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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 38 - Chief Evita

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Everyone was surprised as they looked at Schoch.

Eric beside Schoch hesitated for a bit before shaking his head and saying, “Un, Schoch is right.  I didnt participate in those two studies, so there shouldnt be a portion for me.  I dont want it.”

Bella standing beside him reached out to grab Eric and said in a small voice, “Hey, Eric, are you crazy  Every can get several hundred gold coins and you dont want it  With this money, your fathers illness……”

“Stop talking!”  Eric roared in a low voice, stopping Bella from continuing.  He looked up at Xu Yi with an awkward smile and said, “Chairman, it was Akali and Evita who took charge for these two projects and Bellas group of girls helped them, Schoch and I didnt do a thing.  The reward for these two projects should be given to them,  it isnt related to the two of us.”

Seeing Bella signaling him with her eyes, Xu Yi considered it before nodding, “Alright, your words are reasonable.  Since you two didnt participate in these two projects, then it isnt justified to give you a portion of the reward.  Well do this, the reward will be given to the researchers who participated in these two projects to split.  As for later…...Evita, I need to give you a task.”

Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman, please speak.”

“Now that there are more and more members of the research facility, there needs to be a leader, so I want to pick one of you as the chief.  As for the people in the facility, other than Still, only you and Akali have the oldest qualifications.  Still rarely participates in magical research, so other than her, it only leaves you and Akali.  I have decided to appoint you as the chief, will you accept this”  Xu Yi asked.

“Ah”  Everyone was  stunned.  Evita couldnt close her mouth in shock and only after a while did she shake her head while saying, “No, no, I am only a normal researcher, I cant be a good chief.  Chairman, how about you pick someone else  For example Cecilia, I feel that she would be suitable.”

Cecilia directly shook her head, “I support Evita.”

“I do too.”

“Un, I agree.  Its very suitable for Evita to be the chief.”

“Right, I also think the same.”


The others all spoke up and soon they had the same opinion.

Akali on the side stared at Xu Yi and said in an unconvinced voice, “Chairman, why is it that even though Evita and I have the same qualifications, you chose her and not me”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Alright, the first task Im giving you as the chief is to make a complete reward system, are you willing to do it”

“Then lets forget it……”  Akali waved her hand, “This kind of troublesome matter is more suited for Evita to do, I wont do it.”

Everyone knew that Akali was just joking, but seeing her reaction, they couldnt help laughing.

Xu Yi turned to Evita, “Look, everyone is agreeing to you being the chief.  What reason do you have to decline”

“But……”  Evita lowered her head while biting her lip in hesitation.  When she raised her head, her eyes became determined, “Alright, since the chairman hopes that I can become the chief, then Ill agree.  If I do anything wrong, I hope that the chairman and everyone can tell me immediately.”

Everyone gave a clap, which was considered congratulating Evita while also settling this matter.

“Thats good.  I have something to talk to our chief alone about, so you can all busy yourselves.”  Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile as he sent everyone off.  He gestured to Evita and they headed into a room.

“What did Bella mean when she mentioned Erics father”  When he sat down, Xu Yi asked Evita this.

“I knew that the chairman would ask about this matter.”  Evita revealed a faint smile.  She gave a sigh before replying, “Erics father is very ill and needs treatment, but the treatment costs a lot and his family cant afford it at all.  Although his father could maintain himself by eating medicine, they still need to spend a lot of money.  If it wasnt for this, he wouldnt have come immediately after hearing Akali mention that he could earn more than twenty gold coins a month working for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Its like this.”  Xu Yi nodded, “Is several hundred gold coins enough to treat his fathers illness”

Evita shook her head, “It shouldnt be enough.  Back in school, he had said to that completely cure his father, it would take at least two thousand gold coins.  His family cant take out that much money, so his father right now…...is just waiting for death.”

After saying this, a depressed look appeared on Evitas face before she looked at Xu Yi expectantly, “Sir chairman, I know that you are actually a very good person.  For you to specially ask me about this, are you planning to give him money to cure his father”

“Do I seem like a good person”  Xu Yi smiled before thoughtfully saying, “I indeed want to help him since two thousand gold coins isnt considered much for me or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but Evita, you have seen that Eric is a very strong willed person.  If I ran over and told him that he could have two thousand gold coins to cure his father, he probably wont take it.  Didnt you see how he even gave up several hundred gold coins”

Evita slightly knit her slender brows.

“Ones father is ones most important family member, so compared to self respect, ones fathers life is more important.  Although Eric can make others feel that he has self respect, to lose the chance to cure his father, I dont like his methods at all.”

Xu Yi looked at Evita in surprise.  He could see a trace of anger in her gentle and refined eyes.

After knowing Evita for this long, this was his first time seeing her being angry.

“I dont like it either.”  Xu Yi said, “But this is a fact and we have no way to change it.  Since we do want to help Eric, then you should consider it from his angle and think of how to make him accept it.”

Evita looked at Xu Yi, “Chairman, are you serious”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Could it be that this is something to kid about”

Evita was a bit surprised before her face turned a bit red.  She lowered her head, “Chairman is right, I shouldnt have asked it like that.”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “This isnt anything.  I just thought of something, to have Eric accept this matter, we can create a special help fund in our company.”

“Special help fund”  Evita looked up at him, “What is this for”

“This thing is to help all our Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff.  The so called special help fund is if any Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff member meets an urgent problem where they need large amounts of money, they can apply to the company for help from the special fund.  Once the company has investigated everything, then we can provide the special fund to the staff member.”

Evita asked in surprise, “For free”

“Of course not.  The staff members that accept the fund must return this amount by working for the company.  For example, if your family met some difficulty and applied for a thousand gold coins from the special help fund, then you have to repay it using the wages you receive by working for the company.  Of course, we cant just have you give up all your wages, so its just a set amount each month.”

“The amount will depend on the situation.  For example, you currently have a wage of twenty five gold coins a month and its been raised to thirty gold coins after you became the chief, so you can just take out twenty gold coins a month as repayment.  If its two thousand gold coins, you can pay it all in just eight years.  If your wage is increased during this time, you can pay it off even sooner.”

Hearing Xu Yis explanation, Evita didnt care at all about Xu Yi mentioning the increase in her wage.  Rather she was silently thinking it over, feeling that Xu Yis idea wasnt wrong.

If there really was this special help fund, it would be an important benefit for the employees of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“But chairman, I feel there are many loopholes in this.  For example, if someone applies for a large amount and then leaves the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, without them working to clear up the debt, wouldnt this amount be completely wasted”  Evita asked with knit brows.

“You really are a girl with sharp thoughts, you didnt let me down in appointing you the chief.”  Xu Yi praised with a smile before saying, “There are indeed loopholes, but we can make improvements to make up for those loopholes.  No matter what, we cant just not put in any effort because were afraid of these problems, right”

Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise as her expression was a bit vacant.  After a while, she suddenly said with a sigh, “Sometimes I really do envy Still.”

“Un  What did you say”  Xu Yi was currently remembering some of the charity organizations from earth and was thinking about whether there was a system he could use, he didnt hear what Evita muttered to herself at all.

“Nothing.”  Evita shook her head and focused her mind as she said, “Chairman, if there is this kind of special help fund, I think that Eric wont reject it.  As long as we make it clear to him how he will repay this, I feel that this wont hurt his self respect at all.”

“Right, well do this.  But as for how to persuade him, you have to rely on your schoolmates to think of a way.  As for what to do exactly…..Ill leave it up to you.”  Xu Yi said.

“Alright, leave it to me, please be assured.”  Evita said with a strong nod.

Xu Yi smiled before looking out with a complicated expression on his face.  He lowered his voice to ask Evita, “I didnt see Rem and Wella today, did they go out together”

“No, something happened to big sister Wella, so she left early this morning.  She even told us to tell you that she wanted to take three days off.  When we were demonstrating the results of the experiment to you, I forgot to mention this.”  Evita replied.

“Something happened  What is it  Is it serious”  Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

“Im not clear, big sister Wella didnt say anything.  But based on her appearance, it didnt seem important.”

“Thats good.  What about Rem  Why isnt he here”  Xu Yi asked.

“Rem left after big sister Wella left.  He said that he had something to take care of and would come back in the afternoon.”

“Is that so”  Xu Yi was silent for a bit as his face filled with a bit of hesitation.

Evita couldnt help asking, “What is it  Youre suddenly asking about them, do you need them for something”

Xu Yi looked at Evita and calmed his expression as he said with a serious face, “Evita, you cant tell anyone else about what Im about to tell you, do you understand”

Evita was surprised, but seeing how serious his expression was, she considered it before slowly nodding.

“Alright, let me ask you something.  During this time, how many times does Rem go out”  Xu Yi asked.

Evita tilted her head to think, “Quite a few times.  He goes out once every few days.”

“How long does he go out for usually”  Xu Yi kept asking.

“Not certain.  At most half a day and at least less than an hour.”

“Did he say what he was doing”

“No, he never said anything.”  After saying this, Evita couldnt help asking, “Chairman, could it be…...Rem…...There is something wrong with him”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head, “I hope that he has no problems, but…..Alright, lets not discuss this now.  Evita, can you do a play with me”

“Play”  Evita was surprised again.-

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