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In the end, Still rejected the owners idea of giving her clothes, but under the owners request, she still agreed to allow the owner spread the news that she had bought clothes from her store.

But Still had made the owner promise that when she spread this news, she had to add that Still had only bought clothes from the Armani Chamber of Commerce and didnt buy clothes made from other companies.

“Im very curious about this. Still, since chairman Vincent chose you as the spokesperson for his company, could it be that he cant do something as simple as specially designing clothes for you and giving you free clothes” When they walked out of the clothes store, Xu Yi couldnt help asking this.

“Of course there is this, chairman Vincent wouldnt be this stingy. Actually the clothes that Ive been wearing before, they were all given to me for free from the Armani Chamber of Commerce.” Still replied.

Xu Yi was a bit confused, “Since you already get clothes for free, why are you coming out to buy them”

“You dont understand this Shopping for clothes is fun, it isnt about buying anything, its about the process of buying something.” Still said with a smile, “Then again, the Armani Chamber of Commerce wouldnt give me all my clothes. If I walk around myself, perhaps I can find something that I havent seen before.”

As for this kind of fun, Xu Yi could only shrug his shoulder to show that he didnt understand.

Still suddenly gave a sigh, “Xu Yi, Ive found more and more that being famous really isnt a good thing. Look at how were just walking on the street, there is always someone pointing, it feels quite uncomfortable. Even buying clothes has become this troublesome, its not like before where I could freely walk through the streets.”

Xu Yi looked at her face and thought about it before asking, “Do you really think this As far as I know, there are many girls who are jealous of you and hope that they can become as famous as you.”

“Thats because they arent famous yet, they dont know how troublesome it is.” Still said with a sigh.

Xu Yi thought about it before he stopped moving. He looked at Still and said with a serious face, “Still, if you really want to return to being a normal person, there is still time right now. Otherwise once you become famous across the Lampuri Kingdom or even the entire Sines Continent, it will be very hard for you to become a normal person then.”

Still tilted her head to think before hesitantly shaking her head, “Im not too clear on this, give me some time to think about it.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile.

Although Still felt that being famous was very troublesome, as a normal young girl, of course she wanted to be the center of everyones attention and it was normal for her to have some hesitations.

“Alright, no matter what decision you make, I will support you.”

Perhaps after experiencing this matter, Stills enthusiasm for window shopping dropped quite a bit. She just bought some things that she already wanted before going to a tea house in the corner with Xu Yi, chatting while drinking cold drinks.

When it was close to noon, the two of them didnt eat a meal in the city. Rather they hired a horse carriage and headed towards Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

Today was Baron Rickto Magic Academys graduation day.

Other than being the end of the school year for students in their first to third years, it also represented the end of studying for fourth year students as they officially graduated.

Xu Yi and Still chose to come here today was first to congratulate Vivian on successfully finishing her first year at Baron Rickto Magic Academy. Secondly it was for the graduating students of the magic department.

Last year, Xu Yi had signed a contract with the Baron Rickto Magic Academy in the name of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, setting up a special assistance fund at the school.

When this assistance fund was opened, the school was thrown into an uproar as some students from poor families submitted their applications.

Now after half a year, this assistance fund had paid over three thousand gold coins, helping over two hundred students finish their year of study.

Of the three hundred and sixty seven students graduating from Baron Rickto Magic Academys magic department, there were thirteen people who accepted help from this special fund.

According to the contract they signed when they accepted this fund, once they graduated from this school, they would have to work at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for at least three years.

The reason why Xu Yi and Still came today, other than congratulating these students on successfully graduating, they were also here on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to sign an employment contract with them.

Although as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fame grew and magic machines were imprinted deeper into peoples hearts, causing the low grade magicians at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to increase to ninety three people from the previous nine people, these ninety three people were all quite old. They were mostly low grade magicians with strength stuck at the First or Second Grade.

These magicians didnt have any future development, so it was impossible for them to join the research facility. They could only remain in the factory to draw the Magic Arrays needed to complete the magic machines.

Although these people were important as fundamental parts of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what Xu Yi valued more were people like Evita and the others with talent. High level people who could help with studying and developing magic machines.

Even if the Baron Rickto Magic Academy graduates were just average and there werent many magicians with talent among them, compared to the old magicians who were set in their ways, there was more room to grow.

If they entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and were trained for some time, there could be several qualified magic mechanical engineers that could appear from them.

So Xu Yi valued the thirteen students who joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce through this special fund very much, even personally coming to sign their contracts.

Right now Xu Yi and Still were stars in Banta City, so not only did people stare when they walked through the streets, they drew quite a bit of attention when they came to Baron Rickto Magic Academy.

They picked up Vivian from the art department before heading to the magic department, finding that their graduation had just finished. The thirteen students who had applied for the special fund quickly noticed the three of them from the noise of the crowd.

These thirteen students had already seen Xu Yi once when they applied for the fund, so they had a deep impression of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman.

In the past year, because of the special fund from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, their studies had been finished much more smoothly. Their magic power increased far more than it had in three years combined, so they were very grateful to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so naturally they wouldnt forget Xu Yi.

Then there was Still whose appearance everyone in Banta City was familiar with. A man that could hold hands and be this close to Still, there was no one else other than Xu Yi.

So the thirteen students pushed through the crowd and appeared in front of Xu Yi, looking at him with expectant gazes.

Xu Yis eyes looked over these young faces and he sighed with emotion in his heart.

These thirteen students seemed quite normal, but they had a great significance to the beginning of a magic machine industrial system on the Sines Continent.

This was because they represented a new path for children who learned magic after they had graduated. Other than entering the armies of their kingdoms or entering Magic Towers to work under powerful magicians, they could now enter the magic machine industry.

If this gradually became accepted, studying magic machines will become an acceptable choice for all magicians on the continent. That would mean that the magic machine industry would have set its roots on the Sines Continent and would develop sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi revealed a bright smile towards these thirteen students.

“Sake, Elena, Alessandro, Gal…..”

There were five boys and eight girls among these thirteen students and he actually didnt miss a single name.

After naming them all, Xu Yi spread his hands and said with a welcoming pose, “In my name as the chairman, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to happily welcome you all in joining us. I hope that youll spend a happy and productive three years in our company.”

The thirteen students looked at each other before they all revealed bright smiles.

If it was said that they were worried about the serious restriction of being forced to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for three years after graduation, during this half a year, everyone noticed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was developing at a quick speed and had become a large company in Banta City that everyone favoured.

Of the magicians that worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, not only did everyone receive enviable high wages, they could also keep studying magic, raising their magic power while working.

Work that satisfied both sides, who wasnt willing to do it

Seeing Xu Yi take out contracts for these thirteen students to sign, another student who had just graduated from the magic department asked in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, can students who didnt apply for the special fund also work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi looked up in surprise in the direction of the voice and saw the rough linen clothes that student was wearing. He revealed a faint smile and said in a kind voice, “Of course. The students who applied for the special fund are just following their past contract to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for three years, but that does not mean that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt welcome other students like you to work for our company.”

“Then can I apply to work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” The student asked again.

Xu Yi looked over the other students paying attention to them before replying with a nod, “Of course.”

As soon as his voice fell, the students around him exploded.

After a while, the student who had just asked these questions pushed his way through the crowd. He came to Xu Yis side with an excited look and pointed at himself as he asked, “Chairman Xu, Im called Drexel, I have also just graduated from this school and Im currently a Third Grade Magician. Is that alright”

Xu Yi looked at Drexels expectant face and looked at the excited students around him before feeling a bit stunned.

Could it be…...the effects of his trip to Baron Rickto Magic Academy would be even better than he had expected-

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