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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 55 - Ice cream

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The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was holding another product announcement.

Because of the experience of the last two product announcements, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced their product announcement in the «Banta Times» three days ago, everyone was already expecting it. In this product announcement, other than their new product, what kind of explosive news would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce release

Even though the product announcement was set for the Sandton Manor that was fifteen kilometers away from the city, on the day of the product announcement, there were countless people who rushed out of Banta City early in the morning. There were even people who came to Sandton Manor from the other cities.

The current Sandton Manor was completely different from when it belonged to Viscount Sandton. Now there were several dozen small and large factories that were formed around it and had begun production, so one could hear the sound of magic machines from around Sandton Manor every day, making it very noisy.

Regarding this change, whether it was the newspapers of Banta City or the surrounding cities, they had all made reports on it.

There were even several newspapers in Anvilmar City that had run special series of reports on this situation, trying to analyze the effect and consequence this would have on Banta City.

No one could see the concrete effects yet, but the current effects was that other than factories being opened near Sandton Manor, because of how many workers there were, there were many other companies that opened shops here to accommodate their daily needs.

The workers here already added up to several thousand people, but now adding the people who worked in the shops, there was currently over ten thousand people that frequently came to this area!

So in Banta City, there were many people who had already secretly regarded Sandton Manor as a small town.

Because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement, Sandton Town was already filled with all kinds of people. Just the stores selling breakfast got rid of all their wares and earned quite a bit.

When it was ten in the morning which was time for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was like everyone had been summoned and they headed to Sandton Manor in a wave.

Seeing the crowd that filled the empty space in front of Sandton Manor, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Not mentioning anything else, just the Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement was a brand for summoning people.

Seeing this, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce ever wanted to release any products, they just needed to host a product announcement and it would be enough to advertise for them. There was no need to do anything else at all.

Seeing that it was time, Xu Yi took two steps forward and stood on the stage prepared ahead of time. The noisy crowd in Sandton Manor immediately became quiet and everyone was focused on him.

“Hello everyone, welcome to our Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement this time. I know that everyone is interested in our product announcement. Other than being interested in what product is being announced, everyone is more interested in what other things will happen, am I right”

As soon as Xu Yis voice fell, the sound of laughter came from under the stage.

“Ha, ha, chairman Xu, youre right.”

“Thats right, chairman Xu, is there any big news to release today Were very expectant.”

“Right, I came from far to be here, just to come for this. As for your new product, of course well know about it after the product announcement.”

“Hey, all of you, the product is the lead of the product announcement. If you keep talking about other things, youre not giving chairman Xu any face. Arent I right, chairman Xu”

Xu Yi laughed and pointed at the insightful reporter as he said, “Youre very right. I remember that youre a reporter from the «Canberra Daily Sun», right After the conference is over, I can give you half an hour to have an interview with me. As long as its something I can reply to, I will reply.”

“Really” That reporter from the «Canberra Daily Sun» was overjoyed.

The other reporters around him all looked at him with eyes filled with envy.

All the reporters knew that because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made special novel things, as long as they reported on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there would be more people attracted to their newspaper.

The core of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was chairman Xu Yi. All the people of the cities around Banta City were curious about Xu Yi, so naturally they liked reading a report about him.

That reporter from the «Canberra Daily Sun» had a chance to have a special interview with Xu Yi, this was a very lucky matter.

It had to be known that only the reporters of the «Banta Times» had this opportunity.

“Alright, lets return to the lead of this product announcement, which is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces new product.” Xu Yi raised his voice and cut through the chatter under the stage, “Everyone doesnt need to be disappointed, I can guarantee that just with this product, it will surprise everyone and change all your lives! Next we ask the manager of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machine workshop Ankhto to introduce everyone to the new product.”

Seeing Xu Yi move back while applauding, everyone was stunned.

Why was it not Xu Yi who introduced the product, but rather it was this Ankhto

According to Xu Yis introduction, this Ankhto was the manager of the household magic machine workshop. It seemed like he was an important person in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

However when Ankhto walked onto the stage, everyone was surprised to find that Ankhto was just a young man who was at most in his early thirties. He wasn't a mature or self important type of person that everyone imagined, rather he was a person that was filled with vigor and energy.

“Hello everyone, I am Ankhto.” Being met with everyones curious gazes, Ankhto gave a self introduction in a clear and loud voice, “It is like the chairman has said, I am the manager of the household machine workshop, mainly in charge of managing the production of household magic machines. Because the new product this time is a household magic machine, the chairman had me introduce it to everyone.”

Seeing Ankhto speaking in front of everyone in a confident manner, not feeling any fear at all, Xu Yi gave a secret nod.

Although Heinz was a stingy person and was short sighted, his eyesight for people was quite good.

After this Ankhto was promoted, not only did he quickly take charge of the household magic machine workshop, he even showed off his leadership skills and earned a high prestige in the household magic machine workshop.

Xu Yi didnt need to care about the household magic machine workshop at all. No matter what happened, Ankhto always took care of it in a manner that Xu Yi was satisfied with.

He had Ankhto introduce the new product for him was to train him a bit. He wanted him to become a high level member of management of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that everyone knew.

Ankhto hadnt disappointed him. Even if this was his first time appearing in front of all these people, he was only a bit nervous in the beginning and had relaxed as time passed. He was definitely suited for being a kind of vice general.

After he gave a few simple words of introduction, Ankhto arrived at the middle of the stage where a box like thing was covered in a sheet. After pausing for a bit and waiting for everyone to focus on the sheet, he suddenly reached out to pull it.

The sheet flew off and a silver rectangular prism that was supported by rollers that was one meter tall, one meter and a half long, and half a meter deep was revealed in front of everyone.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this unknown thing and after a while, a reporter asked, “Manager Ankhto, what is this thing What is it used for”

“This is the Magic Refrigerator. As for its use……”

Ankhto opened the rectangular prism and the people close to it found that there was something inside this Magic Refrigerator that was releasing cold air.

Everyone watched as Ankhto pulled out an ice cube that was the size of his palm from the Magic Refrigerator.

Everyone instantly understood.

So there was an ice cube that was placed inside this Magic Refrigerator ahead of time that made it so cold inside.

“No, youre all wrong.” Ankhto shook his head, “I didnt put this ice cube in there ahead of time, rather I put in a cup of water and now that cup of water has turned to ice. You can take a look if you dont believe it. Doesnt the shape of this ice cube look the same as the cup”

Everyone looked carefully and found that the shape of the ice cube was indeed a bit special. There was a unique concave curve on the sides that fit the shape of the cup perfectly.

“Youre saying that the inside of the Magic Refrigerator is this cold It can actually turn water into ice” A reporter asked.

“Right, this is the use of the Magic Refrigerator. It uses magic to maintain a temperature where water can be turned into ice.”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay before another reporter couldnt help asking, “What use is that Could it be that this thing is only useful in making ice cubes”

“Of course its not that simple.” Ankhto revealed a faint smile and reached in, taking out a frozen piece of beef from the Magic Refrigerator which he raised high up, “Look, I bought this piece of beef from Banta City yesterday. If this was before, if this piece of beef wasnt eaten yesterday, it would have spoiled already. But if you put it in the Magic Refrigerator, it wouldnt be a problem even if it was placed there for over ten days. Look, is there any bit of rot on it at all”

The people close by took a look and found that other than the ice on the piece of beef, there wasnt a trace of rot at all.

Seeing this, everyone couldnt help shaking their heads.

Not mentioning anything else, just based on the fact that this Magic Refrigerator allowed them to store meat without it going bad, it already had its practical use.

Although before people could use high level Ice Magic Arrays to store things, it cost too much and only rich people could use it, normal people couldnt even think about it at all.

So it was rare for normal families to eat meat and because it had to be eaten quickly, they couldnt really savour it.

Now that there was this Magic Refrigerator, normal families could slowly enjoy meat after buying some.

“Other than this use, the Magic Refrigerator can also make delicious things.” Ankhto looked around and found a rather young girl by the stage who he asked, “This miss, do you like eating sweet things”

The girl was stunned before looking around and nodding.

“Alright, then I think you will definitely like eating this thing.”

Ankhto took out a small bowl from the Magic Refrigerator and bent over to fiddle around in the Magic Refrigerator in a bit before standing up. The little bowl was filled with this sticky thing that was covered in red powder.

Ankto waved at the girl and signaled for her to come onto the stage before handing the bowl to her.

“Give it a try, the taste is quite good.”

The girl looked at the unknown thing in the bowl and hesitated a bit. She found that everyone under the stage was staring at her and after thinking about it, she gritted her teeth and used the spoon to bring a spoonful of it to her mouth.

As soon as it entered her mouth, a chill quickly filled it, as well as a sweetness that could intoxicate a person.

The taste was very refreshing and smooth, it was sweet without being greasy, as well as bringing a cold sensation to ones mouth. The girl had only taken a single bite, but she found that she couldnt help letting out a satisfied moan.

After the first bit, the girl didnt hesitate at all as she took several big mouthfuls in front of everyones surprised gaze. After she finished the entire bowl, she found that her tongue was numb from the ice. She unwillingly put down the bowl and took a deep breath before saying to Ankhto with a sigh, “Too delicious! Manager Ankhto, can you tell me what this is called”

Ankhto revealed a faint smile, “It has a very simple name, its called ice cream.”-

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