “Chairman Xu, when your Frestech Chamber of Commerce was building that road to the Falling Rain Valley, I thought that you must have gone crazy and had too much money. But after this trip, Ive found that what you said before, called…..called…...What was it again”

“You have to build roads to become rich.” Xu Yi said.

“Right, right, you have to build roads to become rich. That phrase is just too accurate! If all the roads in our Lampuri Kingdom were public roads, not only would we not have to worry about damaging goods, the horse carriages could run even faster. If we keep moving on public roads, a four hundred kilometer trip would only take three days. Like this, we could be back in just a single week, which is enough for us to do an extra run.”

Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Of course, transportation is a basic problem when it comes to business development, so the phrase having to build roads to become rich is correct. You should have come back from the direction of Saltan City, so you should have seen the road that the Fersen Carriage Company is currently building between Saltan City and Banta City, right”

Leif nodded, “Un, I saw it. I thought that this road was also built by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but after asking around in the city, I found that it was the Fersen Carriage Company that paid for it.”

“Right, building roads is actually the most helpful for us merchants. When you see chairman Rank, help me remind him that if he doesnt make up his mind soon, he might not have the chance.”

Leif looked at Xu Yi in surprise, not he didnt ask much and nodded in agreement.

Xu Yi moved aside and Leif saw that Xu Yi didnt have anything else to say, so he bid him farewell and left with his horse carriages.

Watching the horse carriages disappear around a corner, Xu Yi finally turned away. After thinking about it, he didnt head home and went in another direction.

After ten minutes, Xu Yi came to the Fersen Carriage Companys Banta City headquarters.

As expected, as this time, the Fersen Carriage Companys chairman Pompeii was in his special room in the headquarters, getting some rare leisure time.

Hearing that Xu Yi was here, he quickly sent someone to bring him in.

“Chairman Xu, you actually came for a rare visit, this really is a pleasant surprise for me.” Chairman Pompeii said while laughing. He was showing Xu Yi to a special seat woven from fragrant grass while giving him a completely green glass that was filled with Firefly Flower Nectar that was worth a high thirty eight gold coins per liter.

Xu Yi looked around the room and finally looked at the cup of Firefly Flower Nectar. He couldnt help saying with a smile, “Ive already heard from others that chairman Pompeii lives a luxurious life, but seeing it today, Ive found that whether it is everyones descriptions or my imagination, it was far lacking.”

Chairman Pompeii laughed while waving his hand and saying, “Chairman Xu, its fine if normal people say this, but you are the chairman of the Banta City company earning the most right now. So you saying this is simply slapping my face. If youre willing, you could live ten times as luxuriously without any pressure.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, not choosing to discuss the matter of luxury with him. After taking a sip of the refreshing Firefly Flower Nectar, he asked chairman Pompeii about the situation of the Fersen Carriage Company building a road.

“Its quite smooth generally speaking. Although there have been a few small problems, it isnt worth mentioning.” Mentioning the shared interests of the two, or rather their two companies, chairman Pompeiis tone became very relaxed, “According to chairman Cruises estimates, that road will be finished in just another three months. They can finish it right before it becomes cold. What about yours”

“Pretty much the same.” Xu Yi replied, “The roads our two companies are building are both longer than the Falling Rain Road, so its normal if it takes even more time. Not to mention that chairman Cruise has been complaining to me that theri company doesnt have enough manpower, so their company cant work in full force.”

Chairman Pompeii gave a helpless sigh, “Not mentioning him, even Im complaining. There are many people from other cities coming to our Banta City, either visiting or staying, so our Fersen Carriage Company has had twice as many customers as before. Im also worried about not having enough people.”

“More customers means that your business is good, could it be that this isnt something to be happy about” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“I am happy, but my worries are still real. Tell me, should we give a suggestion to the Lord City Lord to have him write an application to his majesty to bring people over from other cities”

Xu Yi shook his head to deny this, “Even if its his majesty, it isnt good for him to casually order people of the kingdom to move. Not to mention that they are citizens of the territory of other nobles, so his majesty doesnt have the power to do so. If you want to solve the problem of lacking manpower, the best method is to increase your advertisements. As long as the people of the kingdom know that our Banta City needs large amounts of workers and the wages they receive arent low, I think theres no need to force anything and many people will naturally come to Banta City.”

Chairman Pompeii considered this and couldnt help nodding, “Un, this should be a bit better. Everyone hopes that they can make more money, so if they know that there are many opportunities to earn money in our Banta City, there will be many people running here.” But then his expression became bitter, “But as more people come, there are more customers for us. Where could we find more people to use in a short period of time”

“This is your problem.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and paused before saying, “But chairman Pompeii, have you ever thought of improving this situation yourself”

Chairman Pompeii looked at Xu Yi and doubtfully said, “How can I improve it myself”

“For example…...Right now it takes your companys horse carriages two days to go from Banta City to Anvilmar City, but if this trip can be shortened to a single day, how would you feel”-

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