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Night fell, but chairman Ranks manor was once again brightly lit.

There was no need to mention it, chairman Rank was currently hosting a banquet.

This banquet was held was being held in the name of Banta Citys Business Unions president, so the guests were all representatives from the large companies of the Business Union.

But the banquet today was different from its normal noisy scene, today the banquet was much more sombre. The chairman of the various companies didnt seem as spirited as usual, rather they all revealed worried looks that were hard to hide.

The chairman of the companies discussed in a low voice before giving a sigh and shaking their heads.

If someone had listened in on their conversations, they would have heard them mention the words “Magic Fan” quite a few times.

These days, based on the Magic Fan technology that Xu Yi had shared last year, almost all of the companies in the Banta City Business Union had invested in producing Magic Fans. In Banta City and the surrounding cities, there were several different brands of Magic Fans that appeared.

But the first batch of their brands Magic Fan had been on sale for half a month and all the sales of their companies Magic Fans were very pitiful, it could even be described as horrible.

If this kind of situation continued, their companies would suffer a large loss this time.

As for the investment in producing the Magic Fans, they would have thrown it away.

This was a large amount to these large companies, so if they didnt receive anything back at all, of course it would greatly affect them.

So at this Business Union banquet, all the representatives of the large companies had worried faces.

“This really is a rare scene.” The only one who had a good mood at the banquet was the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Moon Cruise.

Seeing the depressed looks of the other people, he even felt a bit of schadenfreude.

“I already said it, not everyone can play with the magic machines, so why did you all charge at it You didnt listen to my advice, now arent you all suffering losses”

The Armani Chamber of Commerces chairman Samuel Vincent on the side slightly knit his brows as he said, “I say chairman Cruise, even if your Amrit Chamber of Commerce didnt suffer a loss here, do you need to say all this Then again, are you really willing to give up a promising business like these magic machines”

“If I said Im completely willing, that would be a lie.” Chairman Cruise thought about it before saying, “But so what if Im not willing I dont think our Amrit Chamber of Commerce has the same strong technological base in magic machines like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and we dont have a genius like Xu Yi, so we should just honestly focus on developing in the construction business. I feel that our prospects in this business is getting better and if we do well, our Amrit Chamber of Commerce will become a real large company eventually.”

Chairman Vincent looked at chairman Cruise with a strange look, “Could it be that you reached an agreement with Xu Yi in secret Thats why youre not interested in producing Magic Fans this time”

Chairman Cruise shook his head, “No, I dont have any agreements with him. Rather its the exact opposite of what you guessed. Chairman Xu not only doesnt have any ideas of not letting the Amrit Chamber of Commerce join the Magic Fan market, rather he asked if I was willing to join. Only Im not a fool and wont be fooled by him.”

Chairman Vincents expression was a bit ugly. The Armani Chamber of Commerce under him had also invested in producing Magic Fans, so he was one of the “fools” scolded by chairman Cruise.

Chairman Cruise didnt even care about chairman Vincents expression. He pointed at everyone else at the banquet and said, “Look, there are at least thirty chairmans from the large companies of Banta City. If each company under them makes Magic Fans, thats an average of one production line under each other them, which is a total of around thirty. As for how much money each production line costs…...I think chairman Vincent is more clear on this than me.”

Chairman Vincent nodded, “A production line came at a starting cost of eight thousand gold coins from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this cant be considered expensive.”

“If its just one production line, of course its not expensive. But what about thirty of them That is over two hundred thousand gold coins!” Chairman Cruise slightly raised his voice, “Think about it, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has earned over two hundred thousand gold coins from selling these production lines. In terms of pure profit, I think its definitely over a hundred and fifty thousand, dont you think so”

Chairman Vincent kept nodding with a bitter smile, “Of course I believe that. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces things have high profit margins, but theres no other way since these things can only be made by their company alone.”

“So that means they earned one hundred and fifty thousand on selling these production lines and if something goes wrong with these magic machines, you have to go to their Frestech Chamber of Commerce to get it fixed which also costs money. Calculating it all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can earn over two hundred thousand gold coins from this. How much can you earn from each Magic Fan It should be less than one gold coin Two hundred thousand gold coins, you have to sell a total of two hundred thousand Magic Fans to earn that much. You think this many Magic Fans can be sold in Banta City” Chairman Cruise asked.

“Its impossible in Banta City, but you can also sell them in different places.” Chairman Vincent wasnt convinced by chairman Cruise, so he argued back, “Even if the people of Banta City only recognize the Frestech Brand, it isnt like this in the other parts of the Lampuri Kingdom. As long as we sell our Magic Fans in further places, I believe well be able to sell to many people. Think about it, when the Magic Fan appeared last year, Banta Citys people went crazy. The people of the other cities havent seen a Magic Fan before, so when we bring the Magic Fan over, they will definitely go crazy!”

“Is that so” Chairman Cruise revealed a faint smile. He gave a sigh in his heart as he thought that Xu Yi really did predict their reactions without a single mistake.

Perhaps chairman Vincent was right. As long as the companies of the Business Union worked together, using their various channels to transport the Magic Fans to the different parts of the Lampuri Kingdom, it would definitely sell well.

But if it was like this, it would actually help Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When Xu Yi normally chatted with chairman Cruise, his biggest hope was to let the magic machines quickly spread all over the Lampuri Kingdom, even beginning to spread on the Sines Continent. He wanted everyone to recognize and accept it, having everyone recognize these new magic machines.

Like this, the magic machine market would begin to grow and this cake would be truly big.

But the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been established for too short and were just too weak, so they couldnt do this now. They always hoped that the other large companies would help them advertise the magic machines.

Now for the Banta City Business Unions companies to sell their inventoried Magic Fans, they had to push their Magic Fans to various parts of the Lampuri Kingdom. This was equal to them helping Xu Yi complete the thing that he hoped to see the most.

Thinking of this, chairman Cruise couldnt help feeling surprised.

Last year when Xu Yis Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just joined, he had shared the Magic Fan production technology with the Business Union. Back then, everyone had laughed at him for being a fool.

But looking at it now, if Xu Yi had already expected this situation back then and had made this decision, then that youth who seemed harmless with a gentle and friendly smile on his face was more terrifying than everyone had imagined!

Chairman Vincent didnt notice the changes with chairman Cruises expression. After a pause, he suddenly lowered his voice to ask, “Chairman Cruise, Ive heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has cooperations with your Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce…..and thats right, theres also the Sarank Chamber of Commerce. Theyre helping your companies research useful magic machines”

“Thats right, what about it Is your Armani Chamber of Commerce also interested” Chairman Cruise asked back.

“Un, Ive heard that your companies magic machines are easy to use and has greatly increased your production efficiency. So I was thinking that if we had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce research a magic machine that we can use, perhaps it would also increase our companys production efficiency”

“Your Armani Chamber of Commerce deals in cloths, mainly making clothes. For work that requires pure hand power, can the magic machines be used” Chairman Cruise thought about it while stroking his chin.

“Isnt harvesting wheat a pure manpower job The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has developed those agricultural magic machines, I feel like it should be no problem.” Chairman Vincent said.

“Un, there is a possibility since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can always make novel things. But what are you asking me for You should be talking to Xu Yi about this matter.” Chairman Cruise couldnt help asking.

“Im just chatting to you about it first, anyway chairman Xu isnt here yet……”

Chairman Vincent suddenly closed his mouth and looked at the main entrance.

Chairman Cruise followed his gaze and saw a man and a woman entering the entrance together.

The man was naturally Xu Yi they had just mentioned.

As for Xu Yis female companion, it wasnt Akali who Xu Yi had brought to the first Business Union Banquet. Rather is was the more beautiful and eye catching Still that many people called the “Banta City Goddess”.

The banquet hall that was quite noisy instantly became silent when Xu Yi and Still entered, as everyones gaze fell onto Xu Yi, even neglecting Still beside him. Chairman Cruise couldnt help sighing in his heart.

It had only been a year since Xu Yis first time attending the banquet. The current Xu Yi already made everyone unable to stop themselves from focusing on him.

Just based on this, it was enough to prove that whether it was Xu Yi or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they had become pivotal existences in Banta City!-

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