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Everyone under the stage was stunned.

Although most people here have some business experience and didnt think that five thousand gold coins was a large amount.

But this number not being big only applied to a large company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. To the Ireland Chamber of Commerce that was a small company made of several farmers, this was a number that they never dared to imagine before.

“Chairman Freeman, if I may ask something, how much does your company gain from the five thousand each month” A reporter under the stage asked.

“How much” Freeman scratched his head and gave a simple laugh, “Im not too clear on this, but I heard Kovac say that last month, weve earned from chairman Xu…..around five hundred gold coins.”

“Only five hundred gold coins……” Everyone under the stage let out a sigh of relief.

If this Ireland Chamber of Commerce that just suddenly appeared had a high profit margin, casually earning several thousand gold coins each month, that would be too shocking.

But its just five hundred gold coins, this was not something that they couldnt accept.

“Then chairman Freeman, how many people are currently in your company” The reporter asked a follow up question.

“Including me…..a total of six people.” Freeman said.

“Six people” Everyone thought about it before being surprised.

Based on what Freeman said, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce earned over five hundred gold coins each month and they only had six people in their company, so averaging it between them, that was close to a hundred gold coins per person!

Although from the angle of a company, this income was a bit small and wasnt considered much, from the angle of an individual, this income could be considered a high income in Banta City.

And based on Freemans replies, they were all just normal farmers from Ireland Village. They would focus on farming all year before and their income would be less than a hundred gold coins, but now they could earn that much in a single month. This was simply an explosion in income.

Thinking of this, many people under the stage couldnt help looking at Freeman with gazes of envy or unwillingness.

These fellows were just normal farmers, but they could earn close to a hundred gold coins a month from just producing screw bolts. Why cant we do the same

Seeing the gazes everyone had, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a faint smile.

Actually Freeman was telling the truth, but he didnt describe the exact situation.

Actually, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce werent just producing screw bolts for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because the large companies of Banta City had been rushing to make Magic Fans in the past two months, there was a large demand for screw bolts.

According to what Freeman had told Xu Yi before, they had made over two million screw bolts of different specifications just last month.

Even if each screw bolt only earned them several copper coins each, with this large amount as a foundation, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce had earned over a thousand gold coins last month!

If it was evenly divided between Freemans group of six, that was close to around two hundred gold coins each!

But just revealing less than half of that was enough to move the hearts of everyone under the stage.

It seemed like the effects of Freeman appearing this time was better than he imagined.

This was very helpful in promoting the Frestech Chamber of Commerces small company support plan.

“Chairman Xu, can you tell us some concrete details on how the small company support plan will be implemented”

As expected, some reporters jumped over Freeman and began to question Xu Yi.

Xu Yi revealed a smile and took back the stage Freeman offered him. He looked over the excited crowd and said in a clear voice, “The exact details are like this. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will first review the small companies applying to participate……”

After a full hour, the product announcement finally ended.

When they left the announcement site, whether it was the lively citizens of Banta City or the reporters that came here looking for news, they all had excited looks in their eyes.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce really was the company that made novel things like magic machines, even the plans that they had were this novel.

The farmer support plan from before had surprised everybody, but the facts had proved that this farmer support plan had brought great benefits to the normal farmers of Banta City.

Now that they had begun this small company support plan, there was no doubt it would bring large changes to Banta City.

If it was like everything Xu Yi had said, then Banta City would undergo some earth shaking changes.

Thinking of all the new things and changes that had happened in Banta City because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or accurately speaking, brought by Xu Yi, everyone couldnt help praising Xu Yi in their hearts.

But Xu Yi after finishing this product announcement didnt have time to enjoy everyones praises at all.

Once the product announcement was over, there was a group of people who rushed him, wanting to ask him questions about the small company support plan. There were also many people who wanted to participate in their small company support plan, hoping that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would support them.

There were just too many people and Xu Yi found it hard to deal with them.

“It seems like I need to find a spokesperson sooner or later.” A helpless thought passed through Xu Yis mind. He suddenly saw someone walking into the product announcement conference hall, so he raised his hand and loudly said, “Everyone, dont worry. As for the details of the small company support plan, we will be publishing it in the «Banta Times» over the next few days, while also making a public announcement at our Frestech Chamber of Commerces service center. Other than this, the Lord City Lord has also shown his support, so the Lord City Lord will also be making an announcement in the market square on some details. We ask everyone to look out for this.”

Hearing what Xu Yi said, the people surrounding him calmed down.

There were some reporters that wanted to keep asking Xu Yi questions, but they saw him push through the crowd and arrive at the side of the person who just came in.

Those reporters recognized this person as the current editor in chief of the «Banta Times» Nakhi, so they tactfully backed down.

Whether it was the reporters of Banta City or the surrounding city, they were clear that chairman Xu and the founder of the «Banta Times», Baron Hannas had a close relationship, so the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the «Banta Times» had a close relationship.

Most of the news on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was reported in the «Banta Times» before the other newspapers received the news.

Now that Xu Yi was meeting Nakhi, it was clear that they were prepared to release some special news in the «Banta Times».

Under the jealous gaze of the reporters, Nakhi came towards Xu Yi, but his expression wasnt happy at all, rather it was very serious. He moved closer to Xu Yi and said in a low voice, “Big brother Xu, weve found that person.”

Xu Yis face sunk a bit before his smile came back. He patted Nakhis shoulder and pointed towards a room inside the conference hall, “Come, lets go in and talk.”

When the two walked in, Xu Yi was silent for a bit before asking Nakhi, “Where did you find him Did Rem go see him again”

“Un, according to the reports of my brothers, Rem went to see that person yesterday morning. The two of them stayed in the room for half an hour before Rem left.” Nakhi said with a nod.

Xu Yi gave a cold snort as a bit of rage flashed on his face before he asked, “Where is that person right now”

“After meeting Rem, he left Banta City. Ive already had some brothers follow him and based on their reports, that person should be heading in the direction of Saltan City.”

“Saltan City” Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “It cant be that fellow who isnt willing to give up, right”

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi shook his head. His face regained its calm as he said to Nakhi with a smile, “Alright, Nakhi, its been hard on you and your brothers. You are the editor in chief of «Banta Times», for me to have you do something like this, it really is a waste of your talents.”

“What is big brother Xu saying” Nakhi said in surprise, “If it wasnt for big brother Xus help, then the «Banta Times» wouldnt exist. My brothers and I would definitely be bored all day in our homes, how could we be doing such interesting things We really have to thank you for this, helping you do things is what we should do.”

After saying this, Nakhi mysteriously looked around before approaching Xu Yi and saying in a low voice, “Big brother Xu, actually I feel that theres no need for all this trouble. Since you are certain its that brat, how about we just catch him and have someone teach him a lesson I dont believe that he wont tell us everything.”

“I say, you are the editor in chief of the «Banta Times», you are still considered an important person in Banta City. How could you like using brute force to solve problems this much” Xu Yi teased with a smile. He shook his head and said, “Although the method you said is rather simple and effective, the main problem doesnt lie with him right now, rather the people behind him.”

Nakhi thought about it before nodding, “Thats right, if we dont catch the people behind him, there will be the same problems in the future.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh. This trouble wasnt just this little bit, even if they solved the problem this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would meet all kinds of problems in the future.

Of course, this was something that had to be met on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces path of growth, it cant be avoided even if they wanted to.

Moreover, it was only a small problem now, but as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became bigger, their problems would also become bigger and bigger.

Xu Yi strangely thought of a phrase from «The Song of the Stormy Petrel».

Come! Let the tempest come strike harder!-

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