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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 49 - Road opening

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Facts proved that Xu Yis guess was right.

After staying at the Baron Rickto Magic Academy for a day, not only did Xu Yi sign contracts with the thirteen students who had accepted the special fund, making them employees of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. There were also twenty four other graduates who expressed their willingness to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to Xu Yi.

Naturally Xu Yi wouldnt just agree to them, rather he had them prepare themselves to come to the Sandton Manor three days later to be tested.

Actually Xu Yi wanted to not waste another word and accept these over twenty students, since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was in urgent need of large amounts of magicians.

Although the Baron Rickto Magic Academy was not the best magic school in the Lampuri Kingdom, it was still much stronger than the Senkaiser School that Xu Yi had attended before.

Being able to graduate from this place, normally one had to be at least a Second Grade Magician. There were even quite a few who were Third or Fourth Grade Magicians.

If these students could be recruited into the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they were trained for a while, the magic research facility would be filled with staff.

Of course, it was just the beginning recruiting these students into the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The company in the future would still require large amounts of magicians, or rather more accurately speaking, they needed more magic mechanical engineers. Xu Yi had considered all of this and after discussing this with the Baron Rickto Magic Academy management, he decided on starting a magic mechanical engineering department at the school.

As the departments name implied, they would be learning knowledge related to magic machines.

But to create this department, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to pay the Baron Rickto Magic Academy ten thousand gold coins each year.

When summer passed and the Baron Rickto Magic Academy began to recruit students again, this department would also be attracting new students.

When the students of the magic mechanical engineering department graduated, the path that they would choose to take would naturally be work related to magic machines.

“Investing ten thousand gold coins each year just for the possibility of a few students, isnt this too wasteful” On the way back, Still expressed her doubts to Xu Yi.

“When the fall enrollment season comes, as long as there is a single student that joins the magic mechanical engineering department, this means this ten thousand gold coins will be worth it.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “The significance of this branch is much greater than its practical uses. I just want to use this department to tell those kids that want to learn magic that magic is not just about power and breaking things, there are many other methods to use it. When this idea enters everyones mind and is accepted by them, there will be more and more students who join this department.”

“But how many years will that take” Still then said, “Is this really worth it”

“Theres no choice. Creating a complete industrial system is a large project that takes a long time, I can only build the foundation bit by bit. As for when it will bloom, I cant be certain.”

After pausing, Xu Yi then said, “In fact, if it wasnt for the fact that our company doesnt have that much money, I even want to open a school that is dedicated to teaching magic mechanical engineering. I want to recruit those children with talent in magic and teach them about magic machines from a young age. You have to know, magic machines are not just about magic, there is also quite a bit of engineering knowledge that needs to be learned. If one only comes in contact with it midway, the effects wouldnt be as good.”

“Un, I have some experience now.” Still gave a nod, “Ive been busy with advertising in the past few months, so I rarely spent time researching Magic Arrays with Evita and the others. I went back there a few days ago and found that when I discussed things with Evita and Akali, I couldnt understand what they were saying at all!”

Xu Yi laughed as he tapped Stills nose, “Its very normal that you cant understand. Evita and the others spend a large amount of time each day with their research and the new technology they have developed has even surprised me. If a lazy fellow like you could stay at the same level as them, it really wouldnt be fair.”

Still gave a soft snort and twisted her little nose as she said, “Give me some time, I will definitely catch them. Thats right, what you talked about with the owner of the clothing store, the new technology that the new generation of Magic Air Conditioners is using where you can adjust the temperature, was it the new technology that Evita and the others recently developed”

“Un, the ability to adjust temperatures, it was because of the energy gradation technology that they had just discovered. This technology can control the amount of magic being released from the Magic Crystal, which controls the might of the Magic Array. If this is placed in the Magic Air conditioner, it would mean that the might of the Frost Array inside the Magic Air Conditioner can be adjusted, changing the temperature of the wind being blown out.” Xu Yi replied.

Still thought about it and couldnt help sighing as she said, “If its like this, it really is incredible. Ive only casually thought about this technology and found many places to implement it, no wonder even you were shocked by it.”

“Un, I thought that Evita and the others would take a long time to solve this problem, but I never thought that they would solve it this quickly. It really is incredible.” Xu Yi nodded as he praised them, “Actually to be honest, compared to this magic power gradation technology, the long distance magic transfer technology is more important. We cant implement it properly right now, but as we develop this technology, youll find that this technology can completely change your life!”

“Really” Stills eyes lit up as she seriously looked at Xu Yi. She smiled as she hugged him and said, “Alright, Ill be waiting to see it.”

To see the effects of the long distance magic transfer technology was not easy, but it was easy to see the difference between public roads and normal roads.

When the twenty four students of the Baron Rickto Magic Academy all passed the application process and began working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, chairman Cruise brought Xu Yi a great piece of news.

The Falling Rain Road, it was finally complete!

It should be said that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was very efficient. This fifty seven kilometers road from Banta City to the Falling Rain Valley was completed by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce in just a short three months.

And after it was complete, Xu Yi had inspected it and had confirmed that the quality of the road was quite good.

Xu Yis fifteen centimeter thick road was changed to twenty centimeters in the end. The concrete road was very flat, there werent any bumps that could be seen at all.

Looking out, the road was like a white path that led off into the distance from Banta City, looking truly beautiful.

The only thing that was bad was that although it had been widened, it still didnt reach four meters. On the road back on earth, at most it could be considered two traffic lanes, which could only be seen on rural roads.

Compared to those six lane provincial highways or the ten lane national highways, it was really a large difference.

To the Sines Continent, this was the first public road, so it had a large significance.

When the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced that the Falling Rain Road was finished, they conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony outside of Banta City. Even Count Sean had come to this ceremony and gave a speech, praising the significance of this road.

Actually there was no need for Count Sean to praise it, just by using ones eyes, everyone could see that this road was as calm as dead water. There was no doubt that it was countless times better than the roads made of ordinary gravel.

When the Falling Rain Road opening ceremony was over, countless people stepped on the roads. They didnt feel any bumps from under their feet, which caused them to gasp in surprise.

As for the nobles and company representatives that Xu Yi and chairman Cruise had invited, they drove their horse carriages onto the roads, their surprise turned into shock.

The horse carriage galloped at high speeds on the road and it didnt shake at all!

Compared to when sitting in the carriage almost threw people out, this was a heaven and earth difference!

Also by traveling on a smooth surface like this, the horse carriage being influenced by the bumpy ground was minimalized, so they moved more than twice as fast as on normal roads.

Chairman Mark Pompeii of the Fersen Carriage Company only tried the road for a bit before immediately searching for Xu Yi who was talking to Count Sean. He didnt care about Count Sean at all as he said to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, Ive heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is investing in a road from Banta City to Karma City”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Thats right, what about it Is chairman Pompeii also interested”

Chairman Pompeii kept asking, “Then can I ask chairman Xu, how much are you planning to invest in this road”

Xu Yi stroked his chin and thought for a bit before replying, “Im not clear on the mount now. However because this road is a bit more complicated and I want a wider road, according to the estimates of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the current estimate should be around three hundred thousand gold coins.”

“Around three hundred thousand gold coins…..” Chairman Pompeii lowered his head to think before suddenly turning to Count Sean and saying with a serious face, “Lord City Lord, our Fersen Carriage Company is willing to do the same as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, contributing our strength to Banta City and the Lampuri Kingdom. We currently are planning to invest in a public road from Banta City to Saltan City, I ask the Lord City Lord to agree to this!”-

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