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The banquet for the Business Union this time was mainly to discuss the large amounts of Magic Fans they had in stock. On the surface it didnt seem related to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but everyone was clear that to solve this problem, Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces attitude was very important.

So when Xu Yi and Still appeared at the banquet, although the chairmen of the other companies didnt feel good, they all showed warm expressions towards Xu Yi.

However when the Business Union banquet officially begun, none of that enthusiasm was left.

A chairman from a small company came first.

“Chairman Xu, you said that you have shared all the technology for the Magic Fans, but why is it that the quality of our Magic Fans cant compare to your Frestech Brand Magic Fan Could it be that youve hidden something important”

Xu Yi looked at him, “Chairman Mitta I can guarantee that all the production technology related to the Magic Fans have been shared. As for the difference in quality, I can only say that your companys production isnt good enough, so that is unrelated to me.”

Chairman Mitta flew into a rage, “Nonsense! Dont forget, all the magic machines used in the Magic Fan production line was bought from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even all our workers were taught by your staff, so if there is a difference in quality, then it can only mean that you didnt share all the technology, what does it have to do with us”

“Oh Is that so” Xu Yi smiled as he asked, “Chairman Mitta, the Magic Fan your company produces is called the Mergen Brand Magic Fan, right”

“Thats right, its the Mergen Brand. What about it”

“Alright. If it is the Mergen Brand Magic Fan, Ive seen it before. If I didnt remember incorrectly, this Magic Fans blade is a bit bigger compared to our Frestech Brand Magic Fan.”

Chairman Mitta held up his head and said with a proud look, “Thats right, its bigger than your Frestech Brand Magic Fan! So the wind our Mergen Brand Magic Fan blows out is several times more than your Frestech Brand and it is more refreshing. How about it Chairman Xu, are you regretting the fact that you didnt make the same modifications as us”

“Regret” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “No, how could I feel regret Rather, I feel that your modification is quite stupid.”

The people in the hall were all stunned, they never thought that Xu Yi would use an impolite description like “stupid”.

Chairman Mitta was stunned for a second before his face sunk, “Chairman Xu, you cant speak nonsense. How is this modification stupid”

“You really want to hear it” Seeing chairman Mitta slowly nod his head, Xu Yi continued, “Alright, then Ill give a general description. Although in theory, at the same rotational speed, a bigger fan does give more wind. But chairman Mitta, have you ever considered what kind of price youre paying to keep spinning this larger fan blade at the same speed”

“What price Isnt it the same” Chairman Mitta said in a surprised voice.

“It seems like you dont know at all.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Alright, let me tell you. According to the tests that Ive run with the Mergen Brand Magic Fan, because the blades are 13% longer and 7% wider than our Frestech Brand Magic Fan, it takes around 40% more kinetic energy for it to move compared to our Frestech Brand Magic Fan.”

“This is only theoretical data, but in a real situation, by casually increasing the rotation speed, the fan blade will receive more friction from the air. So as the fan blades spin faster and faster, the Mergen Brand Magic Fan will consume more and more energy. Chairman Mitta, let me ask you, with a low grade Magic Crystal, how long can the Mergen Brand Magic Fan last under the highest speed”

Hearing this question, chairman Mittas expression became a bit ugly. After hesitating a bit, he struggled to say, “Around…...It can last around ten hours”

The other chairman in the hall all had strange expressions.

This was because everyone knew that the Frestech Brand Magic Fan had a clear sentence written in their advertising. A single piece of low grade Magic Crystal was enough to run the Frestech Brand Magic Fan at the highest speed for three full days!

And before everyone began making their own Magic Fan, they had run some tests on the Frestech Brand Magic Fan, confirming that these advertisements werent exaggerated at all.

Compared to the Mergen Brand Magic Fan that could only last around ten hours, the Frestech Brand Magic Fan threw them far behind just based on this.

Seeing everyones strange expressions, chairman Mitta couldnt help saying in an unwilling to submit voice, “But our Mergen Brand Magic Fan gives a stronger breeze and feels more refreshing!”

“Stronger wind doesnt always mean its more refreshing.” Xu Yi kept arguing with a faint smile, “Chairman Mitta, we are producing these Magic Fans to be used by humans, so the wind doesnt need to be that big. Your Mergen Brand Magic Fan at the highest speed indeed blows out quite a large gust, but it is just too big. Its so big that it makes it hard for people to breathe. Do you think that this kind of effect is good for a Magic Fan”

Chairman Mitta was silent for a bit before suddenly saying with a cold laugh, “Chairman Xu, I think youre just jealous that our Mergen Brand Magic Fan can blow out such a strong wind, right Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce cant do this and our company can, you must be worried that our companys Magic Fan technology is surpassing your company, right”

As soon as his voice fell, everyone in the room looked at chairman Mitta like they were looking at an idiot.

Did this fellow forget The reason why their companies could make a new thing like the Magic Fan was all because Xu Yi had shared the key technology with them.

Now he dared to say that his company had surpassed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

Was this confidence Or was it stupidity

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Alright, chairman Mitta, I admit that your Mergen Brand Magic Fan has surpassed our Frestech Brand Magic Fan in terms of wind power. But I must give you some advice that household Magic Fans have their own standard, it doesnt mean its better since the wind power is stronger. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt do this not because we couldnt, rather we didnt want to.”

Chairman Mitta gave a cold snort, clearly not believing him.

Xu Yi naturally was too lazy to care about what he was thinking as he continued, “Other than that, I need to remind you that other than your Mergen Brand Magic Fan having increased consumption, but because you freely expanded the size of the fan blade without making a proper change to the product, it will make the structure more unstable and create hidden dangers. If it is used for a long time, perhaps some incidents will occur. I think…...chairman Mitta isnt willing to see the same thing appear like last year in Saltan City, right”

Chairman Mittas expression changed, “Chairman Xu, are you cursing our company”

“No, this is a kind reminder. I hope that you will seriously inspect every Mergen Brand Magic Fan and try your best to stop this kind of incident from occurring.” Xu Yi said with a serious expression, “Other than this, I want to remind everyone that although wants to make their own improvements to the Magic Fan, the design that I have shared with everyone is already quite perfect. Ive already given you some strict standards and if everyone doesnt follow the standards, it will be too late to regret it if something happens.”

The Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Fuller Morgan who had been listening the entire time suddenly gave a cold snort, “Chairman Xu, based on what are you requesting us to follow your standards Could it be that we cant research it ourselves”

“Based on what” Xu Yi looked over everyone before arrogantly saying with a cold laugh, “Because you dont understand! So, Im saying it is the standard!”

The room fell into silence.

Everyone looked at each other, seeing that while they didnt seem willing, most of them were also helpless.

Although Xu Yis words were a bit overbearing, after everyone thought about it, they had to admit that they were true.

Thats right, towards this novel thing like magic machines, the only one who truly understood was Xu Yi. He indeed had the qualifications to say that the others didnt understand.

As for the standard he gave…...There were many companies who had the same thought as chairman Mitta when they were making their Magic Fans, making some changes to give it some novelty and increase their sales.

But facts proved that these changes didnt bring any good effects. In the end, most of the companies had no choice but to follow the standards that Xu Yi gave to make their Magic Fans.”

“Chairman Xu, let me say a few things.” The hall had been silent for a while before president Rank suddenly gave a soft cough, attracting everyones attention to him, “Chairman Mitta isnt accusing you, its just that everyone here is a bit doubtful. Although you have shared the Magic Fan technology to the Business Union and have given standards, you havent told us why we need to follow those standards. If we dont know the consequences of what happens if we dont do this, naturally its easy for problems to occur. So we asked you here today just to have you explain the doubt in everyones hearts.”

Hearing president Ranks question, everyones eyes fell onto Xu Yi again.

This was indeed the question everyone cared about the most. If they could learn the meaning behind the material and design standards that Xu Yi set, understanding why it had to be done, without a doubt it would be a great help to their research on the Magic Fans.

With everyones expectant gaze, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and took out a thin book from his chest to throw onto the table.

“The questions you want answers to are all in this book.”

Everyone looked at the book and saw the large letters written on it, «One Hundred Thousand Whys on Magic Machines».-

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