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Of the people who came, other than the Lord City Lord and Baron Belil, there were also some who came because they heard the news like chairman Cruise.

Most of them were heads of large companies that had connections to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, among them was the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Fuller Morgan.

Without an exception, these people showed their concern on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly moving their factory. The key point of their concern was naturally whether this move would affect their orders with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When they learned that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be moving to the Sandton Manor not far away and would be able to resume production in just a week, many people were assured.

After exchanging greetings, peoples eyes naturally fell onto Count Sean and Baron Belil.

Most of them were looking at Baron Belil.

These people were all well informed people of Banta City, so how could they not know the situation of why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was suddenly moving.

It should be said that Baron Belils sudden unreasonable request made everyone very surprised.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce clearly had prospects, so even if the Stagg Family didnt place importance on them, they shouldnt act like this and basically break all relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Baron Belil still looked very careless in front of everyone. Seeing everyone focused on him, he gave a laugh before coming in front of Xu Yi, looking at him as he said, “Chairman Xu, giving Count Sean some face, Ive given you a few days time. But dont blame me for not reminding you that if you dont finish before the deadline, I wont be giving you any face.”

Hearing this, the surrounding people couldnt help knitting their brows.

What grudge did this Baron Belil have with Xu YI Why did he go against the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like this

Xu Yis face was calm, as he nodded with a smile and said, “The Lord Baron can be assured, with our current speed, we can finish by the day after tomorrow. We wont be delaying the plans you have with this piece of land.”

Baron Belil gave a slight nod, “That is more like it. If you delay my matters, there arent any good consequences for you.”

Everyone knit their brows even more.

Based on the information they obtained, this matter had been Baron Belil being unreasonable from the start. Now that he had said all this in front of Xu Yi, even the people who had normal relationships with Xu Yi found it hard to keep their hearts calm.

But the people here were all well experienced, no one would refute Baron Belil to his face.

This fellow clearly looked like a playboy and looked unreasonable. If they said anything against him, not only would it have no use, they would offend the Stagg Family behind him for no reason, no one would be that foolish.

Xu Yi looked at Baron Belil and suddenly asked, “Lord Baron, I have a question for you.”

“What is it” Baron Belil said in an uncaring voice.

“Are you certain you wont regret doing this”

Count Sean who had only greeted Xu Yi after coming here and not said anything else slightly raised a brow, as he looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

This Xu Yi, he looked like he had been calm about this matter on the surface, but based on his question, it meant that he did have a bit of rage in his heart.

Everyone else was a bit surprised, as they thought that Xu Yis question didnt have any politeness at all.

Baron Belil was surprised before giving a cold laugh and disdainfully saying, “Regret Why would I regret this I say, Xu Yi, although your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has developed at a good speed and earned quite a bit in a year, you shouldnt overestimate yourself. Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is only a small company in Banta City, what qualifications do you have to make me feel regret Asking this kind of question, dont you find it funny”

Xu Yi looked at Baron Belil for a while until he felt uncomfortable being stared at like that. He angrily looked at Xu Yi who looked away with a faint smile, “Alright, I understand. Many thanks for the Lord Barons answer.”

Baron Belil looked at Xu Yi in surprise before saying with a cold snort, “Xu Yi, from the things that I dont want to see on the newspapers, I thought that you would at least be a smart person. Now that I look at you, you dont seem that smart.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces factory being moved, whether it was in Banta City or the surrounding cities, this was a large piece of news.

In a normal situation, the newspapers of the city would cover it and delve into the reasons.

But this time, the ten newspapers of these cities only made a simple report like it was a normal piece of news.

As for the reason why the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly decided to move, they unanimously reported it as a future development plan the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had prepared beforehand.

The reason why these ten newspapers were so unanimous, other than it being Xu Yis request, naturally it was because Count Sean and Karma Citys City Lord Count Anaris.

Baron Belil was of course aware of this, so he praised Xu Yi as a smart person.

Right now to him calling him not intelligent, Xu Yi was too lazy to argue it. He just revealed a smile at him and ignored him, turning to talk the other merchants that came.

When he and everyone else confirmed that this was a plan for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces future development, everyone began to scatter. At this time, Count Sean finally came over.

Watching the horse carriages leave, Count Sean said, “Not bad. Moving such a large factory is a very complicated matter and in such a rushed situation, I thought that you would be in a panic. But looking at you now, it seems like youve already arranged everyone and I really have to praise you for it.”

“Lord Count is overpraising me.” Xu Yi said with a modest smile, “For you to specially come here, it shouldnt be just to see how our move is going, right”

“This is one of the reasons.” Count Sean pointed at the office in the distance, “Lets sit down and discuss the rest.”

Xu Yi had his doubts. If he really wanted something, why did he call him to the City Lords Manor

The two walked into the office that hadnt been moved yet. Xu Yi poured the water before sitting down.

Count Sean paused for a second before pointing out the window and asking Xu Yi, “What do you think of those little fellows in the city guards”

Xu Yi was surprised, he never thought that Count Sean would begin with the city guards that came to help with the move.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi said with a nod, “Very good. I can see that they are very strong. If our Lampuri Kingdoms army had this kind of quality, perhaps our Lampuri Kingdom could spread our name across the entire Sines Continent.”

“Youre overexaggerating.” Count Sean waved his hand, “There are many things that decides a nations power, the quality of a soldier is only one aspect. Other than this, there is also equipment, logistics, and other important things. And among this, the thing that raises battle strength the most is equipment.”

Xu Yi was surprised.

Count Sean was not someone who liked wasting words, so what was the meaning of discussing equipment with him

After considering it, Xu Yi could only gave a forced nod, “Un, I agree.”

Count Sean kept asking, “Xu Yi, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce uses production magic machines to make iron magic machines like the Magic Fan, the Magic Rice Cooker, and others, right”

“Un, it is indeed like this.”

“Then you…..” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi and paused before saying in a casual voice, “To develop a magic machine that mass produces weapons and armours shouldnt be a problem, right”

Xu Yis hand trembled and he almost dropped the cup of tea.

After calming himself, Xu Yi asked Count Sean in a deep voice, “Lord City Lord, what do you mean”

“What You dont understand what I said” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi and said in a serious voice, “Let me ask you, do you have confidence in researching a production machine that have the same efficiency as the Magic Fan or the Magic Rice Cooker that can produce armour and weapons for soldiers”

Xu Yi was silent and only after a while did he reply with difficulty, “In theory…..there is no problem. We have many production magic machines including the Magic Punch Press, so we just need to change them a bit and well be able to form a simple armour production line. As for weapons…...itll depend on what kind of weapons.”

Count Seans eyes lit up as he kept asking, “For example, bows and arrows”

“If its bows…..I dont understand what materials are used for bows, so I cant reply. But as for arrows, if were just making steel arrowheads, it isnt as hard as making screw bolts, it could even be considered simpler. As for shafts…..If you want a pure steel arrow shaft, it will be a bit more troublesome. But if you just want to make an alloy shaft or a plastic shaft, it isnt that hard. Although researching the magic machines will be a bit troublesome, I dont think there will be a problem. But to develop these things, it will hinder our development of magic machines for civilians, so I feel that……”

“Wait a minute……” Count Sean was a bit confused as he raised a hand for Xu Yi to stop. After thinking about it, he asked with knit brows, “What are these alloys and plastic you mention Why have I never heard of them before”

Xu Yi was stunned before he reacted. He had replied based on the standard of earth, but he had forgotten that the people of this world didnt know much about materials used in machines.

The alloys are at least being used in the Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker right now, but as for plastic…...Currently it was being developed in the Night Song Tribe and it would take some time before it could be revealed.

“These two things are some special materials, its different from basic materials with different effects. Like the material used in our Frestech Chamber of Commerces Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and Magic Bread Maker, it is a special steel alloy that our company researched. This alloy that Ive named the Steel Leaf Alloy is lighter than normal iron, but it isnt weaker and it doesnt rust.”

“Then wouldnt the effects be better if this Silver Leaf Alloy was used to make weapons and armours” Count Sean immediately asked.

Xu Yi hesitated a bit, “This…..I wouldnt dare promise it because there are many limits to armours and weapons being used by soldiers. We havent conducted a limit test with this Silver Leaf Alloy, so we cant guarantee if it can take the demands of being forged into armour or weapons.”

“Since you have the Silver Leaf Alloy, then perhaps there are other steel alloys like you mentioned Then of these steel alloys, there should be another alloy that is more suited for making armour and weapons, right” Count Sean was a bit unwilling to give up.

“There….should be.” Xu Yi could only helplessly shake his head.

“Very good!” Count Sean slapped the table and broke out in laughter. Then he slapped Xu Yis shoulder and said in an excited voice, “I just wanted your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop a magic machine that I needed, but I never thought that you have so many useful things. Xu Yi, ah Xu Yi, I really never thought that you hid so many treasures. If I didnt ask, were you even planning on telling me”

Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “Lord City Lord, this is after all our companys business secret. If it wasnt for you asking, how could I reveal it that easily”

“Business secret” Count Sean shook his head with a smile, “In the face of the kingdoms benefits, what are some business secrets. Alright, Xu Yi, Ill give you two choices right now. The first is to agree to me and research the magic machines that I mentioned for the kingdom, while also developing those alloys and plastic that you mentioned. The second choice is to reject me and let your Frestech Chamber of Commerce run its course. What is your choice”

Xu Yi couldnt only give a helpless bitter smile, “Lord City Lord, do I have a choice”-

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